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  1. H

    Next ship to Stavanger from Zeeburgge?

    Does anyone know when next ship to Stavanger arrives. Last known location is Zeeburgge. Estimated delivery 10. July Tesla Haugesund said.
  2. N

    Tesla UN 38.3 Test Report for 2015 Model S- URGENT

    Hi All, I am working with a client who would like to ship a 2015 Model S overseas and I am looking for the Tesla UN 38.3 Test Report which the freight forwarding company has requested. If anyone has this document or could put me in touch with someone who could get it for me, I would be more...
  3. OakvilleMYP

    Anyone shipping vehicle from east coast to west coast for service?

    Curious to see if anyone is thinking of shipping their roadster (enclosed shippment) from the east coast to the west coast sometime in the next month. PM me if you are.
  4. K

    CH/DE/AU Waiting Room

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to the forum and already love to read people's stories about their Tesla. To make it quick, I decided to open this thread to allow people to share their experience waiting for their car to be delivered. I've seen a similar but more general thread, and I thought it...
  5. MrBadger

    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    A thread to discuss orders, deliveries and collections (and all things related) for vehicles expected to be delivered during 2021. This thread supersedes the 2019/20 Orders and Deliveries thread. For each quarter, this Wiki page shows the estimated/actual delivery, shipping dates and vehicle...
  6. D

    Serious ordering issues (4 months in, 1 car payment, no car)

    So, based on the title, you can tell I'm having a bit of trouble. What would you do if this were you? What should I do? WARNING: bit of a read May 7th: I first ordered my Model Y (this was shortly after the factory reopened). June 25: I was told it was almost ready and would be on it's way to...
  7. G

    Is this a good buy? Found on inventory / demo

    Hi, New here. SF Bay Area native. Too late to order. To get a model X before end of year i tried looking at the existing inventory. Got lucky as we found one that we want (color, seat, wheels), but located in FL. Here's the specs: Model X Standard Range (300miles on odometer) Solid Black 22"...
  8. BlackEagle

    Relocating to Switzerland

    Hello Everyone, We bought our SR+ this June from Vancouver, and LOVE it! In 6 months we are likely to relocate from Canada to Switzerland. Anyone with good info or advice in terms of shipping and drivability would be much appreciated! (Safety, cost, charging) Thank you!
  9. P

    Shipping Model 3 to Hawaii

    Hi, New to the forum, couldn't find any topics on this- apologize if this has been covered. I'm getting stationed in Pearl Harbor and will be shipping my Model 3 LR AWD from Baltimore, MD to Honolulu, HI in July. I've been told that the shipping process takes approx 4-6 weeks from drop off to...
  10. TheTalkingMule

    Sustainable Cargo Ships

    Like most people here the inherent logic associated with solar production and EV consumption appeals to me. In the automobile world there is obviously insufficient surface area to add any meaningful amount of solar to a car, but on the open sea.... Cargo ships traditionally chugged along at 25...
  11. L

    My car needs to go home to CA - How?

    Later this summer, we will be moving from FL to Los Angeles. The long threatened cross-country, all-electric road trip taking in national parks along the way may not be feasible, both for timing, and because 5 or 6 hours a day in the car, different hotel every night, restaurant food for 2...
  12. S

    Shipping Your Tesla Cross Country

    Hi, Unfortunately, I will need to ship my MS from Denver to NJ in August. I've done some research and received a few quotes (around $1700 for an enclosed transport), but would very much like to hear about anyone else's recent experiences. I met a fellow owner at the Springfield, NJ SC who...