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short term

  1. D

    How to defer tax by reducing short term capital gain using call spread.

    Moderator comment added at the request of @Davidzhao365. Summary: this doesn't work, there is a special IRS rule against it. The blue text is what he asked to add. --ggr. Options traders use option spreads containing offsetting positions to limit risk and provide a reasonable opportunity to...
  2. Woody17

    Long term rental arrangement - LA

    Hi TMC-- I'm throwing this out as a feeler, hoping for true input from members as to the feasibility of this and to see if I can garner any interest. Please keep trolling comments to yourself if you cannot offer constructive feedback. I am the proud new owner of a blue 2016 Model S60, having...
  3. H

    Short term vs. Long term investing

    There seems to be a lot of chatter about options, call spreads and such. While such conversation generates interest, I seriously doubt it competes with "Buy and Hold". I am all-in on Tesla and it is a ten bagger for me. But if you read the forums, you would get the impression that I am a...