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  1. 5150

    Cruise Control Slows Down on Curves

    While using cruise control, driving on a 60mph highway, the road curves here and there, the car slows below the speed limit to go through many of the curves. The curves are not much, and there is no suggested slower speed limit around the curves, and the car, as I would or do, go through the...
  2. P

    NoA brakes on highway for merging vehicles

    My wife and I are big fans of Tesla. We have a model 3 and a Y and both have NoA. I love to use NoA on the highway, but have found this issue to be a safety concern that should be resolved as anytime the car brakes suddenly and unexpectedly it could cause an accident. When driving in the...
  3. P

    Driving with intelligent cruise control

    Model 3 owner, going on month 3 now. Love the cruise control, except noticed that very often the vehicle lows down a little as I turn on the turn signal before a lane changes. It is quite annoying, as I'd rather it held the speed or gave it a little boost at that moment. Anyone else experienced...
  4. Jonathantuba

    Autopilot slowing on tight corners

    Today I was using Autopilot on a windy mountain road (in Germany) and was amazed at how my model X knew exactly how much to slow down for each corner and took perfectly (I was ready to take over whenever not comfortable), but only hairpins could it not handle and I had to manually take over...