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sentry mode

  1. D

    Sentry mode while at home

    Hello, I’ve had a Model Y for a little bit now, but I’ve been experiencing issues with Sentry Mode. My car is set to charge every night to 80% max. Sentry mode is on during that time. I have the “exclude home” option turned on, and have confirmed that my location is accurate. However, since...
  2. gaspi101

    Official Tesla USB Needed for Sentry Mode

    I've been using a Samsung USB drive for some time now on both my P3D+ and X. Amazon.com t/B0874YS2N7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie Over the past year, however, the X's dash screen and GPS would often not turn on at all, or crash mid-drive--It's been a pain in the tuckus. Tesla kept...
  3. C

    Sentry Mode Triggering every minutes

    Hey guys, my 2021 MYP is acting up as Sentry Mode keeps triggering every minute after my latest update v10.2 (2021.36.5.5). Every recording is about a minute long also and then it will just trigger again thus recording for another minute. This has never happened before and just started happening...
  4. tommybahamaX

    Sentry issue after latest update!

    I recently installed the .32 update this past weekend, ever since I did that sentry mode is not letting me tap on the events that show up on the screen, also the dash cam does not appear on the screen with the red light anymore even though it is turned on, something is jacked up with sentry mode...
  5. P

    Sentry Mode viewing program

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum. So we currently own a M3 from 2020 and noticed an unusual mark on the rear bumper. We have a lot of sentry mode footage to go through so iIopted to take the USB out and plug it into my PC. Does anyone have a recommendation for programs to use to view...
  6. L

    Extra dashcam for parking mode, long battery (third party?)

    Could anyone recommend a third party dashcam with parking mode and a long duration battery? (Or battery pack.) i.e. a way to record incidents during many days parked. I park in a shared garage with tight spots and the risk of someone dinging my car is high. We're all happily wealthy here but...
  7. I

    Cabin camera wiring diagram?

    I'm interested in tapping into the video feed provided by the factory installed cabin camera that is in the rear view mirror. Has anyone heard or found the wiring diagram that may explain the source and destination of the camera feed? I presume the video feed is raw video from the camera lens...
  8. M

    How do I view Sentry Mode/Dash Cam video

    How do I play back Sentry Mode and Dash Cam video recorded on a USB drive by my 2017 Tesla Model S. I prefer a wireless solution that does not require removal of the thumb drive from the USB port. Step-by-step directions would be most helpful. Thank You.
  9. J

    Hit and Run, video help

    Someone hit our car in the MGM Las Vegas parking garage while we were on a road trip. We filed a report with the MGM security hoping they can get a second view of the plate from their cameras. Haven't heard anything from them yet. Were having a hard time viewing the license plate as she...
  10. ScoobyDoo82

    Sentry mode wishes

    Hello all! I’m sure that this topic has been beat to death already but I haven’t seen any posts about it in at least a year so I’d like to hear the current opinion... Sentry mode (as well as dashcam) is one of the coolest features of our cars but it is wildly not used to its full potential. I...
  11. E

    My Model 3 Has Been Keyed 4x in 6 Months - Help

    I'm not sure what to do at this point. It is obvious I am being targeted, as this is happening in my driveway where I live. I do have a prime suspect but sentry mode is not recording these incidents! This week's vandalism was the worst yet - 8 panels (from the hood down the side to the trunk and...
  12. T

    Best way to send a dashcam video?

    While watching "Wham Bam Teslacam" on YouTube, I notice that they often speak about "giving the Teslacam footage to...." law enforcement, the other drivers, etc. But the way it is said, it sounds like they do so immediately. I realize one could show the video footage on the screen instantly...
  13. F

    Sentry mode false alarms from earthquakes.

