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  1. GoHawks29

    My Tesla Suddenly Disabled All Features During Drive (ABS, TACC, Stability Control, etc) and Now There's a Burning Smell? Panicking Like Crazy.

    Hi All, So I went for a drive today to finish calibrating the car and all of a sudden, all of my features were disabled such as auto steer, TACC, ABS, regenerative braking, and some other things. As soon as I got home, I noticed a burning type smell coming from the car along with some smoke...
  2. G

    Steam or smoke while supercharging 2015 w/o a heat pump

    Newbie here sorry for the long post. Just my style. Pretty sure my new to me 2015 doesn't have a heat pump right? Searching for "smoke while supercharging" results in a M3 topic where the issue was put to rest as "sometimes happens with heat pumps as you go from battery heating to battery...
  3. S

    Model X White Smoke and burning smell while charging at home

    Hi all, Had my 2018 Model X 75D charging in my garage with a 240v NEMA 14-50 outlet. After an hour of charging my garage, which is a large 4 car garage was filled with white smoke and smelled like burnt rubber. Immediately took out the charger and after talking to tesla roadside I got it towed...
  4. W

    White "smoke" coming from car while Supercharging

    Hi everyone I had a mobile technician at home today, nothing serious just a few cosmetic things to be adjusted. About 2 hours ago I went to the nearest Supercharger, a 125KW Charger. I had about 18% left and wanted to charge fully (in preperation for a trip tomorrow). I was minding my...
  5. R

    Oregon Wildfires and Biohazard Defense Mode

    I live south of Portland where air quality has been varying between 350 (Hazardous) and 777 (the scale only goes to 500). As I type this, AQI is 548. I'm part of my neighborhood fire watch and while doing rounds last night, the Biohazard mode was incredibly useful. I would have had to wear an...
  6. J

    Ash = Zero solar today

    The fires by us are well contained, but the ash clouds from the North and Sierras are really killing out solar production. So far 0.0 kW generated at 10 AM. Looks like Mars outside. Ash is covering everything, including our solar roof. I guess I need to go up there and hose it off some early...
  7. B

    Smoke so thick that Solar Panels are operating below 50%. Adding Wind turbine support?

    I'm evacuated and the grid power is out, but my wireless internet is active so I have been able to monitor my system. I had a new "Small" Tesla energy storage system installed in January (although not finally turned on until June) with two Power Walls instead of one (which was recommended at...
  8. S

    Anyone experiencing smoke from wildfires in their travels?

    It's definitely fire season and a number of wildfires are being fought now in the State. Fun time to plan for a vacation :(. You can check Cal-Fire ( CAL FIRE - California Statewide Fire Map ) for updates on fire activity. We're thinking of heading towards Buellton and wondering if anyone has...
  9. DavidB

    Can anyone identify the brown dust/smoke coming from the driver's door mirror?

    In the NHTSA 2017 Tesla Model X Frontal Crash Test video, beginning at roughly 24 seconds, brown dust/smoke can be seen coming from the area near the driver's door mirror. Can anyone identify the cause/source?