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  1. D

    Airport Parking Charging System for Teslas ....

    Wondering if Tesla is or should look at offering a charging configuration for airport/cruise ship parking businesses. One where they could charge multiple vehicles with fewer chargers. Use the current charge limits set on the vehicle, the expected departure date/time and vary which vehicle is...
  2. TMC Staff

    UPS Ordered 125 Tesla Semis

    United Parcel Service said Tuesday it will purchase 125 Tesla Semis, the largest order for the all-electric truck to date. UPS has also provided Tesla with real-world UPS trucking lane information as part of the company’s evaluation of the vehicle’s expected performance for the UPS duty cycle...
  3. TMC Staff

    Analyst: Tesla Semi Prototypes Live Up to Performance Claims

    Morgan Stanley auto analyst Adam Jonas said Monday that his firm has talked to early testers of the Tesla Semi who say the impressive performance specs offered for the truck are real. XPO Logistics has been testing prototypes for the last 18 months, according to Jonas. The company praised Tesla...
  4. Haxster

    Tesla Electric Semi: You are not alone...

  5. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    Realized I left out a very important step in the relationship progression example I used by way of intro post before last. When he lets you drive it. Hot ticket item. Tesla stocks rise as markets recognize PepsiCo in semi preorder driver seat. They've joined the queue with their 100 truck buy...
  6. omgwtfbyobbq

    Super fast Internet via SpaceX Satellites / Starlink

    Oh snap! There goes every other EV out there.
  7. joeinslw

    New Semi Truck

    I just saw a promo of a Semi Truck called Thor, they claim it will beat Tesla's Semi in mid 2019, should Tesla be worried about this or is the Tesla motor and batteries superior to theirs? One thing I think Tesla is superior was they said the mileage they get on a charge is 300 miles, if I'm...
  8. TMC Staff

    Pepsi Reserved 100 Tesla Semis

    PepsiCo has has reserved 100 Tesla Semi trucks, the largest-known order to date, an executive for the food and beverage company said Tuesday. Mike O‘Connell, the senior director of North American supply chain for PepsiCo subsidiary Frito-Lay, confirmed the order to Reuters. PepsiCo intends to...
  9. kiwiguy

    Tesla Semi as mobile SuperCharger?

    How about the Semi becoming a mobile SuperCharger? Just the cab or with a few additional battery packs? Say it could provide an emergency 10kW charge in 5 mins to get you 25+ miles to get home or to a charger. Also could provide valet opportunity charging when you park your car. Could easily...
  10. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    2017 promises to end for Tesla coming down on positive side of that production slope for Model 3. Have you noticed the periodic buzz reports of inventory being spotted here and there? Recently though it's all about the semi. Preorders are rolling in and this is looking like a repeat of Model 3's...
  11. TMC Staff

    Sysco Reserved 50 Tesla Semis

    It as a big week for Tesla Semi orders. Following an announcement from Anheuser-Busch of a 40-truck order, food distribution giant Sysco said it has reserved 50 Tesla trucks. Sysco operates approximately 300 distribution facilities worldwide and serves more than 500,000 customer locations. The...
  12. TMC Staff

    Anheuser-Busch Ordered 40 Tesla Semi Trucks

    Budweiser beer owner Anheuser-Busch has ordered 40 Tesla Semi trucks, according to The Wall Street Journal. James Sembrot, the company’s senior director of logistics strategy, told WSJ the company has aggressive goals for efficiency and believes Tesla could be an important part of the plan...
  13. S

    DOT philosophical question

    What if some genius devised a diesel gen-set that could be mounted on a flat bed trailer to charge the battery on a an electric semi-truck so they could use the cheaper non-taxed off-road (red) farm diesel to move loads on public highways? Does Tesla have a position on the issue? It is...
  14. S

