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  1. C

    Could not shift into drive

    Today while in Park, I pressed the brake and pushed the stalk down to Drive. I received an error DI_a189 “Cannot shift gears - Accelerator pedal is pressed.” I looked down and confirmed that my foot was firmly on the brake (and only the brake). Tried again with the same error. Then tried pushing...
  2. M

    My Y would not shift from "Park" to "Reverse"...

    I just pick-up my Y yesterday. Somehow my Y would not shift from "Park" to "Reverse". I have to shift to "Drive" and then move up to "Reverse". Is this a norm or is it an issue that Tesla needs to fix?
  3. A

    Car not shifting into gear?

    I've read a few posts, and experienced it myself (last night in fact) where you get into the car, it's on, but won't shift into gear. The first few times it happened, I got out of the car, locked it, re-entered, and then it worked. I feel like a total goofball having to do that. When it...
  4. KaJu74

    Tesla Factory working hours and holidays

    What are actually the working hours in the Tesla factory? Do they work in shifts? Has the factory closed over the Christmas holidays? And if so, how long?
  5. JPP

    Cars Ditch Familiar Shift Levers

    There is an article on Wall Street Journal today (4/17/13) (on line and on iPad) about the evolution of shift levers. There are photos and an embedded video, both showing a Model S and also Porsche, Lamborghini, and a Dodge Ram truck. Not sure if you can use this link (if you're not a...