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  1. M

    Brand New Car- Battery Shield/ Protection Damage

    Does anyone know how thick the battery shield protection is? Came home with our brand new M3 from the delivery center and while admiring its engineering and aerodynamic undercarriage (I’m obsessed with cars) saw 2 identical 1.5- 2 inch gouges on the battery shield/case. Guessing it was from...
  2. fasteddie7

    Rock in between rotor and shield, help!

    after driving on a gravel / stone road I heard a metallic screeching sound that screeches at low speed and tapes off at high speed. After doing some research it appears I have a rock in my rotor shield scraping off the rotor. I'm 196 miles from a service center. Should I take it to a local...
  3. Caloncho

    Titanium Full Battery Shield

    Brought my MS85 today to diagnose a center screen issue and the techs offered me to (optionally) install a shield (titanium-aluminum) specially designed to further protect the lithium battery pack and other critical areas. They have in stock, so I said yes. It will take close to an hour to...