    I want to use Sentry mode at home. I’d rather just use the recording feature of sentry mode and disable the blaring alarm if I could, but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible. So my questions are as follows. Now, in 2021, does sentry alarm still play the loud classical music when it’s...
  14. kishkaru

    Sentry Mode battery usage 7% per day

    My Sentry Mode uses roughly 7% per day of battery, does this seem right? I live in an apartment complex, so no home charging, but I want to keep my Sentry Mode always on in case anyone does anything funny near my vehicle. I go to the supercharger once I hit around 20% (since that's when Sentry...
  15. J

    Video recording of Rear end collision - Why not?

    In November I was the vicim of a hit and run rear end collision causing significant damage to my 2019 Model 3. The driver sped off turning right before I could identify him through a license number, etc. It was a block from my house and I was able to creep home. I was completely covered...
  16. A

    Sentry Mode Caught Guy Breaking into My Model 3. What Did He Take?

    As you guys may have already seen in the Model 3 forum, some guy broke into my model 3 this past weekend. He broke the passenger front glass but did not open the door - so the alarm did not go off. See the video: I got better views of him from the side camera. See attached pics. He took some...
  17. A

    Sentry Mode Dashcam Keep Disappearing

    I have the RAVPower Portable External SSD Pro 1. 512GB Hard Drive with 540MB/S Data Transfer 2. USB 3.1 Gen 2 Interface Here is my entire process 1. Plug the SSD 2. Format the drive 3. It show the Dashcam 4. After a while Dashcam disappear 5. Unplug and plug back 6. Dashcam setting ask to...
  18. M

    Model 3 SR+ - Sentry mode issue since upgrade to 2020.40.8

    hi all, apologies if there's already a thread... anyone have this issue, sentry mode indicates there's been an event I can no longer push on the (i) to see my video... Where else can you see the video outside of pushing that notification on the screen? Maybe they moved that ability & i've...
  19. R

    Sentry and Overwrite on USB Stick

    Not too long ago, an update rolled out that said the car would now overwrite older sentry clips if the memory stick (or drive) filled up. As of a few weeks ago (2 or 3 updates ago), this seems like it stopped working. I have 2 Cruzer 32GB USB 2 memory sticks. Over the last few weeks, each of...
  20. doats1

    Sentry mode flash

    Hi guys, So every time I park in a darkened area and have sentry mode active, I notice that if people (and sometimes cars), are close enough to the car, the headlights/driving lights flash briefly. It’s very brief and to be honest everyone has just walked on a bit confused. But with enough...
  21. D

    Issues with T5 Samsung portable SSD device

    I have been trying unsuccessfully, to format, create TeslaCam folder and test recording/playback. I've tried a couple different ways to format to FAT32. It will appear to be successful, I'll check properties in Windows File Explorer and it will appear to be successful. Then I create the TeslaCam...
  22. MichaelP90DL

    Security Video Sign

    I know not all eight cameras operate for security purposes when parked, but the bad guys probably don't. Anyhow, I just ordered this 7x10-inch plastic sign from SmartSign.com, total about $18 including shipping. When I'm parked overnight at some hotel, I'll put it under the windshield. An...
  23. Petrolpants

    Model Y Teslacam and Sentry Mode Videos

    I thought we could have a thread to share Model Y Teslacam and Sentry Mode Videos, as we have in the Model 3 section. First out, Woman knifes a brand new Model Y What have you seen? Video, or it didnt happen
  24. A

    Clearing/deleting Sentry mode videos in bulk?

    I probably have accumulated 1000 sentry mode "events" and would like to clear them in bulk rather than spend 5 hrs deleting each one. Any way to "bulk" delete them to free up storage WITHOUT taking the drive out and to a home computer? Thanks.
  25. E

    How sensitive is Sentry Mode? Hit&Run not recorded

    Hi guys, Someone crashed into our TM3 2020 from the back a couple of days ago, and Sentry did not capture it. The USB stick had plenty of space, everything was working, it recorded a lot of other stuff, but not the hit&run. The damage is minor (scratches on the paint), however, still expensive...
  26. B

    Model 3 not recognizing cars or stoplights. FDS mode & auto pilot not working

    In early July my 2020 model 3 stopped recognizing other vehicles and traffic signals. As a result, FSD mode and cruise control have also stopped working. Sentry mode was disabled as well. I contacted Tesla for service and after some back and forth they said that the car should fix itself. It did...
  27. Corbets

    FSD 3.0 upgrade resulting in (significantly) more sentry mode detections?

