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  1. Blu Zap

    Tesla owners meet-up Fremont Factory to Santa Cruz, CA. 2/2/29

    Hey everyone! Eli Burton at My Tesla Adventures is organizing a meet-up on Saturday, February 2nd. The plan is to meet at the Fremont Factory at 9:30 am. Departure around 10:30 am. Lunch at Ideal Bar & Grill in Santa Cruz. If interested, go to the My Tesla Adventure website and register. Prepay...
  2. N

    Hello from Silicon Valley

    Hey everyone, First post here after my first few hours on the site!! Just moved to Sunnyvale from Santa Monica, and in less than one week I should be sitting in traffic in my deep blue long range dual motor Model 3!! Obviously pretty excited... did a deep dive down the TMC rabbit hole and have...
  3. L

    VLAB: Silicon Valley Meeting on Future of Transportation

    November 15, 2016, 6-8:30 pm, SRI International Conference Center 333 Ravenswood Dr. Menlo Park CA 94025 NOTE: This is a ticketed event, and often sells out well in advance. The Future of Transportation: Freeways or Flyways? - VLAB Each day more and more commuters are affected by traffic jams...
  4. SwedishAdvocate

    The luxury buyer | Mashable [Date of publ. unknown...]

    Searched the forum and couldn't find it. As noted, could also not find a date of publication. ...and I haven't read it, but from glancing a few seconds it seams favorable... :rolleyes:
  5. mudmutt

    BMW sells an i8, makes news. Makes Cadillac ELR relevelant?

    I honestly think Tesla was mentioned in the article to gain more interest in getting views. One of the quotes in the article sums it up if you don't have time to read the whole article: “They are far more interested in progressive brand statements then necessarily the quickest car on earth.”...
  6. lorih

    Aug 17th Silicon Valley Tesla Enthusiast Group Ride and BBQ party

    Please join our new group: Silicon Valley (CA Bay Area) Tesla Club - Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum And come to join the fun. Group ride, BBQ, gathering and slide show. Details in link below. First Event: Saturday Aug 17th