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  1. Ostrichsak

    New Trak Tire Snow Chain Kit for Model S, X, 3 or Y (Bought from Tesla for Model S 245/45R19)

    Offered here is a new and never used Trak Sport Quick snow chain kit made to work with most every tire size on cars. This kit was bought new from Tesla several years ago (they sell something similar still but a different brand) for nearly $500 after tax/shipping making this a very good deal on a...
  2. R

    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    I have been driving my 2020 Y in upstate NY in the highways everyday to work. This is my second season driving in highways everyday to work. I have snow tires. But this year, my 2020 Y is beginning to wobble and slide even small amount of ice and snow intermittently. I checked my tires still...
  3. W

    Heavy Snow and Icy driving Tip

    when it’s really slippery out or a big snow fall I use the “off-road” mode instead of slip start. I find S/S is good to get you out of a pickle but for green light take offs and city driving the off road mode really helps with traction. Try it out when you can! Side note: not using friction...
  4. S

    FS 2021 18” Aero Wheelset w/ Rimetrix Orbital Caps Bluetooth TPMS LIKE NEW Portland Oregon

    I have a set of 18 inch Aero wheels and tires that came off my brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3. I took the wheels off with only 1000 miles on them. They are in pristine condition. No curb rash or scuffs at all. In the photos you can see the black Rimetrix Orbital wheel caps installed. These are a...
  5. Joe85sti

    Model 3 18” Winter Wheels and Tires set (4).

    Set of 4 wheels/tires. I’ve had this winter setup for my 2020 model 3 performance for two winters, and roughly 15k miles. Still lots of tread left. The wheels are 18X8 SPORT EDITION A10-2 GLS BLACK from tire rack. I paid $600 for the set. The tires are 235/45R-18 GENERAL ALTIMAX ARCTIC 12 XL...
  6. D

    Model Y steep driveway

    Hello! I’m dreaming of a model Y, but just moved to a new house and the driveway is crazy steep- probably a 45 degree angle. It only gets flat at the very top, and it’s possible I won’t ever park up there because other cars in the family will be there before me. My heart is set on a Tesla, but...
  7. J

    RWD in Snow

    One of my friend is planning to purchase Model 3 SR. He has concerns with RWD performance in Snow, as he has always owned AWD cars. I did tell him my experience that I never had issues with RWD even without snow tires, although I drive very less. Has any other RWD owners faced issues in New...
  8. Schmeltz318

    Rally Armors Mud Flaps for Model 3

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share my results with Rally Armors Mud Flaps for Model 3. After having the cheap $30 Chinese mud flaps for half a year and not liking the fitment and the contact they were make with the paint, I knew I needed something better. I wanted a quality product and good paint...
  9. Rowanhs

    Leaving a model Y parked in the snow for a few days?

    Hi Everyone New to the community and starting to do some research into a Model Y that I’m hoping will be on sale in Australia soon? Maybe... who knows. Anyway quick question, can you leave the car sitting unplugged in the snow for a few days? We don’t get crazy cold overnight temperatures here...
  10. D

    MY Performance in snow

    If I live in a mountainous area with a lot of snowfall, is it a bad idea to get the MYP instead of the regular MY? I really want the fun of zipping around, but not if it's going to mean I get stuck at some point during the winter, or have to drive the truck instead of the MY. If that's the case...
  11. MountainPass

    Vendor Winter Party Time On A Snow Covered Racetrack

    Thought you all might enjoy this. The Y is super fun. The best part is we have a trailer hooked up today and we're towing a couple thousand pounds with it. So from summer Porsche beating track weapon to winter off-road party, to utility trailer hauler - this thing is so versitile! For those of...
  12. J

    Snow in spoiler air intake

    Hi all Here in Sweden we’re having lots of snow and I had to drive on an unploughed road some weeks ago. Not that the grill shutter needs to be open that much in -15°C (5°F) but I suspect that either the shutter itself has frozen, or I got lots of snow build up in the air duct. I’m only finding...
  13. UncaNed

    Considering a solar roof. What about snow removal?

    Is there a good way to clear snow? My region only gets snow a week or two on my solar panels, so it's not a huge concern, but still it drives me nuts, those solar panels sitting there useless under 2" of snow for a couple days at a time.
  14. D

    FS: Michelin CrossClimate SUV for Tesla Model X with 20" wheels

    If you live in a relatively warm climate and go to the snow on a regular basis these tires are for you. With them you won't need chains and they can stay on as your permanent tires even during summer. They are rated for snow (yes, with the snow peak icon imprinted on the tire) yet they are...
  15. O

    Model S 21" Staggered - Michelin Pilot Sport All Season Tires

    Came across what looks like a new option to now have all season tires on the Model S 21" staggered setup. Does anyone have any experience yet with these?
  16. chudiddy

    Tesla Model X 20" Slip Stream Wheels w/Nokian Hakkapeliita R3 Tires

    I live in Northeast PA and prepared myself for what I thought was going to be a snowy winter. Turns out we hardly got any snow and I thought I would post them up for sale. These are a staggered setup and are freshly plasti-dipped to perfection. I meticulously prepped them and applied 5+ coats...
  17. Cintoman

    Brand New Trak Sport Snow Chains - Never Used

    For sale is a pair of Brand New Trak Sport 214 snow chains for a Tesla Model S and Performance Model 3. These are brand new and have never been used. My Father-In-Law bought these directly from Tesla for a Christmas gift for me, not realizing that I don't have the Performance Model 3 with the...
  18. EVSmartParts

    Vendor TESLA factory mud flap review

    EVSmartParts.com paint protection Mud Flap system does a better job than Tesla.Inc factory mud flaps in many aspects. This is just one of them. One of our early design requirements was: · Must not trap salty mud behind the mud flap.
  19. R

    Which Snow-Chain are you using with your Model S?

