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snow tires

  1. T

    Will this wheel and tire combination fit my M3 LR?

    So I still have 18 inch wheel setup from my previous car, here are the specs, please let me know if this setup will work with my 2023 M3 LR or if the wheels dont can I use the tires on stock rims. This is what I have from the bill of sale Wheels 18x8 | 5x114.3 | 671 | +35 Tires 245-45-18...
  2. eCharcoal

    Sold Model 3 aero wheels with General Altimax Arctic 12 winter tires.

    They were used on a 2018 Model 3. Factory size (235-45-18). 433 mhz TPMS sensors and aero covers included. Minor curb rashes. Used for 4 seasons (November to March). Tons of treads left. Local pick up in Chicagoland area. $800.
  3. T

    Modely Y LR7 vs Performance and general "Is this is a good idea?" Help :-)

    Hi. So I've just moved to Wisconsin from Europe and was originally planning to buy something big car wise like you can do in the USA, but also something big to help get through the snowy winter months we have here. Was looking at a Jeep for example, but realised that wouldn't be comfortable as a...
  4. Travis64

    Looking for snow tires and rims that fit a performance 3

    Can pick up anywhere in ny Thank you
  5. N

    FS: Mod X 20" Winter Tires + Wheels

    Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package (part no 1140020-00-B) for sale. This item in the store: https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-x-20_-cyberstream-wheel-and-winter-tire-package?web=true Used for two seasons, only about 8,000 miles on them. Not sure how to measure 'tread...
  6. T

    FS: Like-New Snow Tires and Rims (Boston)

    Selling four Michelin 245/45R19 X-Ice Xi3s mounted and balanced (w/ TPMS valves) on 19” 19x8.5J Sport Edition rims. Likely fewer than 5k miles. Condition is as shown in photos, minor signs of use. Originally on 2018 Model S. Price is $1800. Get them before winter kicks off, only selling because...
  7. N

    Sold FS: SF Bay Area - 18" Aero Wheels + Continental DWS06+ 245/45/18

    For Sale -- Set of 4 18" Tesla Aero wheels (B- condition) -- Set of 4 18" Aero wheel covers (B- to C+ condition) -- Set of 4 Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus: 245/45/18 (Nov 2021 DOT) -- Additional 18" Aero wheel with no tire Tires were used for approximately ~1000 miles. Purchased...
  8. J

    Model Y - Gemini Wheels with Hakkapeliitta (Winter) Tires for Sale

    Set of four Model Y 19" Gemini Wheel with Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 (Winter Tires - Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV - Peace of mind for the Northern winter / Nokian Tires). Includes Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System & Tesla Gemini Wheel Cap Kit. Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV...
  9. HeyEph

    Vredestein Wintrac Pro on Gemini Wheels?

    Anybody try this combo? How do they compare to the X-Ice?
  10. M

    FOR SALE: (Model S) 19" Winter Wheel + Tire Set-Up

    My 2021 Plaid arrived way sooner than expected, so I am selling my beloved 19" Basic Wheels from 2015 (used on P85D and P100D). These are the wheels originally included as standard on Model S vehicles prior to 2016. They work on any 2012-2020 MS. Mine are fitted with NEW Pirelli Winter SottoZero...
  11. 907XCP

    Snow tires for 21 Ubers?

    Hello, Before you attack me, I tried searching the forum for similar questions but didn't find an answer. I hope this time I could get some help. I have one simple question: Has or does anyone know what snow/winter tires I could use on the 21" Ubers for the MYP? I know OEM size tires are going...
  12. J

    FS: 20" Wheels For Model X, Slipstream Wheels, TPMS included, New Michelin Aplin 5 SUV Tires Staggered 1,500 obo NJ

    20" Wheels From Model X, Slipstream Wheels, TPMS included, New Michelin Aplin 5 SUV Winter Tires Staggered asking $1,500 or closest. Located in NJ willing to ship.
  13. J

    Tesla Model S Winter tires mounted on wheels with TPS

    I recently sold my 2018 Tesla Model S P100 DL and no longer need my set of four 19" wheels mounted with Hankook i Cept Evo II performance snow tires, size 245/45/19. The wheels look quite nice on the car and fit perfectly. Approximately 50% treadlife is left. They include the Gen 2 Tire...
  14. I

    FS: Model 3 OEM Winter wheel snow tires w/ TPMS and areo covers

    Set of 18" wheels and areo covers, with Michelin Ice-X snow tires. Great condition one wheel has slight curb rash. Tires have 9/32 depth. Includes TPMS. Local pickup will meet within reasonable distance of Nyack , NY 10960
  15. E

    M Y snow tires

    Wondering if I can use my old M3 snow tires (235/40 R19) on my new model y that came with 255/45 R19 continental m/s tires?
  16. Bthbth

    Model S 19" Slipstream Wheel + Winter Tire Package

    FOR SALE: 19" Slipstream Tesla wheels and Pirelli SOTTOZERO winter-rated tires for icy driving months ahead, purchased new from Tesla. Significantly improve traction on all surfaces in sub-freezing conditions. Very good-excellent wheel condition, tires have 10K miles of highway wear. $1200 (will...
  17. G

    What is the Cheapest Wheel/Snow Tire Set for M3p?

