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shut down

  1. 1

    Screen Rebooting - Black Screen with high pitched noise - Again and Again

    It happens when we slow down in traffic/come to a stop. Multiple times a day. Started 3 weeks ago. Today on the interstate with heavy traffic came to a standstill and had to reboot. Totally black screen with a deep drone sound. High pitched sound happens half the time, other times it is just...
  2. italian bread

    5-day-old Model Y suddenly shut down

    Business Insider: A Tesla owner says his Model Y ordered him to pull over before it suddenly shut down, trapping him inside A Tesla owner said his 5-day-old car suddenly shut down, leaving him trapped inside. The YouTuber Tom Exton said he was 15 minutes into his ride before the car ordered...
  3. Missile Toad

    When I last ran out my battery..

    Pick the largest category that fits your situation. Do not count as a 'shut down', a situation where you arrived at the Supercharger, and it failed to produce electricity -- and you had to go hunting for charge. Also, don't count situations where there was a mechanical/electrical problem in the...
  4. UncaNed

    How can I lock the steering wheel before I get out of the driver's seat?

    I'm a wheelchair guy and I need to brace against the steering wheel while I get out of the driver's seat and into my wheelchair, but it's hard to do when the wheel turns free. It locks itself after enough time has passed, but there's nowhere to click the touchscreen to "Shut Off" the car that...
  5. T

    Model X Shut Down while Driving - WARNING!

    Tesla Owners, be warned, I love my Model X, but what happened to me today is not acceptable and could cost someone their life. Please read and be aware. Nov 6, 2019 @ 8:00am I got into the vehicle with my 1 year old and pressed the brake to turn it on. The AC turned on as normal and everything...
  6. D

    Car shutting down - PULL OVER SAFELY on the freeway 3 days after delivery

    On the 3rd after taking delivery the car shut down on the freeway. The car completely lost power within a few seconds, luckily I was able to make it mostly to the shoulder of the freeway/bridge. I got the following errors: "Cannot maintain vehicle power - Car may stop driving or shut down"...
  7. tangerine

    2017 MX Shuts Down dangerously on Expressway–I'm losing faith in Tesla and my car

    So I was driving home today in my Model X on Lawrence Expressway in Santa Clara, CA and stopped at the red light. When the light turned green, I pushed on the gas and noticed that the car did not move and put itself into park and threw up a bunch of warnings on the dash and on the main screen...