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service experience

  1. d.c.palmer

    Charge for Warranty Claim?!

    My P100D is nearing the end of its four-year warranty, so I compiled a list of ongoing issues and booked a service appointment. I duly received a text acknowledging the booking and stating that there would be a charge of £72.50 + VAT (that's approx. US $109) to "diagnose" each "noise". Anyone...
  2. B

    New Model 3 died in midtown Manhattan during rush hour

    Two days ago, my new Model 3 died in the middle of a busy street in midtown Manhattan during rush hour, tying up traffic for 45 minutes. I took delivery of my Model 3 one month ago (6/19). After two weeks and 300 miles, got the "replace 12v battery soon" message. Tesla replaced the battery...
  3. Beta V

    In Praise of Proactive Service

    About a week ago, I got an email from my local (Bellevue Wa) service center saying that they needed to relocate a wiring harness and I should make an appointment. I did, but on the day of the service, they called and asked why the appointment had been canceled. I told them I had no idea it had...
  4. G

    Service center experience: trading my 3 in for a Mercedes

    After my recent service center experience in Orlando, I have become convinced that owning a Tesla may become more and more problematic in the future. The car itself is wonderful, but the experience of owning a car and having it serviced is very important, and Tesla is failing miserably. The...
  5. P

    Positive Service Experience

    I hear not everybody is thrilled with Tesla service. I thought I would share my positive experience. Service request included three items: install winter tires, airbag recall service, and stuck sunroof repair. I dropped the car off on Monday afternoon. I was in and out in 15 minutes with a newer...
  6. ModelNforNerd

    Shoutout to Watertown SC.

    We're scheduled to leave for our annual Christmas trip early Saturday morning...so, of course.... this past Sunday, my frunk latch failed. Not great, but recoverable. I attempted to schedule an appointment for it, but they are slammed through late January, and no slots were available. Degree of...
  7. P

    Locked out of the car. Just about to give up on Tesla.

    I've been an owner since 2013, originally a Model S 85, now a Model X P90D. Problems that arose with the S were dealt with well, overall. Last year the X died while plugged into 240V, just shut down and would not wake up again. It had to be taken on a flatbed to a service centre that takes...
  8. Railhawk52

    Model 3 first impressions and small issues: 3 weeks in

    Well it’s been 3 weeks since getting the car and in case anyone wanted to hear what it’s like owning a Model 3 from another first-time Tesla owner, here we go: • First, I love pretty much everything about this car. It’s surreal when you get it, it almost felt like it still wasn’t mine, like...