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signal booster

  1. P

    Boosting LTE Signal in the UK

    I am an M3 owner with a typical English garage, which is only just wide enough to fit the M3 and therefore getting out of the car relies on driving very close to the passenger side of the garage - which means I run a valet service for my less confident partner. I do have enhanced autopilot and...
  2. B

    Installing signal booster in model 3

    Has anyone installed a lte signal booster in model 3 yet? I live in a condo and parked underground parking garage with no outlet for charging and no signal at all. I can't see my vehicle status like temperature and SoC. So I start thinking that install a lte signal booster might help to receive...
  3. VerityZooms

    Cellular signal boosters

    I'm curious whether anyone on here has installed a cellular signal-booster in a Model X, yet? (Or even if you have any experience with previous vehicles.) Some questions: How effective have you found it to be? Was it worth the money? (especially the 4G / LTE-compatible ones, running $US 350...