    The Model S snow chain in the Tesla website is too expensive ($420): Model S Snow Chains I don't want to pay that much since I'm just going to be keeping it as a reserve in my trunk; I probably would barely use it. Is there any other chains that work with Model S 19" (245/45R19) wheels? Just...
  20. srs5694


    After freezing rain yesterday and snow overnight.... Iced-1 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-2 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-3 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-5 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56 AM Iced-4 by srs5694 posted Dec 18, 2019 at 8:56...
  21. Colgate2004

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    Brand new owner here (actually not-even-owner yet; I pick up my car in 2 weeks). I am planning to buy a second set of wheels to run studded snow tires (we get a lot of snow & ice where I live). My car is a non-Performance dual-motor AWD, long-range/extended battery Model 3. I've done this on...
  22. one true morty

    Digging out of snow using Summon

    We got over 2 feet of snow and I do not have a garage (yet). We had parked in the driveway bumper to bumper w/ my neighbors and my husband's truck. After several hours of shoveling I decided to try to pull my car out to avoid having to shovel from the sides. It kept failing after an inch so we...
  23. Treetop235

    Charging w PlugShare or ChargePoint

    I will be driving to an office in Big Bear CA next week, it’s about a two hour drive, in below 40 temps, and some of the trio using snow chains. I drive a dual motor long range. A normal trip would leave me with 50%. And coming down uses very little power. But.ll that’s in nice warm weather...
  24. B

    Tesla in Park suddenly moved forward [air temp 33, snow on ground, parked on incline, OEM tires]

    Good evening folks. I know this will sound nuts, but I recently leased a new 2019 Tesla Model 3 long range. The car is amazing. I leased it in central CA where we don't have much weather, and other than a few odd issues that have all be explained and/or resolved, I took it on a road trip to...
  25. A

    In the snow and the cold.

    I live in Maine. First, I wish there was a dealership here in my state. Second, I want to order one, but wonder about any tests that have been done on the cold weather conditions in my state. How might it handle in the snow and ice? How well is the weight balanced? If the rear end is very...
  26. R

    Model S Winter Wheels/Tires/Chains (Rial Lugano + Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL) - SF Bay Area

    There is snow in Tahoe! 4 Wheels + Tires + Chains Mounted and Balanced Almost new (5 trips to Tahoe). 19x8.5 Rial Lugano 245/45R-19 Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL Lugbolts (20) TPMS sensors (work without any issues on my P85D) I had those on my Model S but I now have a Model X and these do not seem to...
  27. R

    Tirerack "Model X P100D" vs "Model X Performance"

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for winter wheel/tires for my new Model X "Raven" on tirerack.com, where I've been a customer for a long time, but when I add a new vehicle it gives me the option to select "Model X P100D" or "Model X Performance"... well, the former is also a Performance model...
  28. MrG_NY

    Winter Driving Tesla Cars

    I found this video to be good at showing the capabilities of the Tesla models in the snow.
  29. T

    UCLA snow nanogenerator

    Best in snow: New scientific device creates electricity from snowfall https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2211285519302204 Hopefully Tesla can incorporate into their solar roofs for us up north.
  30. T

    My floor mats saved the day (caught on... fendercam??)

    This happened at Killington in an unofficial passenger unloading area. I parked my RWD Long-Range Tesla Model 3 as close as I could to the side not knowing I was inches from an invisible drop-off under the snow. Probably only a few inches, but it would still be really bad. When I realized I...
  31. StealthP3D

    Why I love my Model 3 in cold weather

    I'm an avid snow skier and I've really been having a blast this winter with the Model 3. Here are some of the reasons why 1) Cabin heats up almost instantly with the powerful electric heater. 2) Remote control of cabin heater is great on a ski morning or near the end of a ski day. 3) Winter...
  32. S

    How do you drift in snow with your Model 3?