    I am just about to get my new M3P in a few weeks. I live in Denver, so it's bad timing and I saw the performance wheels that come stock are not good for 40* and below days of which we have a lot during the winter not to mention snow. I need help finding out what is the best option for me right...
  18. J

    Pirelli Snow Tires for Sale

    Size is 19" 245/45. Tires only, no rims. Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II with about 6.5-7mm tread. In great condition. $75 each. Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II Run Flat used for only 2K miles. Full tread - practically new! $100 each. Jonathan 978-394-0038 (Massachusetts) Will ship.
  19. J

    Pirelli Snow Tires for Sale

    Almost new snow tires for Model S/X. Size is 19" 245/45. Tires only, no rims. Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II with about 6.5-7mm tread. In great condition. Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II Run Flat used for only 2K miles. Full tread - practically new! I don't drive in winter weather...
  20. J

    Model X Winter Tires - changing aspect OK?

    I have a 2020 Model X LR with about 15K miles on it (picked up Nov '19) w/20" wheels and the original Conti tires. The tires / wheels are what came from the factory: 265/45/20 on front and the rear are 275/45/20. I've recently moved from Texas to Colorado, and I'm learning about snow tires for...
  21. M

    Performance Model Y with 21's Needs Snow Wheels and Tires

    The Tesla service manager told me I MUST use their wheels and tires as I look for a 2nd set of wheels and tires for Colorado winters. Is that true? In the end, I'm looking for a 3rd party Tesla focused wheel and tire dealer in Denver that I can source wheels, tires and install. Any help would be...
  22. K

    Ordering new wheels.

    We have a Midnight Silver Model Y (AWD) and need to order a set of rims and snow tires. I am planning on ordering the following tires: Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 Studded Winter Tire - 245/50R18 104T Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 - Winter tires / Nokian Tires I am planning on ordering the Martian wheels...
  23. J

    Snow Tires for Model S

    Almost new snow tires for Model S. 19" 245/45 Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II with 2 seasons use, about 6.5-7mm tread. Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II Run Flat used for only 2K miles. Full tread - practically new. Just switched to all-season tires. Want to get rid of them. Any...
  24. Electric Steve

    Which Winter/Snow Tires

    To be honest, I used to just have all-weathers, even though they're not the best at anything, but my MY came with summer performance, so I need to do something about my tires before it gets cold. (I'm told that winter is coming.) I could get all-weathers, but like I said, they're not the best...
  25. W

    WTB- 18" wheels for 2nd snow set

    Hi, WTB either full set of snow or standard 18" for 2nd set. Boston area preferred.
  26. Felickz

    FS: PA - Model S -19" Wheel Powder Coated Black Gloss - Sotozero 3 Winter Tire

    Looking for a wheel swap for better control in winter weather and keeping those 21's away from potholes? Asking $1500 P/U in S/E Pennsylvania Details 4 19" OEM Tesla Rims - Gloss Black Powder Coated by Pineda's Chrome & Powder Coating 4 Baolong TPMS Sensors - new ~08/2017 and used 6 months...
  27. J

    Model S Snow Tires for Sale

    Almost new snow tires for Model S. 19" 245/45 Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II with 2 seasons use, about 6.5-7mm tread. Two are Pirelli Sotto Zero Series II Run Flat only installed since late December. Full tread - practically new. Just switched to all-season tires. Want to get rid of...
  28. chudiddy

    Tesla Model X 20" Slip Stream Wheels w/Nokian Hakkapeliita R3 Tires

    I live in Northeast PA and prepared myself for what I thought was going to be a snowy winter. Turns out we hardly got any snow and I thought I would post them up for sale. These are a staggered setup and are freshly plasti-dipped to perfection. I meticulously prepped them and applied 5+ coats...
  29. K

    Snow Tires cost 10% of efficiency

    I bought my snow tires -- Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 -- for my SR+ on December 9 and noticed an immediate decrease in range. I finally have enough data to quantify this and came up with about a 10% increase in Wh/Mile. I looked at all trips greater than 5 miles and with an ambient outside...
  30. D.E.

    White car, black wheels, snow tires, wooden jack adapter

    I bought some used rims, some used TPMS sensors for a set of winter tires. The rims had some dings so I had the surface repaired where needed and powder coated ($490). I had them done in a satin black. Then I had a set of Michelin X-Ice XI3 tires installed on the rims at Costco. I brought the...
  31. C

    Model S Winter Tires 245/45/19 - Los Angeles

    $200. Set of 4 Dunlop Wintermaxx tires for Model S. 245/45/19. Excellent condition, maybe 2500 miles. Drove from LA to Tahoe 2x last winter including thru the Donner Pass during a crazy snowstorm. These tires handled great on ice and unplowed roads, way better than constantly installing /...
  32. EVSmartParts

    Vendor EVSmartParts.com offers maximum protection mud flaps with minimalist visual impact. Made in USA!