    Semi-Truck Industrial Application

    I am doing a project for my graduate degree and I need some information regarding Tesla power electronic drives. Do tesla cars have braking resistors for use in emergency in case there's too much current going into the battery too quickly? This could occur if there is an overdriving load beyond...
  15. ValueAnalyst

    Customer Deposits Poll

    UPON POPULAR REQUEST!!! * Ladieeeeesssssss aaaaannnnndddd gentlemen.... I present to you.... the mother of all polls... the poll that polls the other polls (it's true; think about it) This is the day... we start... counting... ttthhheeeeeeeeee..... $$$ BILLIONS $$$ *one person requested it.
  16. TMC Staff

    DHL Orders 10 Tesla Semis

    DHL and Fortigo Freight Services are the latest fleet operators to announce orders for the Tesla Semi. “At DHL Supply Chain, we’re always thinking beyond today’s shipment — whether that be thinking about tomorrow, next month or two years from now when these trucks become available,” Jim...
  17. e-FTW

    Tesla Semi gunning it from a standstill

    Cab only. Traction limited of course, very impressive to see it go like that though.
  18. TMC Staff

    Tesla Semi Pricing to Start at $150,000

    The Tesla Semi’s price will start at $150,000 for a version with 300 miles of range, while a $180,000 version offers 500 miles of range. A “Founders Series” version will cost $200,000. The pricing was announced on Tesla’s website, but it will be some time before a configurator is available to...
  19. TMC Staff

    Remember Walmart's Efforts at Truck Design?

    Walmart was quick to offer support to the Tesla Semi, saying it would order 15 of the trucks to add to its fleet of around 6,000. But, you may remember that Walmart previously launched its own truck design efforts. In 2014, Walmart introduced a concept truck called the WAVE – short for Walmart...
  20. aikisteve

    Part 3 of my trip to the US: visiting SpaceX and Hyperloop

    Part 3 of the trip to the US for the #Tesla semi unveil event, where I visit SpaceX and look at the Hyperloop and Boring Company. This whole trip just felt like a tour of Elon's factories :-) Enjoy!
  21. TMC Staff

    Wal-Mart, J.B. Hunt Among Companies Ordering the Tesla Semi

    Several big companies have already stepped up to reserve the Tesla Semi. Wal-Mart, which currently has a fleet of 6,000 trucks, says it will order 15 Tesla Semis. J.B. Hunt Transport Services announced that it plans to buy “multiple” Tesla trucks. And, Meijer Inc., a Michigan-based grocery...
  22. MarcoRP

    Tesla Semi Canada

  23. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    Where did 2017 go? A lot has transpired and inspired. While other matters rendered us mute with frustration. It's all good. As they say what doesn't keel us over. Tesla is all lit up with awesome. Even amidst recent challenges seasoned with some unsavory news. Thursday's semi event was done up...
  24. skitown

    Tesla Semi Truck Rear-View Mirror / Camera Fin Pods

    There's been some discussion about the Semi Truck's review mirror / camera fin pods that we saw at the reveal. As mentioned in another thread, it was dark and tricky to see, but it appeared like there were 4 cameras in each of these "fins". Presumably these provide rear-review images for the...
  25. Haxster

    The Solar Semi Range Extender

    While putting solar cells on passenger EVs doesn't make a whole lot of sense, it may be more practical to put them (and maybe some storage) on the trailers that electric Semis pull. Think about it: Lots of flat surface area Typically in the sun a lot Appearance is not an issue Even when not...
  26. EV-lutioin

    Camping with a Tesla Semi

    The ultimate camping machine!
  27. aikisteve

    Tesla Next Gen Roadster from all angles

    The brand spanking new #Tesla Next Gen Roadster from all angles. Enjoy!
  28. Haxster

    Tough Purchase Decision: Roadster or Semi?