    Hi all I’m curious as to whether anyone else has noticed this. I got my FSD 3.0 upgrade a month ago here in Denmark, and since then, the number of sentry mode detected events has gone up... by almost 2 orders of magnitude. Where I might typically have had 0 or 1 detected events, I now have 70...
  28. B

    Suggestions for Elon

    Why not...when vehicle is parked and sentry mode is active, have parking sensors activate short blast of horn if another vehicle gets within 6 inches of front or rear bumper helping to prevent dings to bumpers.
  29. bliss9273

    No Dashcam icon or USB detection...EVER...anyone else have and solve this?

    I may have missed it, but I have looked through the threads quite a bit to see if anyone else has gotten a new Tesla where the Dashcam didn't work from the get go. I have seen several people have issues with software updates or failed/corrupted USBs causing the issue, but they all had it working...
  30. C

    2020.24.6.9; no more multiple partitions for dashcam and sentry?

    I have an ssd drive plugged in, with a FAT32 partition for TeslaCam, and an ext4 partition with a bunch of music. updated to 2020.24.6.9 today. tonight, I got in the car after a restaurant, and the car notified me there were 4 sentry mode incidents. when I tapped on the notice, though, it...
  31. A

    Dashcam and Sentry not recording in 2020.24.6.4

    In version 2020.24.6.4 Dashcam and Sentry are not recording. It also did not work in the last version that I had that introduced the video viewer. I didn't write down that software version because I was "hoping" it would just start working again with the next upgrade, but it does not. In the...
  32. J

    Concerned about SSD overheating in Arizona summer

    I’m about to take delivery on my M3 and I want to get a SSD to use for Sentry Mode and dash cam recordings. But I’m worried about how the summer heat here in Arizona will affect the SSD performance. We can hit 120 during the summer and inside the car would obviously be hotter. Has anyone else...
  33. T

    Sentry Mode/Dashcam recording USB for AP3/MCU1

    What exactly are most people using for a USB these days? Are there certain manufacturers that tend to work better? I'm not looking for an SSD for the moment - just a larger USB stick if possible. What throughput threshold should I be looking at? I've recently been upgraded to AP3 but still using...
  34. bons

    Cannot get Sentry Mode / Tesla Cam to record to SSD (June 2020 Update)

    Hi All, I cannot get my 2017 MS to recognize my SSD or thumb drive to record any videos on sentry mode. I can get it to recognize it to play music only (separate test to just see if the drives work). FAT 32 format, subfolder TeslaCam, no icon pops up, no folders created by Tesla. I also tried...
  35. J

    Dashcam icon not available

    Hello all-I’ve had my 3 for a couple months and have gone through several adapters, attachments, etc in the effort to get the sentry mode/dashcam recording to work. With the latest software update I’m excited to play clips right on the screen but have been unable to get anything to record. I...
  36. T

    Before you get used to the Sentry mode it can cause dangerous situations

    My wife left our car (Model 3) with her phone for a short visit to kiosk and she did not remember that it would cause locking of the doors of the car and also activation of the Sentry mode. Our daughter with her four months old baby were waiting inside the car since they were soon continuing...
  37. F

    Sentry Mode caught a hit and run

    First post! It would have to be bad news, though. When I park at work, I'm normally 5-6 spaces away from anyone. That's worked out well until now. This time, I made a tactical error by not parking immediately by the curb island, leaving enough space for someone on both sides of me. That was...
  38. D

    Sentry Cam Videos all 10:49

    Anyone else have a problem where every SentryCam video it saves is 10:49? Takes forever to go thru the video and the FF on the viewer isn't exactly the best where you can skip 30 seconds or such.
  39. J

    Sentry Mode issues....

