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side view mirror

  1. TheQuiet_1

    Driver-side rear mirror vibrations

    Has anyone had issues with their driver-side mirror? Mine keeps vibrating while I am driving on city streets or highways. Tesla has changed out the mirror twice, and for some reason, they cannot rectify the issue. They informed me that this is a common occurrence with Model Y vehicles. Has...
  2. B

    model 3 driver's side mirror has limited adjustment range

    Just got my Tesla 3 last week and fantastic apart from one thing: I can't seem to get driver's door mirror adjusted properly. I want a view with less car body and looking higher but it just stops moving. The passenger side mirror adjusts fully. Anyone else noticed this? It is a right pain.
  3. N

    Drive side mirror shaking while driving

    Today when i was driving in highway with 70mph, i found the driver side mirror was shaking, but there was not issue for the passenger side mirror. It is ok when driving in the local with low speed. Do you have the similar issue and how to fix it?
  4. JeffR

    Model S/X Refresh Side View Mirrors - Replace with cameras?

    There are a few posts and videos suggesting the Cybertruck will use side view cameras instead of mirrors. A few other sources, such as shown below, raise the question of whether the refreshed Models S/X might do away with side view mirrors in favor of camera images displayed on the center...
  5. F

    Driver side mirror

    Anyone else having problems with adjustment on the drivers side mirror. Just found out a friend of mine that just got his and has the same issue. I had mine replaced at no cost since I just bought mine 3 weeks ago and I told the guy about it at delivery. The problem is that there is a small tab...
  6. R

    2021 Model Y Sideview Mirrors Limited Adjustability

    We picked up our Model Y on 12.10.2020. Everything was perfect with the delivery EXCEPT the drivers sideview mirror. I was adjusting it at Tesla and couldn't quite get it right. I figured I needed to play around more with the seat setting and mirrors on the road. Basically I need the drivers...
  7. T

    Driver side mirror does not fully adjust

    Just picked up my MY 75,xxx today and everything seems to be good so far... The driver side mirror does not adjust far enough to eliminate blind spots. Passenger side is fine. Is this normal? I am 5'8 btw.
  8. S

    Are your side and rear view mirrors too dark at night?

    My side and rear view mirrors get very dark at night, and it makes it especially hard to use at dusk. I know they have auto dimming, but I don't know how to control it. They work great in the daylight, but as soon as the sun goes down they turn dark gray. Cars without headlights on don't show...
  9. SumaPerformance

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    Tired of blind spot? Auto dimming makes side view mirror too dark? Suma Performance Mirrors are your solution. We've been in the business more than 20 years, making performance mirrors for more than 100+ cars. We have patents/trade secret on our performance mirrors such that they are top...
  10. andrwmg

    Side View Mirror Park Issue

    Does anyone else have the issue where the left (or right) side view mirror glass turns inward when the car is put into park? The mirrors are still folded out, but the actual glass is turning inward in a way that makes it virtually impossible to see oncoming traffic when getting out of the car...
  11. zosoisnotaword

    Side Mirror Removal for Wrapping

    Has anyone removed or seen a video removing just the swivel portion of the side mirror (the actual mirror part) while leaving the mounting bracket attached to the car? The closest I can find is this video from ColoradoDetail of the Model S side mirror removal at the 2:45 mark. I'm thinking...
  12. Haxster

    Update Withdrawal...a WiFi issue?

    I've not gotten my update fix in nearly two months. Not since 17.17.4. I can't take it much longer. Where's my silky smooth? I'm tired of being jerked around on the highway and have my mediocre parking skills challenged every time I back in to a parking spot. And the latest and greatest is...
  13. D

    Roadster 1.5 and Lotus Elise Sideview mirrors the same assembly?

    Are the sideview mirrors on the Roadster (specifically a 1.5) the same as a Lotus Elise of the same vintage? Want to bring a Roadster inside a building that's doorway is just a couple of inches too narrow, and I was thinking of having the local Lotus dealer remove the mirrors and reinstall them...
  14. S

    Questions about dimming mirrors

    We have a 2017 S and still learning about it. Driving home tonight around dusk noticed that the passenger side view mirror seem to be tinted. Looked it up in the manual and it says the Driver's side mirror and the rear view mirror automatically dim in proportion to the level of glare from the...