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  1. Z

    Signature SV503 20x9.5 ET30 Matte Black Wheels - BRAND NEW - Model Y

    Selling my brand new Signature SV503 20" x 9.5 wheels. Still in boxes. My MYP order has been delayed until later this year, and I don't want $5k in wheels just sitting. May as well let someone else enjoy them without having to wait 8 weeks for Jamie at Signature to make them custom. I'll order...
  2. I

    Help me get to SEMA Trade Show 2022!

    Need your help TESLA FAM! I'm in an online competition to bring my car to SEMA called TunerBattlegrounds. Currently in the TOP 16 of cars but am falling behind in the current head to head battle with voting ending on 1/29/2022 at 12:55pm EST. Please help me get my car to SEMA by voting for my...
  3. Red Rocket IV

    2019 Model 3 Stealth Performance - Dallas

    2019 Model 3 Stealth Performance Red Ext Black Int 19” Signature Wheels SV707 19x9.5 staggered offset in Sahara Sand 8240miles Asking $56k $18k + in added performance and protection Xpel Ultimate full body PPF GTechniq Ceramic coated Xpel Prime XR 30% tint all windows Tesla Sunroof and rear...
  4. R

    Selling my laser Etched Tesla Roadster Signature 100 paperweight

    I received one of these as an early Tesla employee. These are very exclusive items, available only to early employees and to customers who purchased a "Signature 100" Roadster. I'm selling it on eBay now in case anyone is interested. Thanks! Tesla Roadster Signature 100 Laser Etched Paperweight...
  5. I

    WTB Model X Signature Paperweight w/ Box

    If anyone has one of these to sell please let me know! Looking to buy one ideally with the box. Thanks!
  6. R

    NIB Black Wall (P/N 1050067-11-H) Connector Signed

    Available for sale is Brand New Factory sealed Black Tesla Wall Connector -the one with Elon Musk's signature. P/N 1050067-11-H, 24 foot cable and mounting hardware Designed to work with Model S, X, 3. Can be installed indoor/outdoor. Curious about installation, here's a link to the user...
  7. S

    Signature warranty expires soon - next steps?

    Guys, any suggestion? My 8-year warranty expires Nov 23rd and I'm anxious about the costs of repairing the vehicle if the battery is bricked. I can almost 100% guarantee that the car will be totaled by my insurance if the battery needs to replaced but the only way we even get there is...
  8. E


    Hey guys! I have a Tesla black signature wall charger for sale. Looking for $355 shipped. I am selling as I now have this as an extra wall charger, Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks,
  9. eghead

    WTB: NIB Black Signature Wall Charger

    As the title states I am looking for a NIB signature black wall charger. Happy to do a local pickup near Florida or Michigan but also open to having it shipped. Thanks!
  10. WallyP

    Black special edition signature HPWC

    Brand new in unopened box, received from the referral program, so I don't think you can buy these?? I can let it go for the standard $500, but local pick up in OC CA, unless you want to pay for shipping which might be expensive. It's signed by Elon himself. I know you want one. I've included...
  11. B

    [Bay Area] Signature Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $644

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Matte Black Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II This is a special Limited Edition version signed by Elon Musk. 24-foot version These are not available for purchase from Tesla. I received it as a gift from Tesla, but don't need it. I'm selling this one for...
  12. MelaniainLA

    FS: NEW Black Elon Musk Signature Tesla Black Wall Charger - West Los Angeles Pickup

    $500 for BRAND New In Box Tesla black high powered wall connector that’s signed by Elon Musk — this cannot be purchased from Tesla - was an award from the referral program. Entire thing is black including the handle and the wall unit. Easy to install. I already have two (one for each car) and...
  13. N

    2012 Model S Signature Performance 32k miles #21

    VIN: 5YJSA1DP8CFS00021 Price: $38,999 2012 Tesla Model S P85 Signature Performance for sale. As you're able to tell, this is a very low VIN being the 21st of 1,000 Signature Performance models sold in the U.S. The car is in perfect condition with low miles. Only 31,xxx miles. I always have kept...
  14. Bet TSLA

    Signature Black Wall Connector (Bay Area) $400 delivered

    Referral reward. New in box. $400. Will deliver anywhere in Bay Area. Can also ship if you want to pay $420 plus the shipping cost, but I'd rather keep it local. PM me.
  15. Bet TSLA

    Signature Black Wall Connector (Bay Area) $420 delivered

    Referral reward. New in box. $420. Will deliver anywhere in Bay Area. Can also ship if you want to pay $430 plus the shipping cost, but I'd rather keep it local. PM me.
  16. Rich Lee

    Signature Wheels SV104 x M3P

    Pulled the trigger on some 104 Signature Wheels. I'm obviously into the stealthy look. Jamie over at Signature was great...really good communication and followed the delivery all the way through the install. Been a little busy with work but managed to carve out a little time to take some pics...
  17. Bet TSLA