    Hey guys, Having some issues with Sentry mode. I have a March 2020 build Model 3 Performance. Running 2020.12.5. I find my sentry mode is super, super sensitive. It actually goes off with nothing near it. Recently, I can see it going off from my security cameras at the house. I checked the...
  40. J

    Sentry mode has slowly died on me, now won't work at all......

    So I have had some huge issues with Sentry mode. At first i thought it was down to the USB i had so i swapped it for the recommended one. But then it stopped recording at my home address even though there were no exclusions and bluetooth was off on my phone. I have tried everything...
  41. rossfboyle

    Sentry Mode Stopped Working?

    Hi all— Is there a good, definitive way to check to see if Sentry Mode has stopped working? And why would it stop working? The red light is on to indicate Sentry Mode is working, but when I came to the car to knock it around a little bit without my phone or key card near me, the sentry mode...
  42. R

    Dashcam card/stick

    Hi folks, A while back I bought a memory card to use for sentry mode/dashcam. After reading on here that the best thing to use is a high endurance MicroSD card with a USB adaptor I ordered a SanDisk High Endurance 100MBs Micro SDXC Card and put it in a USB adaptor. It didn't work, however I...
  43. L

    2020.8.3 and exFAT

    I'm new to Tesla, I got mine a couple weeks ago on the same day Gov. Inslee locked down Washington State. Any ways, I haven't been really able to drive it much but I did receive my first update to the new version 2020.8.3 2 days ago. I've read through the update notes from Tesla and other...
  44. BlueKam_M3LR

    Best charging method during Covid Quarantine?

    Due to the covid pandemic, I have been working from home for the past few weeks and have not needed to drive my Model 3 that much at all. I have 280 miles on the odometer (took deliver on 3/13) and currently at 60% battery charge. I leave sentry mode on at all times so the battery does drain...
  45. sentryai

    Vendor SentryAI: AI-filtering for humans in Sentry/Dashcam footage!

    Hey TMC Community! After my model 3 got keyed last year during a day of rain, I rushed to view the Sentry footage and saw over 350 events. With no way of isolating the actual incident, I set out to make an app that could classify humans using the new machine-learning packages within the iOS...
  46. CertLive

    Object thrown out of truck window strikes my window (Analysis required)

    I had an amazing trip in my Tesla to Scotland and will speak about it later. However on the way back home my screen was struck by an object while I was overtaking 2 trucks. I caught the object in my peripheral vision it looked like a bolt or large screw. It was about head height of my partner...
  47. wolfwill23

    Shopping cart hit and walk-caught on Sentry cam

    So, tonight I was stocking up on my doomsday prepper supplies at Costco and a lady let a cart go that hit the side of my (formerly perfect) MR M3. It did leave a dent. Not a huge dent, but, the car was dent free before this and this will prob be a $500-$1000 repair. I caught the incident on...
  48. P

    Made a little video about our Tesla Service Center Experience

    Made a little video about our Tesla Service Center Experience! SO THANKFUL FOR TWO THINGS SPECIFICALLY: (1) Tesla roadside assistance (2) Sentry mode / dash cam Overally it was a great experience. Did you know Tesla will tow up to 50 miles for free? We were in and out of the service center...
  49. R1Fast

    Roadie: Product Review

    Have owned the Roadie for about 1 month and wanted to share my review for prospective/current buyers. But first /rant on: With how innovative Tesla is, it's laughable they haven't already integrated similar through Tesla UI/touchscreen. Come on Tesla... is this on the horizon? Also, with all...
  50. Jomak

    Sentry Mode on AP2, I am confused

    I am looking at a used MS or M3 and I have been reading about AP2 has Sentry mode, but it doesn't work? Can you help clear up if an AP2 MS has functional Sentry mode?

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