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snow chains

  1. C

    Winter Driving/Snow Accessories?

    Hello everyone, first time post and excited to be here! I’ve had my model YLR almost a month now, and living in Colorado it can be snowy and icy. My brain went hmm regenerative braking doesn’t seem great and the snow will be flying soon. I found out some info about how the car works more in cold...
  2. M

    2012-2020 Tesla Model S Snow Chains 19 Inch - New In the box - $350 (San Francisco)

    New, still in an unopened box, 2012-2020 Tesla Model S Snow Chains 19 Inch. For pick-up only. Brand: König K-Summit K45 snow chain Includes: 1x easy-carry nylon protective bag 1x Tesla installation guide 1x pair of chains for two wheels Note: Compatible with Model S vehicles produced in...
  3. phecda

    Model S 19 inch Snow chain come off?

    I ordered the Konig snowchain from the Tesla Shop online. This weekend I was at Tahoe and it says to be prefit for the refreshed model s 19 wheel, but it comes off very easily around 15 mph. I had to stop to pick them up, and it happened twice. I had made sure to tighten the screw with the click...
  4. B

    Model 3 18"/19" Snow Chains - Brand New

    Model 3 18"/19" Snow Chains Brand: König Model: CG-9 103 Tesla Part number: 1625883-00-A Condition: New Description The König CG-9 103 snow chain provides superior traction, driving comfort and performance in snowy conditions. Featuring easy installation, the patented micro-regulation...
  5. G

    2016 MS Dual motor snow chain

    All, Wanted to get your opinion on snow chains of Amy MS 2016 Dual Motor. I don't go to snow places often may be once or twice a year and I'm wondering if the following snow chains would be enough for emergency...
  6. W

    Maggi Trak LT51 Snow Chains--New, Box Unopened--SF Bay Area $250

    New Maggi Trak LT51 snow chains for sale. Brand new in unopened box. Purchased to be used on my 2017 Model X, but never had the need. Given weight, prefer to sell in the Bay Area in person. 2nd photo indicates all appropriate tire sizes.
  7. S

    Snow Chains M3P

    Currently have a 2022 M3P with stock summer performance tires and rims (20" uberturbines), will be changing out the tires in the coming few days to all season tires since i'll be making some trips to the mountains for winter sports. Planning on keeping the stock rims and just changing the tires...
  8. JWardell

    FS: Model 3 floor mats, TSW Nurburgring 18 wheels, more New England

    Parts off my Model 3 for sale, for in-person meet in the New England area. I drive between Boston and VT every week so can meet along the 93/89 stretch and area. Cash or Venmo preferred. TSW Nurburgring 18" rims with Continental ExtremeContact tires, they have about 20,000 mi on them about 60%...
  9. E

    WTB: Konig K66 snow chains for Tesla Y Performance

    Looking for K66 snow chains in SoCal to rent or buy! Also looking for the rubber mats too
  10. S

    Trak Sport 214 snow chains for a Tesla Model S and Performance Model 3

    For sale is a pair of Brand New Trak Sport 214 snow chains for a Tesla Model S and Performance Model 3. These are brand new and have never been used. -They are set-up for Tesla Model S 19" wheels (but comes with parts for other setups of course). From the Tesla shop, these are the official ones...
  11. K

    Konig K55 chains on Model Y with 255/40R20

    Has anyone tried the K-Summit XL - Size K55 tire chains on a MY with 255/40R20 tires? I’ve seen the chains recommended by Tesla sometimes damage the induction wheels. They seem to fit based on tire profile and should have a small profile? If instead you’ve used the König XG-12 Pro 252, did...
  12. ishareit

    Model S accessories for sale - make me an offer

    Car salvaged. 2017 Model S Following accessories for sale. Prefer local pick up in Bay Area. Make me an offer for the accessory you are interested in. Everything is in pretty good condition. Let me know if need more details/photos (besides the ones in the link shared) Max 3D Spyder trunk...
  13. ishareit

    Model S snow chains (brand new, never used) - make me an offer

    Bought these from Amazon italy (sold by Amazon EU) website since they were out of stock from Tesla when I wanted them This is the web link - Maggi CATRASP217 Trak Sport Catene da Neve, Set di 2 : Amazon.it: Auto e Moto Paid 227 Euros approx. 266 USD Never used - completely new These are the...
  14. Beta V

    Snow Chains Alternative -- Snow Socks

    I saw a couple of Teslas in the Discount Tire waiting lot and wondered why they were there. Apparently, they regularly service Tesla owners' tires. I asked what kind of snow chains they recommend and they said "none of the above," as the wheel-well clearances are too tight. "So I'm stuck?" They...
  15. jajabor

    FS: Snow Chains

    I have a set of brand new snow chains for sale. Originally bought for Model S 19" wheels but never used them. Price is $35. Pickup in Bay Area, CA.
  16. Aaron14902

    Tesla Model 3 OEM All Weather Floor Mats & Pewag Servo Snow Chains

    For sale is a used set of Tesla Model 3 OEM All Weather Floor Mats for $80.00 and a free set of Pewag Servo Sport RSS 76 snow chains. Floor mats were purchased off the Tesla Shop, which look to have been replaced with the currently listed liners. Those have raised edges where these do not...
  17. V

