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  1. Pilot_51

    Random Bolt Sightings

    Given that I'm in SE Michigan where the Chevrolet Bolt is made, I have a unique opportunity to see it in the wild before it even reaches customers. Well, today was my lucky day. As I drove past the 22 Mile & Romeo Plank intersection, I caught a glance of what at first I thought was a 2016 Volt...
  2. Toby O

    Model S sightings in Japan / 日本で見たモデルS

    Today I had my first truly random Model S sighting in Japan (yeaaay, I have been waiting for this day :love:), and so I thought we could need a Model S sightings-thread for Japan, just like they have for some other regions/countries. I'm not sure how many Japanese people (or non-Japanese people...
  3. JackA

    Model S Espied

    A neighbor of mine stopped by to report that he saw a "magnificent red Tesla" on Washington Highway 2 at about the Stevens Pass Ski Area. He thought we had taken delivery so wanted to "see" the car. I told him that several Model S cars have been delivered but that we are still looking to 2013...
  4. doug

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Elon spotted commuting in CA. Odd that P1 still has dealer plates. Also, it looks like the CHMSL isn't working. Though I suppose it's possible the brakes aren't actually on and the taillights are just lit from the headlights being on. Flickr Photo Download: DSC_0921 Flickr Photo...