    If you are concerned about the looks of your car AFTER this coming winter please check out our website NOW Home - Splash Page to see extremely effective and durable mud flaps with minimum visual impact on your TESLA Model 3. Inconspicuous, very low, very wide, quiet, and flexible...
  33. S

    Rim width for snow tires

    When I search through various sites for snow tires (tirerack, pmctire, kaltire), and search based on vehicle (Model 3 base 18" wheels), I'm presented with rims that are 7.5", 8.0" and maybe 8.5" wide. Given that the oem rims are 8.5", are there pros/cons with going with one of these narrower...
  34. R

    Tirerack "Model X P100D" vs "Model X Performance"

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for winter wheel/tires for my new Model X "Raven" on tirerack.com, where I've been a customer for a long time, but when I add a new vehicle it gives me the option to select "Model X P100D" or "Model X Performance"... well, the former is also a Performance model...
  35. K

    Sottozero vs Hakkapeliita 8/9

    Hey Guys (I'm a NYer - everyone is guys) Next winter, I intend to put snow tires on my M3 RWD. The question is - WHICH tires I know Tesla sells rims with the Sottozer IIs, but back when I last had a pure RWD car, I tended to run studded snows (yeah, tires have gotten a lot better in the last...
  36. M

    Another winter tire thread.

    Given the onslaught of Snowmageddon in the GTA area.. I'm just throwing in my 2 cents that X-Ice snow tires are terrible. Picked them up in November - and this is probably the second fairly big snow storm in the East End. First time I thought it was an anomaly. But I just spent 15 minutes...
  37. J

    Wh/m with snow tires

    I'm going to put snow tires on my X90D and I know there is a range hit. We drive up to Vermont a lot in the winter and currently we usually arrive after 1 supercharging stop with about 20 miles left on the battery. I know this trip is going to end up being a 2 supercharging stop trip I'm just...
  38. J

    WTB Snow Tires 245/45/19

    Looking to buy a full set of snow tires, size 245/45R19! :)
  39. Colgate2004

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    Brand new owner here (actually not-even-owner yet; I pick up my car in 2 weeks). I am planning to buy a second set of wheels to run studded snow tires (we get a lot of snow & ice where I live). My car is a non-Performance dual-motor AWD, long-range/extended battery Model 3. I've done this on...
  40. S

    Tesla S Snow Tires for Sale

    Set of Blizzak LM-32 245/45 × 19 for sale. Used less than 1 season, about 2,000 miles. Like new. Barely worn. Traded our S 75D for a Model 3, so no further use for these Blizzaks. $500. Contact me at [email protected]. (Boulder CO)
  41. EVTuning

    Vendor Model 3 Winter Wheel and Tire Packages now available

    Summer is coming to an end and Winter will be here before you know it! Being that we're located in New England there has already been a large number of inquiries for Winter wheel and tires. This is especially a concern for all the RWD customers. For RWD Model S snow tires were pretty much a...
  42. S

    Will the AWD Model 3 Need Snow Tires?

    We're awaiting delivery on a Dual Motor Model 3. It will live in the Boston area, so, it will encounter snow and hills, but no mountains and few heavy snow falls like we have in the California mountains. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on the advisability or necessity of winter tires in that...
  43. G

    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Hey Ive got an order placed for a P3D with the Performance package that comes with the Michelin PS4S 235/25/R20. Since these are a summer tire Im going to look into getting some snow tires for the winter (Pittsburgh, PA). I know Tesla sells PIRELLI WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 with either the Aero wheels...
  44. J

    Model S 19" classic wheels, Second Gen TPMS with Nokian Hakkapeliita R2 tires

    Lease is ending and I have a like new set of four wheels, TPMS (upgraded for 2016 system), carrying bags, and excellent snow tires. Just taken off car at Service Center and they measured two at 4/32 and two at 5/32. Located just west of Boston $1000 picked up
  45. N

    FS: used Model S 19" X-ice Snow Tires & Wheels (Boston Area)

    19" snow tires: Michelin X-Ice Xi3 (245/45R19). 19" wheels: 19 x 8.5 Bright Silver Paint Sport Edition WX5 3 of the tires have about 20k miles on them and one has less than 100 (I hit a curb and head to replace both the tire and wheel) and all are in good condition. I paid $2350 for the set...
  46. steveho

    To "D" or not to "D"

    I’ve heard this question several times on this forum as well as other and pondered it myself before purchasing my Tesla S. My car: Tesla Model S, 60 kwh, Dual Motor, AP2.0 (no fsd), Blue, Pano. Base 19” tires which are Goodyear Eagle Touring The loaner: Tesla Model S P85, leather, rear seats...