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smart charging

  1. DBeckwith

    1938241-00-A Smart Current Limits Meter - Wall Connector

    I have a need for a DCC-9 type product and am hoping this will do the job. Our local Tesla parts manager said it costs $320.00 and several thousand are at the Lathrop warehouse. This is 1/3 the price of a DCC and potentially more effective. However I'm unable to order one. Does anyone have...
  2. H

    EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

    Does anyone have one of these installed? I’m researching the installation of extra solar panels and have discovered that SolarEdge have an inverter that can handle smart ev charging. Looking at the specs, the max charge rate is 7.4 kW. I’d be interested in people’s perspectives on this as a...
  3. CMc1

    Tesla to fix smart charging (wake vehicle from sleep via Zappi charge)

    For those that aren’t aware, when using EV chargers such as the Zappi, often the car won’t wake up from sleep if the solar generation is sufficient. Apparently the car isn’t compliant with IEC 61851-1 for smart charging.
  4. C

    eMotorwerks JuiceBox Smart Charging and Model 3 Incompatibility Update

    For Model 3 owners having trouble using the eMotorwerks JuiceBox Smart Charging feature, I received this email from eMotorWerks today: “Thank you for your participation in eMotorWerks Rewards program. We appreciate you identifying your Tesla Model 3 in your JuiceNet mobile app. As a result...
  5. G

    Smart Charging with Solar

    I'm curious, for people with solar on their roof where they charge (either at work or at home), do people have any tradeoffs between driving on solar vs. selling power back to the grid? For example, if your utility has high prices during the day and will buy power from you during the day...
  6. P

    Tesla owner's charging behavior

    Dear Friends, greetings! As an introduction, I am an MBA student at Erasmus University, Netherlands and currently doing research study for electric car owner's charging behavior, especially for Netherlands region. I would appreciate, if you can spare 5 mins of your time to fill in this survey...
  7. Gaston

    Ervaringen Jedlix - slim laden app

    Zijn er hier al Tesla rijders met ervaring met de Jedlix Slim Laden app? Start met slim laden en bespaar direct - Jedlix Deze app, gekoppeld aan je Tesla account, start het laden van de auto op het moment dat er een overschot aan stroom in het electriciteitsnet ontstaat. Hiermee worden, als...