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  1. T

    FS: Nov 2021 Model 3 Performance (Houston TX) 2,500 miles, wrap + ceramic, crystalline tint, Vossen HF-2, Vorsteiner kit

    Only 2,500 miles. Solid black with satin silver chrome wrap. Almost $27,000 in wrap + ceramic coat, crystalline tint, Vossen wheels, Vorsteiner body kit. Located in Houston TX. Picked up from Tesla Houston in Nov 2021. Rarely driven because I travel a lot for work and later purchased a Model...
  2. M

    2017 21" Silver Arachnid Staggered Wheels and Tires - Lafayette, IN

    These are OEM original Wheels and Rims I won from the referral program. The tires have 9,652 miles on them. There are a few scuff marks and one larger wheel rash area. Can easily get powder coated to look like new. Click on thumbnails for close up of each tire. Priced to sell. $2,000 + shipping...
  3. S

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good Well, my love-hate relationship with Tesla & Tesla’s TechnokingI’m took a turn. I capitulated & got a 2018 Model 3 Performance in silver. We’re at the point with fuel prices that it’s not about, “Can I afford a Tesla?” but more, “Can I afford not to buy a Tesla?”...
  4. nguyentoogood

    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels with TPMS (2012-2021) | $2200

    Up for sale is my set of Authentic Tesla Arachnids. These are a really unique style wheel and is forged so it's very light for it's size. What included: 2x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels 2x 21X9.0J Silver Arachnid wheels 4x tire pressure sensors 4x Tesla logo wheel caps The wheels themselves...
  5. M

    2018 Tesla Silver/White Model 3 AWD+EAP+20” Vossen, 18K miles - $49.5K

    I am the original owner with pink slip in hand. Took delivery Sept 2018, and have taken excellent care of it from day 1.. The exterior is ceramic coated as washed often. White Interior is clean and still has some new car smell. There are no door dings, and other than some minor normal wear, the...
  6. W

    FS: M3P 20” Wheels/Tires (Silver) Orlando FL $1750

    Just as the title describes, I have a set of OEM Model 3 Performance 20” (Silver) wheels (square setup). These have about 20K miles and are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (235/35/20). Two of the tires have ~6.5/32 remaining (9.5/32 new, so 50% life left) and the other two are...
  7. J

    WTB 21in Arachnids

    Hi, trying to buy a set of Tesla 21inch Arachnid wheels any color preferably with tires and looking to spend $1k - $1500. Local to San Diego County, so I can pick up anywhere in SoCal. Also Looking to sell my 19in oem split 5 spoke wheels. Message me if interested in selling your wheels. :)
  8. K

    FS 20" Tesla Model 3 Performance Wheels (Silver) and Tires - Used

    I have 4 x 20" wheels and tires (Michelin PS4). I am selling them because I purchased a new set of wheels and tires for my Model 3. - Wheels in excellent condition, one rim has minor curb rash. I can have it repaired for you if you'd like - Tires have 5-4/32" thread left. So they are towards...
  9. T

    Swap 20" performance silver wheels for your 20" grey wheels - Vancouver, BC

    Anyone interested in 20" performance wheels in silver? Looking to swap for the grey 20" performance wheels. Let me know if interested!
  10. prash

    For Sale-2017 Model S 100D with FSD/13,900miles in IL-$74950

    Please find attached pics and build sheet. No accidents and always garaged. Can provide with FSD purchase receipt and additional pics to interested buyers. AP2.5 with MCU1. Full Ceramic coat. No subzero package and premium sound. Car located in Southern IL.
  11. A

    WTB: Silver or Red Center Wheel Caps for Model S - need full set of 4

    I am located in Toronto, Canada and just got new wheels without center caps. I need another set of silver ones and am open to both new and excellent used condition. Red accents or stickers are a bonus!
  12. B

    [Bay Area] Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger 24' - $444

    I am selling a *NEW* in-box Silver Tesla Model 3/S/X High-speed Wall Charger Gen II 24-foot version These sell on the Tesla website for $500 + $44 (tax) = $544. I'm selling this one for $444 You can save $100 and have it today. No waiting. Pictures are from the website, as this is still in the...
  13. J

    FS: 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels + Tires - Low Price

    Hi All, Selling a set of Arachnid Wheels and Tires in Silver, discounted per below reasons: Wheel 1: Pristine Condition, no scrapes or scratches Wheel 2: Minor scrapes, hard to notice Wheel 3: Average curb rash, could use some refinishing Wheel 4: Tire is flat (small nail but can easily be...
  14. J

    19” silver slipstreams for sale

    Nice set of 19” silver slipstreams for sale. No curb rash. They were delivered new on my 2017 model S 100D. They were taken off and replaced with 21s last week. They are shown here with the original tires on them. Tires have 30k miles and are down to the wear bars so i’m planning to take...
  15. NoSoup4U!

    Trade 20’’ for 22’’ wheels

    Are you looking to increase the range of your Model X? Want more practicality and less worry about curb rash? A more comfortable ride and some money saved when new tires are called for? Trade your silver 22’’s for my silver 20’’s! I’m just in it for the looks! If you’d like to have some cash...
  16. golfnut

    Four OEM 21” Model S Silver Turbine wheels – $500!!

