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  1. G

    Soft reboot = Factory reset, what?

    My car is stuck on 2020.47.104. Spent hours trying to get Tesla service to push an update - something which should take them a couple minutes at most, but a bunch of broken promises for callbacks later, I got absolutely nowhere. Been having a lot of issues with sentry mode and overall bluetooth...
  2. W

    Black screen on first day...

    Morning guys, I've just picked up my black M3 SR+ yesterday and already fell in love with its driving dynamic. The delivery process was more or less smooth amid the COVID situation. However, after been driving it for a full day. The system became unresponsive and went into black screen when I...
  3. J

    Thumb wheel inop / "hard" software reboot options

    I have what I'm fairly certain is a software issue manifesting itself as an apparently inop bit of hardware: My right thumb wheel switch on the steering column is unresponsive--with two key exceptions: - if I press & hold both switches, the touchscreen reboots as normal (so, I know the "press"...
  4. UncaNed

    How can I lock the steering wheel before I get out of the driver's seat?

    I'm a wheelchair guy and I need to brace against the steering wheel while I get out of the driver's seat and into my wheelchair, but it's hard to do when the wheel turns free. It locks itself after enough time has passed, but there's nowhere to click the touchscreen to "Shut Off" the car that...
  5. G

    Black screen

    Well, I've been a Tesla owner for three weeks now, owning a Model 3 Performance since 8th September. For the first time since buying it, today I got into the car to be greeted by a black screen. Eventually I got it going, but is this a common occurrence? The car has been on version...
  6. B

    Blank, unresponsive screen this morning

    Got into my MY and my screen was blank like the screen was turned off. Tried many ways to wake it up, but nothing. Had to reboot the system and everything seems fine now. Still on 2020.20.12, and it searched for an update this morning and said my software was "up to date", and I'm configured...
  7. Wiki

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    *** Anyone who submitted our invoice and got denied. Appeal your denial, restate all the info from your invoice, and let them know we tested your chip for failure, Then repaired your board with a new chip. We are working with Tesla to help them approve all our eMMC repairs. *** ***Luckyluke...
  8. J

    Yellow dashed line leads to bricking

    Didn't see any threads discussing kind of thing, so here we go.... I charged my car (May 2017 Model S 75D, AP2, MCU1) at the ChargePoint station at work last Tuesday. When I went to move the car after the charge was done (~90%), I noticed a yellow dashed line on the power meter on the energy...
  9. S

    Complete shut down of computer system

    Has anyone experience the total shut down of their computer system while driving? I lost absolutely everything with the exception of acceleration and breaking. Not only was the information on the dash locked up but I lost use of my blinkers, maps, radio...everything. I was able to pull off of...
  10. T

    Car Shutdown on an Urban charger

    I'm on the latest software 2018.26 and was charging on an urban charger when everything shutdown after about 30 minutes. I was sitting in the car when it happened - first there was a message saying "check charge port" then the screens went blank, the a/c shut down (including the battery cooling...
  11. B

    Bought/picked up CPO Saturday, had to get serviced next day

    Basically what happened was that I bought a MS 2013 CPO ~90K miles. I picked it up this past Saturday and then Sunday the car began to shut down in the middle of the highway right after charging to ~70%, so I had it towed to a conveniently located Tesla Service Center. I got the car in Palm...
  12. Peteybabes

    Main (middle) screen shut down during a charging session!

    I was listening to music and using my phone while a grabbed a "quick" 40 miles or so of range and suddenly the main unit shut down and music and A/C quit...see the video below: