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  1. J

    Paint flaws in new model Y

  2. Yanquetino

    How many PCS have failed?

    There are now numerous threads in this forum about the battery's PCS in the HV Battery Service Panel breaking down. In the dispute I have filed with Tesla awaiting AAA mediation, it would be helpful to have a rough estimate on how many forum members have experienced this problem. If you are one...
  3. K

    Model S Service Experience

    I wanted start a discussion about service experience with S owners. I have a Model S Plaid that I received towards the end of last year and my service experience has been abysmal at best. I’ve had issues noted from delivery day, (scheduled appointment in November) that still haven’t been...
  4. B

    Model X 100d not connecting to Tesla toolbox 3

    I have a 2017 Tesla model X 100d that I picked up at an auction from Tesla corporate the vehicle retains a clean title even though it has been in an accident. I purchased Tesla toolbox 3 one month subscription thinking I could clear the crash in TAS and the SRS module but I’m unable to connect...
  5. G

    Still Waiting on Parts from April 2021

    I took delivery of my Model Y in April of 2021. Upon delivery, I did a thorough inspection of the car, as many on this form advised, to look for scratches, panel gaps, etc. that would need to be addressed by Tesla Service. As expected there were a number of build-quailtiy issues with the Model...
  6. R

    2013 MS stop light keeps fogging

    My 2013 model S is out of warranty since december 2021, my left stop light has been fogged for 2 months now, resulting on a part of the stop light not working, in April i am taking it to the service center, will they change it on goodwill or will they make me pay for it? I know that they usually...
  7. H

    Coolant level low warning turned on the disappeared

    Had a front end accident a few months ago, replaced front bumper, radiator and cooling fan. just got the car back last night. This morning when shifting to R, the low level coolant warning came on and said refill, HVAC and performance maybe be reduced It went away a few minutes later and stayed...
  8. B

    Rear fascia covered under warranty, how should I navigate service?

    While driving in heavy rain a couple days ago my entire rear fascia ripped off my 2019 Model 3. Come to find out this is a known defect and Service Bulletin SB-20-12-003 states this exact issue should be fixed under warranty. How do I confirm with Tesla that they’ll cover this? My service...
  9. S

    Right side front wing collision

    Is there a market for Tesla body parts? I want to repair this without going directly to Tesla. I’m in the UK and I’m looking for third party methods for this repair can anyone help??? Can you purchase the body part easily and fit it through a garage or is that not viable? Is there a market for...
  10. A

    Atlanta Tesla Specialists

    Is there a list of tire stores or resources for Tesla service in Atlanta that can put tires on Tesla's apart from the Tesla service center? The places I have called do not have the equipment to lift a Tesla as it's too heavy. I am in Newnan and the service center says I am 52 miles away (they...
  11. T

    Model 3 Dome and Visor Lights on and off every few seconds?

    I've been looking all over the internet, on forums and Twitter, with no luck even finding anyone with my problem. I am looking for any tips or suggestions. Ever since v11 all my dome and visor lights turn on and off over and over every few seconds until I put the car in drive. It get really...
  12. zef3215

    Does Tesla sell spare parts alone?

    Dear Friends, I wonder if Tesla sell spare parts alone for DIY repairs. Anybody has any experience with that? If they do, are the price levels the same with what they mention on their repair quotations or higher and if higher, by how much? Thank you!
  13. P

    Model X Reliability

    Debates are raging about the accuracy of third-party assessments of the Model X's reliability. Please share your firsthand experience here. If you are not a current or prior Model X owner, please do not respond.
  14. I

    Model 3 Long Range 2022 HV battery replacement

    Model 3 Long Range 2022 battery issue Hi everyone, I just bought a model 3 on November 23rd and a week later received a call saying they my car may have a battery problem and that they need it back at the service department. I’ve been told my battery needs to be replaced. I was given a...
  15. B

    Rough start with new Tesla.... need advice

    So I took delivery of my car last Nov... love it I love the car how it drives everything... but ive had so many issues with the tires/wheels... first it was a nail... then another nail... then a big issue... I hit a curb to avoid a car coming into my lane on a 2 lane road going maybe...
  16. T

    No answer to service appointment messages?

    How fast Tesla service team typically answers to your messages? App says
  17. L

    Alternative service shops - RI area

    Does anyone in RI or Southcoast MA take their Teslas for repairs/service other than a Tesla service center (not tires) TIA!
  18. Pandalus

    Air conditioner fails twice in two years - advice appreciated?

