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  1. J

    I want to take my 2023 MYLR up to Tahoe from the bay area this winter, but not sure what to expect.

    I'm curious if anyone uses their MYLR to go to the Southlake resorts like Sierra and Kirkwood and what has been their experience with range loss in cold weather and range loss from roof racks or tow hitch racks. Should I just give up a seat inside for all the gear? How much range do I want to...
  2. Frizzle Fry

    How to transport skis safely in Model Y

    Hello skiers! My preference is to transport skis inside the vehicle rather than to use a roof rack or hitch rack like a normal person. Pros: Skis stay clean Skis are less likely to be stolen Less equipment to buy, install, maintain No getting covered in road grime when reaching up to the roof...
  3. Kmartyn

    MY for long distance ski trips

    Friend looking at purchase of model Y. They go on long ski trips and pack a lot of stuff. Illinois to Ophir, Colorado (1363 miles). Needs to know internal cargo dimensions with seats folded down depth and width, to determine if all their stuff will fit. Any related suggestions or experience...
  4. Rshephorse

    Where to hide or stash a key card on the outside of the vehicle.

    So I have stashed a card on the outside of my vehicle for emergencies. I'm wondering whether anyone else does this or how or where they stash the card. Doing things like skiing, swimming, kayaking, several day hiking trips especially if you've done a car shuttle, Or just going to a beach where...
  5. M

    Roof racks - what is the holdup?

    As the title suggests..... how difficult can it be to mass produce these roof racks? Anybody have info on why this is not in store? With Europe deliveries a mere 6-7 weeks away and thousands of European TM3 owners wanting to bring their skis along to the slopes one would have though Tesla to be...
  6. L

    Trip Report : Northstart California Ski Resort

    San Jose to Northstar California Ski Resort Trip Report 70D 1. Drove to Rocklin SuperCharger At Rocklin charged to 200 Miles Arrived at Northstar: 52 miles left The temperature was approx. 5 Celsius (40F) then was around 0 Celcius. Drove conservatively at speed limit mostly using...
  7. L

    Trip Report : South Bay Area to Kirkwood Ski Resort

    San Jose to Kirkwood Trip Report 70D 1. Drove to Manteca SuperCharger At Manteca charged to 220 Miles Arrived at Kirkwood: 24 miles left The temperature was approx. 5 Celcius (40F) and foggy most of the way. Drove conservatively at speed limit mostly using Autopilot to Kirkwood 2. Arrived...
  8. L

    San Jose to Kirkwood Mountain Resort Charge Plan 70D

    I wanted to know about how to plan a route to Kirkwood with a 70D for skiing. Sometimes I will do a 1 day trip and other times I will stay in South Lake or Placierville. Are the destination chargers busy at Kirkwood Mountain Resort? How much does it cost to park in that section? Any tips...
  9. Nerdy_Engineer

    Ski Box for 6 Seater - Denver

    Unfortunately, I have to move from the great state of Colorado which means I won't be driving to go skiing anymore. I had made a custom ski box to transport skis, snowboards, and gear to the mountains. I don't want to just throw the ski box away so I'm looking to give it to someone in Colorado...
  10. McManX

    Road Trip into Canada (Whistler-Blackcomb): A Few Questions

    I have a ski trip planned up to Whistler in March and I just have a few questions about crossing the border with a Tesla. 1. Will the ATT service in the car still work? I searched a bit on the forums about this. The few old threads I found seemed to say that for a while the service did not...