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  1. Frizzle Fry

    How to transport skis safely in Model Y

    Hello skiers! My preference is to transport skis inside the vehicle rather than to use a roof rack or hitch rack like a normal person. Pros: Skis stay clean Skis are less likely to be stolen Less equipment to buy, install, maintain No getting covered in road grime when reaching up to the roof...
  2. J

    Like New Tesla Model X/Y Bike Hitch Rack w/ Ski / Snowboard Carrier - $625

    condition: like new make / manufacturer: Tesla / Yakima Bought 1.5 yrs ago but never ended up using between having a baby and COVID keeping us home bound and now turning our Model X in on its lease; our loss, your gain. Extremely sturdy and functional setup just in time for winter season...
  3. FrunkLover

    S Thule Roof Bars - Black

    Hi all - selling my Thule roof bars. They work great, for I believe all glass and moonroof models where the little glass door flips open on the roof. My car lived in its garage for its whole life, used bars about 1/2 the year. Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Xl Black 7604B JY-CMT-NTN14796-7604B...
  4. C

    2016 Model X 90D with Bike & Ski Rack

    Love my Model X - having to sell it as I am moving out of the country ($69,500) 38,860 Miles, Excellent condition Tow Package with Yakima FullSwing (Hitch Mount 4 Bike Rack) & Yakima HitchSki (Dual-Function Hitch Rack and Ski/Snowboard Carrier) 20" Silver Wheels, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive...
  5. D

    Skiluik laten maken (model S)

    Weet iemand of heeft iemand ervaring met het laten inbouwen van een skiluik in een model S. Volgens mij moet een carrosseriebouwer dat sowieso wel kunnen, maar misschien is er al een gestandaardiseerde oplossing. Zou graag komende winter mijn eigen ski's meenemen en dan is een skiluik een mooie...
  6. E

    Model 3 Roof Rack Options - Comparing Efficiencies

    As winter arrived I was excited to strap a roof rack on my Model 3 and take it to the mountains. I quickly discovered little information out there about how it would impact the range. Given the long cold uphill drive and variable weather conditions, I was determined to find the highest...
  7. M

    Roof racks - what is the holdup?

    As the title suggests..... how difficult can it be to mass produce these roof racks? Anybody have info on why this is not in store? With Europe deliveries a mere 6-7 weeks away and thousands of European TM3 owners wanting to bring their skis along to the slopes one would have though Tesla to be...
  8. ProfTournesol

    Wintersport Ski rek Model X

    wie heeft er een goede oplossing voor een skirek gevonden voor de Model X? Ik heb het topic met de koffers voor op de trekhaak gezien, maar dat is voor mij geen oplossing (ski's zijn te lang en uitstekende ski's aan de zijkant is niet echt prettig). De Yakima Full Swing is in de USA een goede...
  9. Surfertom

    Cold Soaked Tesla w/ trickle charge

    As many on this forum , patiently waiting for Model 3 Asking fellow skiers who own Model S about trickle charge. Impossible to secure garage at most resorts for car but sometimes Ive been able to trickle charge my Volt. Adds tiny amount of range which is not the issue. Wondering about leaving...
  10. L

    Carrying Skis, what options for 2015 Model S

    Car: 2015 July Model S 70D, with sunroof Goal: Carry 2 pairs of skis and 2 snowboards in winter What roof rack options are best as I am keeping an eye out for new and used roof racks . Is the Whisper Bar solution really the only option? Or are others just as good. Probably 5 trips during...
  11. Nerdy_Engineer

    Ski Box for 6 Seater - Denver

    Unfortunately, I have to move from the great state of Colorado which means I won't be driving to go skiing anymore. I had made a custom ski box to transport skis, snowboards, and gear to the mountains. I don't want to just throw the ski box away so I'm looking to give it to someone in Colorado...
  12. J

    Curved Model X Bike/Ski Rack

    I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. During the Model X launch event, Elon (with the help of a young boy) demonstrated the ease of installing a hitch mounted bike/ski rack as shown in this video clip (60 seconds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqgBP57D6Io I...
  13. callmesam

    Supercharger - Lone Pine, CA (LIVE 28 Jan 2015, multiple expansions, 16 V3 stalls)

    LONE PINE Found: LONE PINE FILM HISTORY MUSEUM. 701 SOUTH MAIN ST LONE PINE, CA 93545 4 spots. http://www.inyoplanning.org/document...MotorsInc..pdf
  14. detlefo

    Yakima Whisbar Rack on Model S

    Yakima's fit guide says that the Whisbar rack is not compatible with the Model S. They are correct, however, with a very slight modification it will fit perfectly. The only incompatibility is that Yakima uses a 6mm threaded rod to connect the rack to the cars mounting point. Tesla's mounting...