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  1. TheRFMan

    What are your experiences sharing a home charger between two cars

    I'm looking for your experience/advice/anecdotes regarding sharing a single charger between two vehicles. I currently have a 2012 Chevrolet Volt that works well and that I plan to keep for a few more years. I will be adding a Model 3 in the next 6 months or so (depending on the COVID...
  2. Helmuth

    When did they change how SC pairing/sharing works?

    I realized for a few weeks now that if I arrive at the Supercharger and plug in at a stall which is not shared with another Tesla already charging that I get the full power - as expected! But if a second car plugs in at the paired stall the charging power drops to 70kW to 72kW instantly. Which...
  3. Hotrodder

    Sharing WAZE with Tesla

    I've read that you should be able to "share' a WAZE navigation from your phone to the Tesla Nav Screen by clicking in Waze onto "share" and then "other" and Tesla. After many tries, I've been unsuccessful. Has anybody had success with this sharing of Waze??
  4. RNG

    Charging Apps

    I have downloaded Recargo and PlugShare. I don't see a way to offer my Tesla HPWC securely to other Tesla owners with out advertising it to everyone that uses the apps. Have I missed something? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in this effort share with other Tesla owners. RNG