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  1. J

    Massive Door Ding - No Sentry

    Hey all - first time poster. Have had my model 3 for four years now and first body damage issue. Left my car parked at the airport and some truck next to me slammed his door into my side. Pretty bad dent/paint came off. Of course I had sentry mode off. Anyone have experience on what this might...
  2. C

    Sentry mode notification but no video

    Hey all! Just got my MYLR a couple of weeks ago. When i first got my car, it saved a long video of just me driving. Turned on sentry mode, gets notifications when I get back in my car but there is no video at all. I am using the tesla thumb drive. I deleted that long video it initially...
  3. L

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    Has anyone here ever tested out Using an Internal SATA SSD via USB to SATA III adapter (for dashcam/sentry)? It seems to me that, in theory, this should be the ultimate solution for performance, durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. I can only find one person (has a tiny 98 views...
  4. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    I have a 2017 MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1 with eMMC replacement. I have the most recent version of the car software and the Android app. I see the Sentry mode on in the car and have it tuned on in the app. I have a Samsung T7 1GB formatted in ExFAT with a single folder created named, "TeslaCam"...
  5. I

    Sentry mode on 2022.20.6 (and before)

    Hello! I want to understand if this is a current behavior of Sentry mode (as stated by Tesla service) for many of us or is it my problem (because I tend to disagree with what Tesla service is saying). I have a 2021 Model Y updated to 2022.20.6. Prior to the update the problems with Sentry mode...
  6. J

    Sentry missed M3 trunk vandalism event

    Had a nasty experience at Barrel Springs Trail car park near Palmdale, CA - a warning that Tesla haters are active there in case others venture out for a hike. Somehow, someone was able to deeply key scratch our Model 3's trunk without Sentry creating an event. Sentry was working fine at the...
  7. asmith305

    Stolen J1772 Adapter

    I had my J1772 charging adapter stolen from my M3 yesterday while charging at a public station at the Domain in Austin, TX. I'm pretty shocked by this because two security features failed during this incident in my opinion. I was under the impression that the adapter would always be locked in...
  8. T

    Any way to put car on Instant standby without sentry?

    I park my car in my garage, but if it’s not on sentry it takes 5-15 seconds to connect to the car in app. When on sentry it’s instantly connected. My sentry keeps on recording a lot of false movements due to light bouncing off the walls. Is there any way to have the car instantly connect in...
  9. N

    Help with Hit and Run - Sentry Mode Questions

    I caught some helpful footage of a hit and run to my parked Model 3. Unfortunately, the vehicle had no front plate and the rear plate (possibly a temp tag) was not clearly visible from the front camera as it pulled away. Any suggestions or is there anyone with the ability to enhance the video...
  10. P

    Unable to use sentry remote viewer despite having necessary hardware and software

    Hi I haven't seen this asked and answered elsewhere but apologies if I have missed it. I have a Model S with AP2.5 hardware running 2021.40.6 My mobile app is IOS version 4.3.0 I have a premium connectivity subscription but I cannot use sentry mode remote viewer. I'm aware that this needs...
  11. J

    Sentry Videos Can't Play

    My 2021 MY reports incidents when Sentry Mode is on, but when I press the button to play the video sometimes I get a message that the video can't play. Other times it works just fine.. Any suggestions, or is anyone else having this issue?
  12. tommybahamaX

    Sentry issue after latest update!

    I recently installed the .32 update this past weekend, ever since I did that sentry mode is not letting me tap on the events that show up on the screen, also the dash cam does not appear on the screen with the red light anymore even though it is turned on, something is jacked up with sentry mode...
  13. OneTinyFish

    Minor Accident: Advice please!

    Hello everyone! It's been a while. I was last active around a year ago when I was buying Christine, my red model 3. In the last 12 months we've covered 9,600 miles together on the island. She's been attacked by a loose dog (Forum link), also attacked by a peacock (YouTube) and now - she's been...
  14. S

    Potential Sentry Bug 2021.24.5

    Hey guys, I think I've found a bug with sentry mode related to the new dashcam improvements. Would appreciate it if someone else could test this out for me to confirm. This occurs for me on both 2021.24.4 and 2021.24.5 with a 2018 lr rwd model 3. When you enable the new dashcam improvements...
  15. L

    Extra dashcam for parking mode, long battery (third party?)

    Could anyone recommend a third party dashcam with parking mode and a long duration battery? (Or battery pack.) i.e. a way to record incidents during many days parked. I park in a shared garage with tight spots and the risk of someone dinging my car is high. We're all happily wealthy here but...
  16. M

    Retrieving Deleted Sentry Videos

    SOS! I had two cameras taken from a 5 star resort valet a few days ago. I pulled my USB drive only to find out that an entire days worth of videos is missing! Is there ANY way to retrieve the videos from my USB? (Yes, I learned a lesson. Yes, I filed a police report. Yes, the resort is...
  17. N

    Sentry mode only front camera activities recording

    Hi everyone, Just pick up my M3F 2weeks ago in Sweden. Super fun car! However past week sentry mode has stopped working properly. After hours of testing, I came to conclusions that only front camera initiates recording. I had my friends who is on the lasted firmware do the test and he is having...
  18. M

    Sentry Mode + Valet Mode simultaneously - how does it differ v. Sentry alone?