    Signature Black Wall Connector (Bay Area) $430 delivered

    Referral reward. New in box. $430. Will deliver anywhere in Bay Area. Can also ship if you want to pay $440 plus the shipping cost, but I'd rather keep it local. PM me.
  18. skhenry81

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Just finished charging to 100% ahead of a long day of driving. I have a 2012 Signature P85 Model S. My 100% charge is 406 km or 253 miles. I have an original "A" battery pack with 98,855 km or 61,427 miles. To date I have lost 4.7% of my total range from when the vehicle was new. I...
  19. ishareit

    Tesla Signature Wall Connector with 24 ft cable - Referral Award

    Available to pick up/ship immediately. Located in Bay Area, CA Asking for $450 (plus shipping) or OBO.
  20. Bet TSLA

    Signature Black Wall Connector (Bay Area) $450 delivered

    Referral reward. New in box. $450. Will deliver anywhere in Bay Area. Can also ship if you want to pay for the shipping, but I'd rather keep it local. PM me.
  21. Bet TSLA

    Signature Black Wall Connector (Bay Area) $475 delivered

    Referral reward. New in box. $475. Will deliver anywhere in Bay Area. Can also ship if you want to pay for the shipping, but I'd rather keep it local. PM me.
  22. I

    Tesla Signature black wall charger (Brand new) for sale

    I booked my Tesla Model X in March 2018 and had referred a friend at the same time. We both got our cars in June 2018. However, the Tesla signature wall charger was only received on 11th Feb 2019 ! Meanwhile I had bought a regular HPWC (High power wall charger) to charge my car since I was not...
  23. M

    New Signature Wall Connector / Charger (Phoenix)

    Hi everyone, I have a new Gen II Elon Signature wall connector, just received it via referral. Have not even opened the box. $500 local pickup in Phx area. Attaching pictures of box and part numbers. Thanks.
  24. Bill D

    Signature Wall Connector $500 - South Florida

    New in-the-box Signature (signed by Elon) Black Wall Connector with 24' Cable. I just received this referral award (after a 3-month wait) and I already have 2 HPWCs installed. I much prefer pick-up here (near Ft. Lauderdale) but I'll ship at cost if necessary.
  25. Bet TSLA

    Signature Black Wall Connector (Bay Area) $525 delivered

    Finally got my first referral reward, but I have no use for it myself. New in box. $525. Will deliver anywhere in Bay Area. Can also ship if you want to pay for the shipping, but I'd rather keep it local. PM me.
  26. Ostrichsak

    Want to Buy: Referral Reward Black Wall Connector (HPWC) for $350

    I'm not in a hurry to buy as my NEMA 14-50 is doing the trick just fine so I'm not looking to pay the higher prices some are asking for one of these. If you have one you got from a referral (read: Free) that you want to move quickly w/o needing to take photos, create a listing or deal with tire...
  27. M

    Tesla Limited Edition Signature Black Wall Connector - $500

    Tesla Limited Edition Signature Black Wall Connector Brand new, in sealed box. With 24’ power cord Please see packing slip and box label: “GEN II Matte Black HPWC North America 80A , 24 FT, REFERRAL ONLY” (This was only available to existing owners who referred new sales to Tesla) $500...
  28. Knightowl

    WTB signature black wall connector (referral award) for $350

    I can live without but would be nice to have a wall connector to charge with as it would save my wife from backing into the garage to charge, she hates backing her car in and pulls in except for charging. I would also like it in black so looking for the sig black one for $350 all in if someone...
  29. M

    Signature Edition Matte Black HPWC for sale

    I have a brand new Tesla Signature Edition HPWC for sale. Brand new in box, only opened for verification on no damage in shipping. $550 shipped ground to anywhere in the lower 48. Prefer Paypal for payment. PM me if interested
  30. P

    WTB 24' New HPWC (Normal or Signature)

    Looking to get a 24' HPWC shipped. Send me your best offer.
  31. S

    Signature Black HPWC Wall Connector - New $550 (LA/Kern County)

    I've got a brand new Elon Musk signature wall connector obtained via referral code. It's unopened. I can ship if out of state or meet up for delivery if in LA or Kern County (or thereabouts). If shipping out of state, I'll contribute $50 to ship costs. We'll set up a private ebay sale.
  32. S

    Signature wall connector Sealed box

    I received my signature wall connector. Available to pickup at Los Angeles. Asking $600 or best offer. Brand new, in box, never used.
  33. MelaniainLA

    NIB in West Los Angeles: Elon Musk Signature HWPC Wall Charger $500

    Hi everyone, I am selling my brand new, in box, never opened, Elon Musk Signature HPWC Tesla Wall Charger. I had waited so long that I just bought one. Asking $500 cash (firm), and it's for local pickup -- we live in Brentwood/Los Angeles on Montana Ave at Barrington, near San Vicente. Not...
  34. T

