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  1. A

    BAD Skirt Damage - how long does it take to get it fixed?

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions want to ask regarding a Bad Skirt damage... I hit a curb when I was trying to drive out of a underground parking..... the damages looks pretty bad (to me). Will this be a whole part fix? I booked a service appointment at Tesla service center. How long...
  2. D

    Leave the car from passenger door, car remains open

    I am on firmware 2019.4.3 but it has been happening for some time now: If, for some reasons, I park my car and I leave the car from the passenger door, the car remains open. No matter if you close it by using the fob, or if you open/close it using the app, the car remains open (the handles are...
  3. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    I work in a high-rise with a parking garage that is regularly patrolled by visible security. Yesterday evening as I left work, I saw several people I knew to be security milling around my car. I thought I was in for some Tesla Time, but then saw the broken glass. My front passenger side window...