    $500 for four silver 21x8.5 Model S gen 1 turbine wheels! There must be a catch. Yes there is. All wheels are straight, but each has some rash and one has a small repairable crack. A wheel restorer says the rash and crack can all be repaired for around $600 total. These would also work as...
  17. CarFanatic

    NEW Model X 22" Forged Turbine Wheels (INCLUDING Tires, TPMS, Installation, Shipping!) Black or Silv

    I am a current Model X owner and just received my referral award from Tesla for Brand New set of 22" Turbine Wheels and Pirelli Tires for the Model X - Once you pay me $4399, I can place an order directly, on your name, for the Wheels/Tires/TPMS (tire pressure management system) and they will be...
  18. N

    FS: 2018 MX 20" Silver Slipstream OEM Wheels + Tires + TPMS + Center Cap + Lug Nut Covers

    I'm looking to sell my New Tesla's OEM wheels since I replaced them with the 22" Onyx Turbines (I've wrapped them up in the wrapping the 22s came in to keep them safe). The wheels are near new with less than 500 miles on them. I'm in College Station and I'm willing to ship at the buyer's...
  19. plasmo

    Silver Plasti Dipped Aeros project on Silver Model 3

    Finished changing my black Aeros to Silver (Bright Aluminum) using Plasti dip! I didn't like how the black Aeros looked on the Silver Model 3, so I decided to dip them and think it turned out much better than the originals. Before: I didn't like the black Aeros, so I removed them and...
  20. U

    2 21x9 Arachnids for sale

    I have 2 rear arachnid wheels for sale. They are 21x 9 silver wheels that do not have tires on them. They were used once for about 100 miles. They are taking up space in my garage and need them gone. I am in NC and prefer not to ship. I do not know what the market price is for bare wheels so let...
  21. X

    Model X Rims

    Hello All I have a set of 4 model X 20 inch silver OEM rims that I am looking to get rid of. I got new ones and they are just taking space in my garage. Anyone have advice on where to get rid of them? or anyone on here want them?
  22. dshen54

    Paint Protection - Autoflex M3 concept silver during the reveal + Colored Aero Wheels NY

    Took a lot of time deciding weather I wanted xpel again on my new tesla vs auto-flex and weighing the pros and cons, I went with auto-flex this time and was deeply impressed. I really liked the silver from the Tesla reveal and finally got the color match just like the concept silver they did...
  23. dshen54

    Paint Protection - Got my car Autoflex'ed with the concept silver during the reveal + Aero colorede

    Took a lot of time deciding weather I wanted xpel again on my new tesla vs auto-flex and weighing the pros and cons, I went with auto-flex this time and was deeply impressed. Here's a video of my car getting autoflexed by PRODIPPER in NYC in a Satin/Matte carbon-sterling silver. Before and...
  24. K

    2015 Model S 85 for sale

    Hey All, I'm looking to sell my 2015 Model S 85. I'm the only owner and she has always been garage kept. This car has been babied. My wife was adamant about keeping her washed and waxed at all times! Info below: Midnight Silver Metallic Paint 19" Wheels Grey Nappa Leather Seats Obeche Wood...
  25. DeedWest

    Late-2010 Roadster 2.5 - Sterling Silver - 7,635 miles - Flawless - $69,888

    Howdy, I have been asked to assist my friend Seth in finding his gorgeous Roadster 2.5 a new loving home. Here's a Sterling Silver Roadster 2.5, which was the final version of the Roadster produced in late-2010 thru 2011. The 2.5 featured improved seats, sound isolation, double-DIN navigation...
  26. znino

    Arachnid 21" Silver Wheels and Tires set CANADA

    I am selling a set of 4 x 21" Arachnid Silver wheels with the Performance tires and TPMS. Brand new. Never used. Selling for CAD$5000 (approx US$3850) for the set. I am in Montreal, Canada area so local pickup would be at that price. Shipping anywhere would be whatever the shipping costs are to...
  27. Ketchups

    OEM 21" Turbines SILVER w/NEW Pilot Super Sport tires

    I have a complete square set of four Silver Turbine wheels+tires that were removed right after vehicle purchase and they are in as NEW condition with as NEW Michelin Pilot Super Sport 265/35-21 tires, 2017 manufacture and 10/32 tread. OEM Gen 2 TPMS included. "as new" because I drove them off...
  28. bpmharris

    19” Rims- Honolulu

    Hey guys! If anyone is interested in 19” Silver slipstream rims with 4000 miles on tires and Gen 2 TPMS sensors. Please check out my Craigslist posting: https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/wto/d/tesla-19-inch-rims/6318472447.html?lang=en&cc=us Thanks!!
  29. T

    Silver Model S w Gray or black wheels pics wanted

    Can anyone post pics of a silver model s with Gray or Black wheels - trying to get a feel for the look. Thanks in advance! TL
  30. Windy City S

    New Tesla S 60D

    After salivating, contemplating, and wanting one for so long I decided to go for a test drive on Thu 3/30. As expected I loved it... decided I would build my own and order before Apr 16th came and went. Sure enough, this inventory car popped up and next thing I knew 24 hours I came home with...
  31. MGMDaware

    whispbar with cargo box

    Looking into the Tesla whispbar mounting racks and cargo box (WB701). Can anyone with experience let me know how useful they find the slim box? Specifically, can you load it with cargo (luggage, dog bed, miscellaneous junk) or is it only good for snow sport equipment? I can't seem to get a...