    Short version: I replaced the compressor in my 2014 Model S just two years ago. Service is telling me it has failed again and want to charge me $4000 for the full fix. Something feels off about all this, and so I'm seeking advice. Longer version: In 2019, I bought a used 2014 Model S85. I...
  19. Sanderpman12

    Tire replacement by tesla

    Tesla charging me 1200$ for two back tire change and alignment. Can i go to firestone to get this done? Or are there cheaper options? If not is 1200 good?
  20. Gwgan

    Lee Auto, Maine for service?

    Anyone have work done at Lee Auto in Topsham? They claim they can do alignment while my local shops say they cannot. Any shop in Maine do alignments?
  21. M

    Model X vehicle and service has been a nightmare!

    My Model X has been to service 5 times since March 2020. For all sorts of issues, however the last 2 times I took it to service for a warning that stated my brake fluid is too low and to pull over. Both times they told me it was normal and it should give you that warning when parking on an...
  22. Hugues1965

    Is 1'000 USD too much for a 2 year service ?

    I live in Switzerland, bought my M3 dual motor LR 2 years ago, 34'000 km I asked Tesla if I needed to bring it in for the 2 year service, they said it was not mandatory but they sent me a quote for ~1'000 swiss francs, which is about 1'000 usd ! Breakdown, parts and time: -wiper blades: 55 usd...
  23. A

    Model 3 Cameras Will Not Calibrate

    Hello Everyone, My Tesla Model 3 SR w/ FSD arrived on June 24, 2021. I have not been able to get my cameras to calibrate despite driving over 200 miles on roads with lines that could not be more clear. Furthermore, in the Self Driving Visualization view, I only see the lanes on the roads, no...
  24. M

    Tesla Service Center coming to Madison Wisconsin

    Amid speculation of Madison Wisconsin getting a new service center based on a job posting somebody saw- I was visiting the Milwaukee showroom to test drive a model 3, and the sales advisor asked me what my biggest hang up is to pulling the trigger. I said that Madison doesn’t have any service...
  25. C

    Standard Range Plus Autopilot Removed Remotely [by Tesla]

    I bought this 2020 Tesla Model 3, which the sticker indicates is a Standard Range Plus. The car was made in March 2020. The sticker clearly shows this a Standard Range Plus model with base autopilot included. The car has fog lights which only the Standard Range Plus cars were made with. The base...
  26. T

    Poor quality control on the Model Y

    We picked up a new Tesla Model Y - Long Range Dual Motor on April 6 2021. This is what it looked like on delivery.
  27. X

    Lifting Pucks

    Would any local auto repair shop have them? I need one within 24 hours so online isn’t unfortunately an option
  28. C

    Getting Model Y serviced, a documentary, Episode 1 - Identifying Delivery Issues

    Episode 1 -
  29. M

    Model S OEM headlight installation

    I have a 2013 Model S that needs new headlights due to seal ruptures in the case that allow moisture to seep in. I have one that regularly turns off while in use and last night they both went out as I was driving home after dark - only the fog lamps got me through. This morning they are working...
  30. A

    Bad service, great car

    I took my Tesla Model 3 for a pre-arranged appointment at Park Royal service centre (London, UK) at 10.30am on Friday Nov 20th. They said the repair--camera calibration--would take two hours and told me that they would be in touch as soon as it was finished. By 2pm, I had heard nothing, so sent...
  31. P

    Rescheduled Service Appointment

    I'm in Boston. I noticed about a month ago that the rubber seal between the door (both front and back on driver side) and body have come off on the bottom. Created a mobile service appointment on 1st of November for 19th. I got a text today that the parts didn't arrive so I need to push my...
  32. B

    Statistical data for the graduation project.

    Good afternoon, my name is Andrey, I am from Russia. I am studying at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) with a degree in "Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes". This year I am writing my graduation project. It is a...
  33. M

    Tesla made a *HOUSE CALL*

    I recently had the WEIRDEST and probably coolest auto maintenance experience ever with my Model Y, and thought I'd share it here. I got my MY in September, and from the beginning, I was noticing a weird, chemically, hot-battery smell outside the car when I would drive with the windows open...
  34. TMC Staff

    Reports Say Tesla Plans To Open 1 New Service Center Per Week In 2021

    Tesla’s service situation needs to catch up with its growing sales. As reported by Electrek, a person familiar with Tesla‘s upcoming plans shared that the company informed staff that a huge service center expansion is coming. This is, of course, to better equip the electric automaker to deal...
  35. D

    EAP and driver assistance failures

    First post on this forum. Picked up my Model 3 dual motor AWD in March of this year, upgraded to EAP (enhanced autopilot) in late September when it was offered. Since that update, whenever I drive over 6 hours on the road ALL of the driver assistance features shut off. No autopilot, no auto...
  36. IchDochNicht

    Crazy Things Tesla Service Has Said...

