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sideview mirrors

  1. P

    Auto Tilt Mirror Won't Set

    Our new (28th June 2023) Model YLR) doesn't save the position for the auto-tilt on reverse. And, it seems it has only just started doing this because I'm sure the left mirror used to drop all the way a few weeks ago. No matter how many times I put the car in reverse, with Auto-tilt ON, and then...
  2. Sanderpman12

    2013 p85 side mirrors

    Was wondering if i can add folding mirrors to my 2013 p85? Currently it is not foldable but the right side mirror goes down on reverse but the left one does not
  3. B

    model 3 driver's side mirror has limited adjustment range

    Just got my Tesla 3 last week and fantastic apart from one thing: I can't seem to get driver's door mirror adjusted properly. I want a view with less car body and looking higher but it just stops moving. The passenger side mirror adjusts fully. Anyone else noticed this? It is a right pain.
  4. R

    2021 Model Y Sideview Mirrors Limited Adjustability

    We picked up our Model Y on 12.10.2020. Everything was perfect with the delivery EXCEPT the drivers sideview mirror. I was adjusting it at Tesla and couldn't quite get it right. I figured I needed to play around more with the seat setting and mirrors on the road. Basically I need the drivers...
  5. I

    2016 model S issues...any advice welcome

    Hi there, I'm new to Tesla, purchased used Tesla.com Model S 2016 2 days ago. I'm noticing a few problems, not sure if these are included in warranty, or will resolve with a new software update? The auto headlight hi-beams worked Monday, but not Tuesday. The auto side mirror folding system...
  6. D

    Roadster 1.5 and Lotus Elise Sideview mirrors the same assembly?

    Are the sideview mirrors on the Roadster (specifically a 1.5) the same as a Lotus Elise of the same vintage? Want to bring a Roadster inside a building that's doorway is just a couple of inches too narrow, and I was thinking of having the local Lotus dealer remove the mirrors and reinstall them...
  7. Rashomon

    Update on mirrorless cars

    I just had an update from a Continental engineer. Continental is a very large automotive supplier, which among many, many other things, makes autonomous driving hardware and software, camera systems, and lane-change warning systems. They have a representative on the ISO 16505 technical committee...