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  1. willow_hiller

    Tesla removes small/medium/large solar panel configurations, now offers 8 sizes

    As of this morning, it appears that Tesla has removed the size names and replaced them with 8 size offerings, ranging from 4.08 kW to 18.36 kW: I think this is probably for the best, since a lot of people seemed confused by the set list of 4 sizes before. EDIT: Looks like they may be A/B...
  2. MichaelP90DL

    Question about staggered wheel & tire setup for 2020 MS Performance

    I'm replacing the stock 19" wheels with cooler rims and new tires. My previous 2015 MS P90DL had these tires: F: 245/35ZR21 R: 265/35ZR21 It was a pretty harsh ride. I understand this is partly due to the 21" wheels and also due to the low aspect ratio (35). In researching new wheels and...
  3. fallen888

    Will it fit in my garage?

    I'm hoping to take delivery of my MS in about a week, and just thought today about making sure it'll fit in my garage. Model S Specifications lists length as 196.0". I just measured the length of the available space in the garage and it's about 202". So it seems like I have only about 6 inches...
  4. P

    Excited, just ordered MX P90DL Decisions Decisions

    I am so excited that I finally pulled the plug on the order. I have until July 17 to finalize my options. First of all, I can't decide on color between blue and black. Wheels: I love the onyx black 22" wheels and don't like any of the 20" wheel designs. However I drive a lot in snow and would...
  5. B

    Tire sizes

    I have 20 inch OEM wheels and tires. I see a lot of folks talk about 265 front tires. I have Michelin summer tires and the fronts are 255 which matches the label in drivers door. I wonder if they supplied different front tire sizes for summer vs all season?