    Thought this could be fun... the crazy stuff that service personnel sometimes say that is disconnected from reality. 1. I made an appointment to have my car aligned because I scraped a curb with the right front wheel, and it no longer tracked straight. Tesla Service (when I arrived): "Since you...
  37. mhcrowder

    Freak Hail Storm!

    Ok, I've had my new Model Y for three days. Last evening around 8PM, just after it had gotten completely dark, a small freak storm rolled over that dumped golf ball size hail on my new car (and two others in the driveway). After the storm passed we examined the cars and noticed some damage on...
  38. IsthataTesl.a?

    Jack Mode MOVED !

    Jack Mode setting has apparently been moved on a recent software update. Had a wheel swapped out today and neither the technician, a manager at Discount Tire, nor I could find a Jack Mode setting. Called Tesla and Jack Mode is still present in the car but is now found under the Service tab and...
  39. Kurt'sX

    Extended Service Plan Issues

    I could use some advice......I have a 2016 MX 90D that I purchased new. At the time, I also purchased the prepaid service plan to provide 4 years of recommended factory service. I have now taken my car for service 3 years in a row and had the prepaid service done without issue. Today, as I...
  40. DDotJ

    Tesla Service Center - Irvine

    I was browsing the Irvine permit portal and came across a new permit that mentions Tesla as the tenant. I thought it might be a Supercharger at first but upon closer inspection it looks like it might be a Service Center. The address is 2801 & 2803 Barranca Parkway, Irvine CA which is across the...
  41. D

    SF Bay Area Service Center recommendation?

    I have a Model Y performance that is having heat pump issues after taking it to my nearest service center to have the retrofit heat pump cover (AC Compressor Acoustic Cover, Model Y Part #: 1502213-00-A, I think) installed. I must say that I'm not real happy with the service there and would...
  42. BZM3

    Share your positive Tesla Service experience

    I'm tired of seeing all these threads about a bad experience someone had with their local service center, so figured I would start a thread to share some light. One caveat, the issues I have had with my car have been rare and minor. My first issue was that my car refused to download an...
  43. GolanB

    Tesla Superchargers | Brooklyn Museum | Out of Service Stations

    Came early this morning to get a head-start on the day, and spent ten minutes trying to find a supercharging station that works. I attempted 6 of them before I spoke with another Tesla driver here who showed me that only the stations marked with a Star are actually energized. This location has...
  44. willow_hiller

    Tesla now offers Energy service appointments via the app?

    Just spotted this post on Reddit, where a user found the Tesla app now can schedule service for energy products just like the vehicles: Just noticed Tesla app now has a service option under solar page, wasn’t there previously : teslamotors Sounds like a big step toward better customer service...
  45. S

    Should I take my car to PPF service right after delivery?

    Although it may come early, I'm scheduled to pick up my TM3 on Sunday, Sep 13th. I've already talked and texted with the manager at the shop where I plan to take my vehicle for PPF & ceramic coating. He recommends bringing it to him directly after I pick up my car. The reasoning is sound - i...
  46. M

    Recommendations on repairs outside of Tesla

    Hello... I have been living with a rattle and squeak in my M3 for almost a year now and Tesla Service has been pointless on tracking this down and fixing it. We did a "ride along" and they were able to verify the sound immediately so they took it for service, twice. Now they tell me that this is...
  47. Emcp422

    Great service experience

    I bought my 3sr+,2 months ago and recently noticed steering wheel was not centered apt today said possibly 4 days for it to be ready, at drop off they gave me 500 in Uber credits, and texted me 10 hours later to pick up, overall very impressed
  48. S

    Model X 75D undrivable after alerts

    Hi, first time posting here and I apologize for incoming sob story but finding myself with limited recourse to solve my situation and hoping someone knows a way to help. I received my Model X 75D June 2018 and instantly fell in love. I stretched my budget a bit (or more) but found every bit of...
  49. Troglodytes

    Anyone else have their emblems removed/lost at the Service Center?

    Model Y pick-up in June. Three weeks at Service Center. For 20+ issues including: paint, fitment, interior, and out-of-alignment doors. Most issues resolved. But, somewhere in the process my front hood and rear trunk lid "T" emblems were taken off. Still have the 'DUAL MOTOR' letters, but...
  50. O

    Tesla service at Clarkston Michigan

    I got my model Y delivered at end of June. I found multiple issues and scheduled a service at Clarkston Michigan. So far It’s been postponed for at least twice. After being postponed the first time, I had the appointment rescheduled tomorrow, while today I received a mysterious txt saying they...

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