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seven seater

  1. E

    Available 2018 Model X P100D - 12,769 miles Subzero Package

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Model X P100D - LOW MILES. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2018 Model X P100D - 12,769 miles Subzero Package

    For sale 2018 Model X P100D - 12,769 miles Subzero Package

    2018 Model X P100D 12,769 miles! VIN: 5YJXCAE44JF135623 12V battery just replaced Enhanced Autopilot Seven Seat Interior Black Premium Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint Ludicrous Speed Upgrade Battery Range Upgrade Figured Ash Wood Decor Tow Package 22" Onyx Black Wheels Ultra High Fidelity Sound...
    or best offer
  3. S

    Can I get tax rebate with Model Y RWD 7 seater?

    Hi everyone, searching around the interwebs for an hour trying to find an answer, no luck so hoping for an answer from someone who knows a lot more than me. I have a family of 6 and a dog and need a big car. We want to get a Tesla for a number of reasons but are looking at a van again for two...
  4. D

    7-Seater second row shoulder button jammed

    The second row (right seat) has the shoulder button stuck pressed in. Which means that I can't access the third row from the right side. I can fold all the seats in the second row from the trunk, by pressing the buttons on the side in the trunk. There is no error message or problem while...
  5. R

    7 Seat Model S with Free Supercharging + More for Sale

    Model S P90+ (see photos) was rebadged by Tesla after getting a battery upgrade because the 85 went out while under warranty. The rear facing seats fold flat if needed. Includes transferable, free supercharging for life which also includes exclusion from idle-time fees at superchargers. Also...
  6. G

    7 Seater Pics and Details

    I was able to sit in a 7 seater yesterday at Fashion Island Tesla Store in Newport Beach. The sales rep told me that because they were a flagship store, they received the first 7 seater on Tuesday 1/12. She took me down to the garage where the test drive vehicles are and they had one white 7...
  7. C

    Wisconsin Model Y waiting room Q4 2020

    Hi guys! This is my first post here. Ordered Model Y LR seven seater early this year in Feb 2020. Thinking about changing my order to five seat inferior after tested drive and not sure when the Seven seat will ever getting manufactured...
  8. J

    MY 7 Seat Config "Prepare For Delivery"?

    Anyone else order a 7 Seat MY and have gotten the Prepare For Delivery? I ordered in NOV 2019 with a paint change in JAN. I have completed everything and awaiting MVPA, VIN. Financed with Chase thru Tesla. I'm in NJ and have been reading about Q2 7 seat deliveries. Want to know if I need to...
  9. Chuq

    7-seater obsession

    So the original Model S had an option for two small rear facing jump seats... The Model X has a 5, 6 or 7 seat configuration... The Model Y is announced as having a 7 seat option (although the two rear seats are small..) Now the 2020 Plaid Model S will have 7 seats... The Model 3 will be the...
  10. N

    Changing seats 6 to 7

    Has any one have ideas on changing seats from a 6 seat to 7 seat config. In Australia 6 seat config seems to be the most popular. If one came up at the right price would I be able to change to 7 seat config ( I need 7 seat )