    Does anyone know how Sentry Mode differs when Valet Mode is turned on ? I ask because in the generic blurb about Sentry, Tesla describes Alert and Alarm states, but those descriptions don't make a lot of sense if you've given the car to a Valet to deal with and park (a permanent state for me...
  19. O

    60 new sentry events but no files on stick

    Hi, my sentry mode does not work (M3P made 01/2021 with 2021.4.6 and 2021.4.11). I have dashcam and sentry on always on. After being parked in a crowded place, sentry shows up several new events after a day. But the stick is nearly empty, showing just a couple of sentry files days ago (so it...
  20. gillfoto

    Sentry missed Sharpie?

    Hi All, was washing the car yesterday (seems like I'm doing it a lot this time of year), with above average daylight I noticed there was an almost 5" complete circle drawn ( seems like Sharpie - black felt pen on passenger left side door). I proceeded to check the Sentry footage, is it correct...
  21. ehacke

    Sentry Cam Thoughts

    I had no idea how many people brush against, almost hit, or hit my car all the time. It's crazy-making to watch afterwards. Yelling "watch what you're doing!" at a recording. Even with ample space around the car, people manage to still brush against it or hit it with bags. It does use a fair bit...
  22. Seth2020

    What is a "panic event"? [in sentry mode]

    SENTRY MODE IMPROVEMENTS Sentry Mode footage of the last panic event will now be saved to onboard memory. To view or save this clip, plug in a USB device, launch the Dashcam Viewer, and tap the save icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. What is a "panic event". Manual makes no...
  23. N

    Dashcam Flash Drive Repeatedly Disconnecting

    Since the day I got my Model 3, I noticed that my dashcam flash drive would sometimes disconnect or not be seen by the car. I originally just had a sandisk flash drive, then upgrade to an SSD, and then to another flash drive. All of these suffered from the same issue. 50% of the time, when I...
  24. R

    New M3P Niggles

    Hi folks, I took delivery of my New M3P last week. Picked up in grey / white from Manchester. It has taken a bit of getting used to but I am loving the driving experience. I am off to the Highlands tomorrow and will be putting around 1500 miles on it over the next week, looking forward to those...
  25. 6t8stang

    Tesla Roadie 128GB

    Original Tesla Roadie with 128GB Sandisk memory card. Bought from another member here a few months ago - works great. Software is up to date and memory has been cleared. $90 shipped to Continental US.
  26. S

    How does one view sentry and dashcam clips on command?

    I mean, I see the 'there were N sentry events recorded' notification, and can view the events if I hit the notification right then. Is there a way to get to them after I've put it in D'rive or otherwise exited from the sentry-review screen? Apologies if this is covered in a manual.
  27. H

    Accident, Hit and Run, Sentry

    I had an accident. I had parked the car in the city center of Munich, Germany, and gone shopping. Suddenly I received an alarm message from the car. I didn't take it too seriously. I went back to the car and drove home. Then I looked at the video recordings from the car's cameras. A van had...
  28. Freewheeler

    Secutiry Alarm Turns On With Sentry - False Alarms

    I've seen variations of alarm issues on the other forums but can't seem to get a resolution to this. I've read that Sentry and Security Alarm are separate things, but I can't have one without the other it seems. [Version 2020.24.6.5] I have toggles for both Sentry and Security Alarm. When I...
  29. B

    Samsung T7 500 GB SSD working great

    With the recent on infotainment upgrade to HW 3, I purchased the Samsung T7 500 GB SSD online for $119.99 (Amazon). Upon its arrival, plugged it into the USB port, went to the settings, safety & security screen, clicked on format Drive, and was surprised how fast that was. I am so impressed...
  30. V

    Sentry stopped working and now I have a chip on my bumper

    Downloaded the latest update last week and now my sentry cam is not saving anything. On Saturday I noticed 8 Sentry Warnings but nothing showed up in the footage playback. I checked the USB drive on my computer and nothing new was saved in the Sentry folder. This only happened after the update...
  31. L

    Thumb Drive recommendation for M3 That Works

    Which thumb drives (specifically) work? I've seen the Sentry Mode thumb drive conversations so often, but need a solid recommendation for an affordable thumb drive that actually works for this.
  32. eladts

    Masshole in charging station

    If you thought fellow Tesla owners can't be massholes, you thought wrong.
  33. TMC Staff

    Tesla Bringing Dashcam, Sentry Clips to Touchscreen

    A tweet from a members of Tesla’s Early Access program hints at an upcoming “Dashcam Viewer” feature that allows drivers to view Sentry and Dashcam clips on the touchscreen. Tesla cars have integrated cameras that are able to record dash views, as well as possible threats like a vandal or...
  34. sentryai

    Vendor SentryAI: AI-filtering for humans in Sentry/Dashcam footage!