    What to buy. What to buy?? With so many similarities: like electric motors, steering wheels, displays, seats, windshield wipers, etc, it's tough to make a choice between the two. Here's my first effort to help anyone in the same dilemma: Some Pros and Cons, Roadster vs Semi: Room for four...
  29. aikisteve

    Tesla semi unveil event: summary, comments and first impressions

    Finally, I've completed the video of the semi unveil event, with summary of the semi and lots of goodies around the Next Gen Roadster, Tesla's first hypercar. (Sorry for the delay, but the wifi at the hotel is really slow)
  30. outdoors

    Meijer puts deposits on 4 Tesla Semi's

    Meijer among first to drive Tesla's highly anticipated electric semi truck "Meijer has always prided itself on being innovative, especially in our fleet and supply chain," Frank Guglielmi, Meijer spokesman. Michigan legislators have left innovation out their skill set. They might wake up when...
  31. TMC Staff

    Tesla Semi Aims to Put an End to Dangerous Jackknifing

    If a truck pulling a trailer skids, the trailer can push the truck from behind until it spins the vehicle around and faces backwards. Caused by equipment failure, improper braking, or adverse road conditions, this precarious situation is known as a jackknife. The Tesla Semi aims to end this...
  32. L

    Lets work out the Tesla Semi-Truck Technical Specs

    Hi All! As all of us here are aware, I think the reveal of the new design was impressive along with the range and 0-60 times. What I think we can all have a go at on this forum is to work out the technical specs of the Semi-Truck as I think these will no be disclosed for a while, it will help...
  33. A

    Tesla Semi Unveil Takeaways

    Okay so it was a WOW factor. Nothing new there. Consistent with Tesla brand semi tickles ALL my gadgetaholic wanna tinker and touch it tendencies. Normal since personal Tesla discovery moment. I would add looks good enough to taste but that might be a bit much for some minds to wrap around...
  34. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Debuts Semi, Promises 500 Mile Range

    The Tesla Semi debuted Thursday and CEO Elon Musk made a strong pitch for how the vehicle will reshape the trucking industry. “On day one, the Tesla truck beats diesel trucks on economics,” Musk said. Musk said that a diesel truck would be 20% more expensive to operate than a Tesla truck, $1.26...
  35. doug

    Tesla Semi Event -- November 16, 2017

    This is the official thread to post pics, vids, and info about the Tesla Semi event. There should be a live stream that starts at 8pm PST tonight. Cheers!
  36. SDRick

    Semi Unveiling 8pm Nov 16, 2017

    I have read that this will be Lifestreamed tonight at 8 PM. Does anyone have an idea of how or where to watch?
  37. BLKMDL3


    Here is a thread for posting highlights and new features of the semi and links to livestream! So far we know that is
  38. TMC Staff

    Tesla Posts New Semi Truck Video

    Tesla shared a short animation today on its Twitter page that gives us a look at the Tesla semi truck pulling a trailer. The company is scheduled to debut the new vehicle at 8 p.m. PT Thursday at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, Calif. Tesla Semi unveil, 8pm PT tomorrow — watch live at...
  39. buttershrimp

    Nostradamus Tesla Semi: Mind-blow-a-thon 2017

    Make your best prediction for exactly how our minds will be blown by the Tesla Semi... Rules: Use your best creepy Nostradomus voice for full effect.... e.g. Behold... Thy 18-horseless lightning cart shall allow for transport in subterranean tunnels which may be on display in Hawthorne, in...
  40. insaneoctane

    Semi event = truck load of customer M3's?

    Maybe the semi event was delayed twice because they wanted to show it fully loaded with customer M3's?
  41. Bankroetlama

    Tesla Semi

    Na de Roadster, S, X en 3 komt er een Tesla Semi. Elon Musk on Twitter
  42. B

    Tesla Semi - Jerome Guillan back to head it!

    Looks like Jerome is back to head Tesla Semi! It's great to have you back at Tesla Jerome! Tesla tapped former Model S Program Director and Daimler’s Cascadia GM to lead ‘Tesla Semi’ -EDIT - I found the chatter over at the 'Thank You Jerome' thread about this. I'm a bit behind the times as...

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