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  1. D

    2021 MY max current on factory installed tow harness

    I have a factory installed tow harness on my 2021 MY that has the lead-acid 12v battery. I recently had a short develop in my RV trailer which proceeded to "let the smoke out" of the Tesla wiring harness. Tesla service center is telling me that the wiring harness was equipped with a 25amp fuse...
  2. T

    Who is shorting TSLA?

    I would like to understand who's shorting TSLA, and their rational. Please add to this thread if you have info.
  3. D

    Isolation Fault

    P85D 2015. August 20 ? Firmware update scheduled. Temp controlled Garaged Ambient temperature in 70’s. Next morning dash message “ cell low voltage undriveabke call service. “ but charge “49%” then everything black. No app connection either. For several months I have been complaining about low...
  4. N

    The Opposite Of Short Selling.

    I've heard of the bear selling TSLA short but I've just kind of doing the opposite of short selling. I'm a totally novice, never traded a single stock in my life but TSLA has been dipping so low that some expert said it's a good buy. So I opened an account with Ameritrade just a few days ago...
  5. fasteddie7

    New member posts with crazy issues

    Is it me or do I see a lot of brand new members posting some crazy long story of how their brand new Tesla is a piece of crap or is a huge safety risk that caused them to wreck (with pictures). Every time I click on a title in the forum and see one of these long posts, all I have to do is look...
  6. dauger

    Asked to lend TSLA shares for shorting

    My brokerage firm asked me writing last week to borrow my shares of TSLA, being "high-demand securities", and get paid interest on that loan. See attached (redacted). I have other stocks and was never asked about those. It made me think. I'm long TSLA starting at $35/sh, and intend to hold...
  7. Skotty

    Short Sale -- How It Works

    So I had a sort of specific question, but maybe I should open this up to a general discussion of how a short sale works. It's a little confusing to folks who are not deeply into markets. The idea is kind of a reverse investment, where you "sell" your stock for the market price without having...
  8. M

    Manufacturing Defect Concern

    I placed an order the end of July for the 90D. However, after the first manufacturing run, I was informed the car was so defective, that they had to start anew. Finally it is here for pickup next week. I have two concerns: Do buyers need to be concerned that there may be a manufacturing...