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service plan

  1. M

    Model Y extended warranty and pre-pay service plans?

    A couple related questions. I understand that the Model Y Long Range has a 4 Year/50k mile warranty. Is there an extended warranty plan available? (source: Vehicle Warranty ) Also, in my previous Model S I was able to pre-purchase service visits. Is that still available? Also, how often are...
  2. XCare EV

    Vendor Model 3 X-Care Extended Service Agreement for $3,200!

    Hello TMC Community, X-Care EV Protection is the ONLY extended service agreement for Model 3 (as well Model S and Model X). If you are just taking delivery (or have under 5k miles), you can get an 8 year and 100,000 mile additional service coverage for $3,200. We built the coverage option this...
  3. B

    Service cost?

    In a month of so my Model X will be at 12,500 miles. Has anyone "paid" for the annual service check yet and if so what did it cost?
  4. gody

    Early adopters pre-paid service plan

    Do any of you early adopters remember if there was an option to purchase an additional 4 years of pre-paid service at the end of the first 4 years (after you bought the first 4 years)? I thought it was an option back in 2013. I do not have a screen capture of the pre-paid service plan page from...
  5. chriSharek

    Service Plan Unavailable in your area

    What does this mean? I was on MyTesla this morning to see if anything had changed and I saw the link to "Services Sign Up". I clicked it and it says "Service Plan Unavailable in your area."
  6. G

    Prepaid vs. Pay-As-You-Go Service Plans: The Financial Analysis

    Ok, so perhaps this is not a completely definitive answer, but if we make certain assumptions, we should at least be able to determine whether the prepaid $1900/$3800 plans make sense versus $600/yr pay as you go. The assumptions we're going to make up front are: 1. There is no qualitative...
  7. R

    How many of you bought Tesla's ESA / Service Plans ?

    I'm curious on how many people bought Tesla's service plans, ESA, or didn't get either? Was reading the contracts on TM, & seems like the service plans may not be all that worth it given most repairs people have had were either covered by warranty or were official bulletin repairs that would...
  8. SeminoleFSU

    Questions about Pre-Paid Service Plans and Extended Service Agreement

    Hi everyone, I have 20 days left (according to "My Tesla" account) to purchase these things, so I need your help navigating the waters.. :eek: The only thing I know for sure is I probably don't need the ranger service, as the Marietta SC isn't too far from me, and if my car is dead, $100 won't...