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  1. wideglide

    SiriusXM app on Model S needs an update

    The addition of SiriusXM was very nice add to my 2021 Model S. However, Tesla is not maintaining the app. SXM updated channels several months ago and a number of channels changed locations. One example is the Escape channel which I have listened to for years on Channel 69. SXM moved Escape to...
  2. Jklunk

    Constant cracking sound in speakers; sporadic loss of audio

    2015 Model S, upgraded to MCU2 with SXM/AM/FM receiver. Since the upgrade, my SXM/AM/FM crackles anytime I turn volume up or down, and also at random/sporadically when listening to music. Now it also started cutting out for 1-2 seconds randomly when using Bluetooth for music or phone call, as...
  3. D

    Update removed Sirius/XM selection from infotainment screen

    Recently got an update to 2020.48.37.6 on my 2013 Model S. I had been listening to some podcasts and had not noticed that S/XM is gone until this morning. And I mean gone. Like the car never had it and doesn't even have the satellite radio. If you let your subscription lapse or the car gets...
  4. M

    How to get my SiriusXM streaming subscription to play on my Tesla

    How do I stream music from SeriusXM, for which I already have a subscription, to my 2017 Tesla Model S? I love listening to the easy-music broadcast on the Escape Channel 69. I have been sucessful streaming it to my Apple iPhone X; and getting the Alexa Skill to playit on my Amazon...
  5. Master Chief

    Am I missing something? SiriusXM tuning.

    When I tap into my SiriusXM radio, I can select the shortcut buttons but if I am listening to Channel 125 and I want to listen to Lithium on Channel 34, the only way I can get there is hold the left arrow down and "scroll" down almost 100 stations. Did I lose the knob or am I not seeing the...
  6. H

    SiriusXM Flaky Then Failed

    I just took delivery of a new Raven Model X two weeks ago and I'm happy to finally be part of the movement! Question: my SXM channels have been flaky since day 1. They will randomly stop working even with clear sky and no trees and it will take a few minutes before they come back. Last night...
  7. D

    SiriusXM and Amazon Echo Auto

    My biggest frustration with my TM3P Stealth is the lack of SiriusXM. Basically that is all I listen to. I have it on my phone and can stream it through BT but it’s a PITA to search for the channel I want. Last year I registered to get a Beta of Amazon Echo Auto for the car and I recurved it...
  8. S

    IPhone aitomatically resumes on SiriusXM app

    SiriusXM was streaming from iPhone app when I left car for the night. Worked well. App closed when l left. Upon return next morning car turned on and resumed streaming SiriusXM from the iPhone app...without me needing to open app. As if app was built into system. WOW
  9. C

    does anyone know where the fm antenna amplifier is?

    i (and others) have been trying to figure out a way to install satellite radio since we brought the car home...but the antenna plug on the actual fm radio unit seems to be proprietary. after the parts catalog was released, i noticed there was supposed to be an antenna amplifier somewhere that...