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  1. M

    Autopilot vs FSD

    Hey guys, relatively new owner of 23MYLR. So, I've been using FSD for a couple of months now and I've been playing around with the settings as I should be. I wanted to ask if more experienced folks on here could clear up Autopilot vs FSD terminology for me. - If I do a single pull on my right...
  2. N

    New User - Settings to Change

    Hi everyone! I am new to the Tesla world, and I would like to hear what settings are must-changes for you. I have it set to Standard mode, found out how to change volume balance...is there anything else you recommend? TIA!
  3. ybbor

    Car Factory reset itself yesterday!?!

    I was driving over to a friends house yesterday. I put their location in the nav and it just said loading route, but never started giving directions. I figured i might need to reboot the computer, so pressed both steering wheel buttons like i've done 100 times over my 4 years of ownership... The...
  4. K

    What should I do first? Just bought 2019 model 3 with acceleration boost

    I just brought home my used 2019 model 3 long range (15k miles). I would consider myself a Tesla novice. What settings should I adjust? Should I restore factory settings? How often should I reset? Anything I should or shouldn’t do? All input is welcome. Super pumped! Thanks!
  5. T

    Model S resets all settings after reboot

    At June 11., the GUI was sluggish, music stopped playing, and the browser closing continuously made me do the normal two scroll-wheel reboot. When done, every setting was reset/deleted, such as profiles, trip statistics, languages, navigation favourites, and more. Everything! Looked like a...
  6. M


    I have the UPP luxury coil overs installed and I was curious as to what other owner settings were for this suspension. After 1 month of testing hundreds of tire PSI dampener setting combinations, I think I now have the most balanced combination possible for the model Y. For this set up I was...
  7. Maximillan

    "Almost all input is error. Car should do the right thing automatically."

    The following tweet got me thinking, and I concluded that if they did continue down this path then my next car would unlikely be a Tesla. Two things that bothered me about this tweet: 1, it was in response to a well considered solution to the Holiday Update UI issue. 2. Everyone interacts with...
  8. T

    Latest update deleted all of my settings

    So I got a notification saying that a new software update was available. Excitedly I clicked OK and let the car do its thing and update itself. And lo and behold with this new update, Tesla decided it was a good idea to delete all of my driver profile, Homelink, Bluetooth and other settings. I...
  9. M

    Model X - réglage alarme & sécurité remis à valeur par défaut

    Bonjour tout le monde, Bien que cela fasse quelques mois que je sois l'heureux propriétaire d'un Model X 2019, je suis encore loin de maîtriser toutes les options et fonctionnalités de ma voiture. Première question: - J'ai désactivé par le passé, l'option alarme intrusion et déplacement pour...
  10. klandersnitrox

    Car Runs when not there - Settings for Optimal Battery Life

    This is our first Tesla so we are still learning what are the proper settings for the car. We have Purchased the Performance Model Y last week. We also have the Tesla Charger in the garage. I have noticed that there are times I will walk into the garage and I will hear the car running...
  11. T

    Model 3 Basic Settings

    Hi All! I picked up my new Model 3 Standard+ on 12/11 and the delivery specialist helped me set up my phone as the key, but that was about it. I asked if he had any tips or recommendations for basic settings or features that I should set but he said he didn't have time to walk me through and...
  12. mrfra62

    Openen bestuurdersdeur

    Misschien is het al eens aan de orde geweest maar mijn vraag betreft openen voordeuren. Ik heb een X en mijn keyfob is een leuke kleine X. Knopje frunk opent de frunk. De trunk de achterbak. Twee knopjes voor de falcon wings en bovenop twee keer drukken open en drie keer drukken is dicht en op...
  13. I


    I have had my S for a month and love it. However, several times, I have read folk refer to this type thing, in answering a question: Controls > Settings > Driver Assistance > Summon > ON I am yet to find the words Controls, settings. I have Quick controls and turn things on and off but that's...