    Accessories 2016 MX

    We just traded in our 2016 Model X but the all-weather mats, snow chains and sunscreens for glass roof were retained and are for sale.
  18. ishareit

    Tesla Model 3 Snow Chain - 18" Pewag Sport RSS 76

    Sold my Model 3 and never got to use these snow chains. Brand new, bought from Tesla for $115 + tax. I am thinking about selling them for $110 with local pickup in East Bay Area only. Tesla link for reference: Model 3 Snow Chain - 18" Pewag Sport RSS 76
  19. iamec

    FS: Model 3 Accessories

    Selling a few Model 3 accessories as I will be getting a Model Y. I am based in the Seattle area and would prefer pick-up. Although, some items can be shipped. PM me to figure out the logistics and request images of items. Thanks! Tesla Model 3 all-weather front and rear mats Originally paid...
  20. R

    Which Snow-Chain are you using with your Model S?

    The Model S snow chain in the Tesla website is too expensive ($420): Model S Snow Chains I don't want to pay that much since I'm just going to be keeping it as a reserve in my trunk; I probably would barely use it. Is there any other chains that work with Model S 19" (245/45R19) wheels? Just...
  21. mrfra62

    Sneeuwkettingen Tesla x

    Goedemiddag. Ga voor het eerst met mijn model X op wintersport en wel naar Frankrijk. Vraagje over sneeuwkettingen voor Tesla X. Winterbanden maat 275/45/20. Voor mijn oude auto heb ik kettingen liggen die passen op 275/40/20. Dat zal om mijn tesla banden niet lukken. Nu gekeken op internet en...
  22. B

    Snow Chains 21 Turbines, Learn from my mistake

    Was invited to visit family up in Big Bear CA 12/23 -12/24 as my luck would have it snow was on forecast. As it was short notice I did not have time to research/order chains that have been verified by forum members. I headed down to the local parts store and provided them with my tire size and...
  23. Tes*la*rosa

    Tesla TrakSport Snowchains, new in box

    Only snow chains approved by Tesla for Model S. Made in Italy by Trak/Maggigroup. New in the box/unused. Very easy to install and uninstall. See Tesla’s website for installation video. See attached photo for compatible wheel sizes/tire profiles; 14”-22” PM for any Q’s. Selling for $320. Local...
  24. P

    experience with snow chains?

    Who has experience using snow chains on Model 3? I am hoping to get lots of "easy and no problems" answers but in case there were problems I'd rather know before I go. I have 18'' wheels.
  25. robertmhoehn

    Snow Chains Tesla Model S Trak Sport (or others) CATRASP217

    For sale is a pair of snow chains for a Tesla Model S. I bought these directly from Tesla. Let me tell you why these are great: -They are already set-up for Tesla Model S 19" wheels (also comes with parts for other setups of course). There is a bunch of fiddling around to getting them set-up -...
  26. ishareit

    Official Model S snow chains - cheaper from Amazon.it

    https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B002TKLDDC/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A11IL2PNWYJU7H&psc=1 As far as I know, this is the same model that Tesla sells on its website. I just placed an order for these chains from Amazon.it. With shipping, it comes out to approx. $268, as compared to $360 + tax...
  27. J

    Model X Snow Chains Australian Ski Fields

    Apparently the standard diamond chain snow chains are not compatible with the Model X as they wrap around the back of the tyre and get caught in the suspension. According to a snow chains fitter I spoke to the Tesla branded snow chains are illegal in Victoria as they are not diamond chains and...
  28. pl804

    FS: Model S - Thule / Konig K-Summit Low-Profile Snow Chain – New - $250 – Palo Alto / Redwood City

    Size K45. Fits Model S with 19” tires. Brand new, unopened. I received these as a warranty replacement set. Will include the old set as well as a backup. One piece in the old set is fully functional. The other piece has 1 broken link. If you’re good at this stuff, you might be able...
  29. pl804

    WTS: Thule K-Summit chains for Tesla 19" wheel sets – $100

    Back in '14 when I got my S with the stock 19" OEM wheel set, I looked for the best chains I could find, and landed on these K-Summits from Thule. I was willing to pay a premium for chains that would be super easy to get on and off, which was my top priority. I loved being able to get them on...
  30. M

    Odd experiences in snow

    I took my S 60 out to a snowy area for the first time yesterday(Yosemite). Snow chains were required so I put them on. I noticed a few strange things while out there: 1. Traction control kept getting triggered, apparently just because of the chains. 2. Worse, I tried disabling it because it...
  31. BLKMDL3

    Taking a road trip to Yosemite this weekend

    Hi everyone, I am driving from LA-Yosemite on Saturday. I heard there are snow chains restrictions and by law I have to have chains in my possession. I don't want to spread $500 on chains from Tesla if I am only going to use them once. What do you guys recommend I do? Should I just buy cheap...
  32. H

    Snow Chains for Model S

    Has anybody tried The Thule Easy Fit CU-9 snow chains (on 19 inch tires)? Any problems? They seem better than the Tesla supported Trak Sport.
  33. CUBldr97

    Snow Chains older Model S RWD

    I have a 2013 RWD Model S, TESLA used to sell the Z 143 and the Z563 for the S, now only the Sport Trax. Do they no longer recommend the Z chains, if so why? i doubt i will ever use them, but wanted them as a back up to snow tires. Don't really feel like spending $400 on the sport trax...