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  1. T

    Who is shorting TSLA?

    I would like to understand who's shorting TSLA, and their rational. Please add to this thread if you have info.
  2. NoMoGas

    Schadenfreude :) Short sellers lose 1.5 BILLION in 1 day

    Schadenfreude: pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune. This story warms my heart :) Tesla short sellers lose $1.5 billion in a single day
  3. wenkan

    Model S to the Nürburgring Next Week!

    Moderator note: The first 5 or so pages of this thread contain posts merged from three different threads on essentially the same topic.
  4. S

    New theory - Elon is shorting the stock

    It's the only way to explain his otherwise self destructive behavior. He shorts the stock, acts crazy, calls people pedophiles, makes money. Sadly, this might be the most optimistic interpretation of his recent behavior.

    Short-shorts taunting going too far?

    Trust me, I've been laughing the whole time on this topic. But this morning, after reading multiple Elon tweets on Short-shorts, I imagined the tortoise doing a dance before the finish line which didn't feel like the ideal story ending. Something felt wrong. I don't think we've won yet, the...
  6. M

    A way to pay for taking Tesla private

    TDLR; A short squeeze could easily pay for the whole takeover! I am going to lay out an interesting theory by first giving some facts as to Tesla and then telling the story of the Porsche takeover of VW. A bit of detail: There is about 25% of available Tesla stock that is on loan to shorts...
  7. SebastianR

    Taking the high road: Effective counter measures against "Short FUD"

    Very well said. I couldn't agree more. So here is the "what's next?": Let's collect a few ideas here. Mods, pls. merge if you feel this is better placed elsewhere. In my experience countering FUD on Twitter / in Forums is only helping so much. What is helping more is pledging (and following...