    F/S Referral Reward Signature Matte Black HPWC

    Received my email to redeem my referral prize but I already have a charger mounted in my garage. Asking for $650. I would just need to enter the preferred shipping address of the interested buyer into the online form and forward the confirmation email so it ships directly to you. Payment can...
  35. K

    Signature Black Wall Connector

    Just got email to redeem my referral prize but I already have one. Asking for $600. I've attached screencaps of what I see as I click through the ordering process since there is no particular redemption code. Upon payment receipt, I'll put the preferred shipping address of the interested buyer...
  36. WhiteKnight

    #549 Signature Performance P85 Model S

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance | eBay
  37. M

    My 2012 Model S P85 Signature CPO Order

    Hey all, I finally pulled the plug on a 2012 Model S P85 Signature (#442). I was told that it would be ready in 4-8 weeks, but in the meantime have a few questions for anyone with experiencing purchasing a CPO vehicle: 1) Can I call Tesla to get a vehicle history report now that the car is...
  38. spentan

    For Sale - Tesla Model X P90DL Signature Red/Tan Fully Loaded

    Hi all, As Tesla decided to get rid of unlimited supercharging, I chose to purchase 2 more Model Xes for my Work Fleet. I will therefore not be needing my personal car anymore. This vehicle has never been used in my fleet, it has only been personal use. It is a 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL...
  39. J

    Buying New 90D, Keep Sig P85?

    I've owned my Signature P85 (VIN 855) since November 2012 and since that time have driven it in excess of 123k miles. AP2 hardware and end of free Supercharging pushed me to pull the trigger on a new 90D recently. I'm now trying to decide whether to keep the P85 or trade it in for the $32k...
  40. X

    One Tesla Model X Signature Reservation Remains

    Innumerable TV reports, motor vehicle articles, and Tesla Forum posts state that all Tesla Model X Signatures were delivered long ago. However, all were wrong. I hold the sole remaining Tesla Model X Signature reservation and am deciding whether to configure and purchase it, before the end of...
  41. F

    A sensible conversation about referral codes in signatures.

    I would like to start this by saying I fully agree with the policy of "No new threads promoting personal referral codes". There is a single authorized thread where people are allowed to pump their codes and what not and it's fine. That being said, (and please correct me if I'm wrong), but...
  42. P

    2012 Tesla Model S P85 Signature Series For Sale

    Immediately available for sale in Marina Del Ray, CA. The first 1,000 off the factory line were part of the "Signature Series", and less than 100 of them were P85, so this is an extremely rare Model S. Specifically, this car is the 7th one out of the Tesla Fremont factory, so it is already a...
  43. P

    2012 Signature Red Model S 85

    My lovely and historic Model S #653 has 39,970 miles and these options: Signature red paint Signature tan leather interior All glass panoramic roof 19" Silver Wheels Obeche Wood Matt Décor 85kWh Battery (Warranty updated 10 miles ago) Tech Package Sound Studio Package Active Air Suspension...
  44. E

    2012 Tesla P85 Signature Red Model S 16k miles

    I have a nearly perfect 2012 Performance 85 for sale. The car includes every option available except the rear facing seats. It is a Signature Red that is no longer in production with a white leather performance trim interior only available in the 1st 1000 signature cars produced. The battery...
  45. D

    Signature Savings for X

    I have a theory. Now that General Production details are out, you can make an argument that for the X, Signature reservation holders save $6,750 versus a comparibly equipped GP X. Here's my math: Options GP "Sig'ish" P90D $115,500 Titanium...
  46. ronmerkord

    How many Sigs have ordered?

    Since we are now coming up on one week since all Signature reservations were invited to configure, I'm curious about how many of the 1200+ Sig people have actually configured or finalized their order. Looking at ModelXTracker.com, there are only 72 Sigs who have signed up on this excellent...
  47. Mark Z

    Signature X Seat, Belt and Interior Colors

    Signature X Seat, Belt and Interior Colors w/visuals This topic is to assist the Signature Model X buyers with the seat color and other color choices. Please do NOT discuss seat movement, as there are other threads for that: Will the second row seats fold flat? If so, how? Model X...
  48. S

    2010 Tesla Roadster EU Signature Sport 250 Edition 290BHP for sale

    Tesla Roadster EU Signature Sport 250 Edition 290BHP 2010 (10) for sale. More info to be found at websites below, http://www.libertyleasing.co.uk/portfolio/tesla-roadster-eu-signature-sport/...
  49. Twiddler

    Sig Model X Reservation Holders: Have you been invited to the "D+"?

    I would like to just start a survey to get an idea of the number of SigX holders that have been invited to the upcoming venue. I think it would provide some insight into the probability of a model X reveal versus just a VIP invite. Thanks in advance for your participation!
  50. DITB

    Hong Kong: Model S initial Signature Model S launch event July 23, 2014

    This is my own way of showing what happened. There were plenty of professional photographers and videographers, who will show this event in a more conventional way - I guess eventually published somewhere. This is about a minutes worth of a different angle. 1 second in the video is about half a...

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