    Hey TMC Community! After my model 3 got keyed last year during a day of rain, I rushed to view the Sentry footage and saw over 350 events. With no way of isolating the actual incident, I set out to make an app that could classify humans using the new machine-learning packages within the iOS...
  35. R1Fast

    Roadie: Product Review

    Have owned the Roadie for about 1 month and wanted to share my review for prospective/current buyers. But first /rant on: With how innovative Tesla is, it's laughable they haven't already integrated similar through Tesla UI/touchscreen. Come on Tesla... is this on the horizon? Also, with all...
  36. Mtnrunner

    TeslaCam why only 1 hour of video?

    Hoping Tesla updates the teslacam functionality to continually write video to the drive and overwriting as needed. I don't understand why it's not already a feature unless it's a technical hurdle for Tesla OS to manage files but what is the logic here otherwise? I ordered several large USB...
  37. N

    Using raspberry zero instead of flash drive for sentry mode??? Some feedbacks?

    Hi I should get my m3 in a couple of weeks and i’m reading tons of threads about it :) I’m currently looking for the best solution for sentry mode drive. It seems usb drive are crappy, etc.. i have found some folks that have configured a raspberry zero w for the sentry mode. Car sees it as a...
  38. I

    HW2.5/MCU1 and Sentry videos

    Can someone confirm Model S/MCU1/HW2.5 can retrieve Sentry videos? I’ve formatted to FAT32 and created the TeslaCam folder, but it’s still not working. Can anyone confirm success: - Using SanDisk Ultra Fit 3.1 USB Flash drive? If not that one, which did you use? - DashCam icon appears after...
  39. M

    Backup Cam doesnt adjust exp. for night?

    I posted this in the Teslalounge sub but it got downvoted for some reason. I know there is a COMPLETE BLACK backup camera bug going around but that's NOT my issue. My backup camera works 100% fine during the day, it just no longer adjusts its exposure for night, so it's really dark. Its not...
  40. B

    Installing sentry SSD in glovebox

    I relocated the factory USB hub below the HVAC blower, and plugged a USB hub into one port and extension cables into the other port, and was able to plug the T5 SSD into USB hub and route the wire up into the glovebox. This way it's safely locked away and out of sight when the car is locked...
  41. Hated

    Making Dashcam/Sentry work with Jeda V2 wireless charging pad.

    I purchased a small USB hub after I got my Model 3 so I could hook up the Jeda V2 wireless charging pad and still use my Sandisk 128GB USB 3.1 memory key to store Dashcam/Sentry video. This worked fine for a while, but once we hit the V9 (2019.32.x) builds I started to have lots of errors saying...
  42. B

    Dashcam / Sentry - Left & Right Angles Different

    New M3 owner for the last few weeks - watched my first dashcam and sentry videos yesterday and noticed that the driver side camera angle is tight to the car and I can see part of the body and further behind the car, whereas the passenger side is wider and does not display the side of the car or...
  43. T

    v10 TeslaCam- supposed to overwrite, do I even need > 16GB USB now?

    I got the v10 SW update on my LR3D on 10/2/19. I've been plagued with USB for TeslaCam issues since about August. I bought the Samsung BAR 128GB in June and partitioned/formatted it to work with TeslaCam, but after 3 months it gave the Write Speed Too Slow warning and won't work now for...
  44. BHCLUC

    Tesla Theater / MCU1 / Sentry Playback

    Lots of conversation about MCU1 and the fact that many of the V10 features are simply not compatible. For me, the theater mode is not all that important. I can't see a lot of need to watch video on my screen. Perhaps in our 3, but I digress. My real concern here is that Tesla Theater will be...
  45. P

    I want to watch Sentry Videos on Tesla Theater v10

    Hello, When I leave the car parked with Sentry mode, come back and there a few events, I would like to be able to watch in the center display the videos to ensure it was just passer by. As far as I know, this was not possible (but please correct me if I am wrong). Also, it is pretty...
  46. C141medic

    Backup camera to be added to Sentry

    This is a great feature addition. I hope it’ll be active for the dash cam recordings as well. What would be super fabulous is if we could get control of the clips through the app or in car interface. https://electrek.co/2019/09/04/tesla-v10-software-updates-elon-musk-mobile-app/
  47. A

    Sentry lost footages

    Hi all, I know I'm not the first to report issues with sentry. But i have not find any explanation on my problem yet. Just got a big scratch on the paint. I apparently got keyed... Tried to look at the footages, unfortunately an hour is missing right when i believe it happened. I noticed...
  48. R

    Only three cameras in TeslaCam? Where are the other cams?

    Is there a way to get the other ones to record too? (missing are the pillar cams & the rear one) Thanks!
  49. C

    Sentry Mode Issues

    I am having certain issues with my M3 AWD sentry mode. The issues are best summed up by this thread in the MS forum Sentry mode bugs 1) Visually busy backgrounds(think brick buildings, trees, faded asphalt) will cause half or more of the picture to pixelate and blur. 2) Cars pulling in next...
  50. Y

    Sentry Issues

    Came back to car after a music event, and found 118 sentry events. Realized, subwoofers at concert had been rattling the car for hours, setting off alarm. Ooops. Guess I'll park on the other side of the building next time

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