    I know the model 3 performance has a Track mode, which can be used on track, or to be able to drift when roads are covered in snow. I live in Quebec and I drive a model 3 LR Dual motor and drifting in this car is really not smooth and doesn't work well at all. I was wondering if you had found...
  33. dendenyc

    All I can do is just laugh

    Tell me again how much winter testing was done? It snowed, went in the trunk to grab the broom, all the snow on the trunk and some of the rear glass promptly and comically slid into the trunk. People passing by must have been wondering why I’m shoveling snow OUT the car.
  34. zhu-

    Post your before and after winter wash photos

    First time I've had a chance to do a proper wash this year. Thought I'd share a before and after photo. Dirt mostly from last week's snow: After wash and seal. There looks to be some white streaks on the bumper but it's light coming through a fence. I actually went to check after seeing...
  35. R

    Tesla Model S OEM 19" Wheels and Pirelli Winter Tires for Sale

    Tesla Model S 19" wheels and Pirelli Sottozero high performance winter tires in excellent condition --- a complete set of 245/45 R19 102V factory OEM 5x120 aluminum alloy rims that came as a 2nd set of wheels/tires on a leased Tesla S Performance. The vehicle has been turned in and these...
  36. Geendiesel

    Aangepast instellingen bij gladheid?

    Zijn er forumleden die de instellingen van de auto aanpassen tijdens "mogelijke gladheid" ? Bijvoorbeeld "Chill mode" of "Regenerative braking" op Low ?
  37. gnuarm

    Snow Removal

    I was charging on a trip a few days ago and found the Supercharger stalls adequately cleared, but just barely. They don't have long hoses on them and if the plow pushes the snow in their direction they wouldn't be accessible. I guess the plow operators have been told to clear the snow from in...
  38. eCharcoal

    Post pictures of you winter tire and wheel set up

    Hello guys. This winter is the first full winter for most of us. Just want to see if you can post pictures of your winter set up. Did you go with a cheap set of wheel? I have. LR RWD but I will stick with my stock all season for now and see how they do. But if I’m getting winter tires, I’m...
  39. J

    WTB Snow Tires 245/45/19

    Looking to buy a full set of snow tires, size 245/45R19! :)
  40. M

    Canadian Winter Weather and the Charging Port.. Any 3D printing pro's?

    I posted this to reddit as well - but it's probably more of a canadian issue: I've had a bit of the stuck door handle and windows not lowering due to cold/ice issues. I've also had a lot of cars (subarus) with frameless windows and at this temperature never had this issue. Anyway - I'm sure it...
  41. U

    Best way to clean snow from Model 3 with swirls?

    With winter coming up I am wondering - what is the best way to remove multiple inches of snow from my model 3? My old car I used to shovel off parts and then use the ice scrapper/snow brush combo. However for the 3 I am worried about swirling paint - especially on a plain black model 3. I don't...
  42. Joe F

    Summon, snow and a narrow garage PSA

    This was a first for me, and I don't recall ever seeing anyone having this issue. After driving home last Saturday in a heavy, wet snow storm with large clingy flakes, I manually parked in my garage, offset to one side so I could open the door enough to exit. Normally I just use summon to pull...
  43. fasteddie7

    Climate always on or precondition?

    Here's a question for the Tesla family: snowy day, 32° F out, expecting 3-5 inches, at work for 8 hours with no covered parking. I leave with 100% and get to work with 80% SOC. Do I : 1. Leave the always on climate at 65 or so to prevent build up of snow on the windows and keep the car...
  44. David29

    Snow in the WC charge cable connector

    Yesterday we had a major snowstorm in the northeast US. My Tesla Model S was parked outside, and plugged into my Tesla Wall Connector (WC). When the snow was over, the snow removal crews were clearing the parking lot at my condo, so I went out to clear off the car and move it so that my space...
  45. fasteddie7

    Plugging into random 110 outlet

    The mall near my work (50 miles from home) just added an rural King store and they just put in six 110v outlets along the outside of the store. We are expecting more cold weather and a good bit of snow over the next week. Is it kosher if I get stuck overnight to just plug in for a few hours or...
  46. PoitNarf

    Model 3 snow “donuts”

    I was at the Edison NJ meet and greet stop for You You Xue’s Model 3 road trip last night. More info on the road trip can be found here: Tesla Model 3 Road Trip About an inch of snow had fallen earlier in the day and one of the parking lots by the supercharger was not plowed, so they decided to...
  47. fasteddie7

    Single digit temperature washing

    Just pulled in my (not heated) garage and looked at my salt covered Tesla. Forcast shows single digit temperatures for the next 10 days, just wondering what everyone is doing to keep their Teslas clean during this mess. I've used the touchless in the past around 32 degrees and other than the...
  48. T

    Tesla owners living on Dirt Roads, Your Thoughts?

    Hey Tesla owners I live on a dirt road. Yeah yeah I know in reading through some older forums how some people almost compare driving a Tesla on an unpaved road to committing some sort of suicide or like living in a haunted house or something. Anyway, so yeah I live on a dirt road, I own a...
  49. R

    Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 245/35 R21

    Four Barely used, Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 245/35 R21 est. 2 to 3 thousand miles on these tires They were on a 2013 Model S for one trip to Colorado, then taken off, the car was then totaled. $125 each
  50. Triumphz28

    WeatherTech Floor Mats - Tesla Model S - Driver and Front Passenger - Like New

    WeatherTech Floor Mats - Tesla Model S - Driver and Front Passenger - New Anchor Style Design Price Firm: $100 Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505 Shipping to Lower 48 states: $25.00 WeatherTech 444581 Black Front Floor Liner For 2012-2017 Tesla Model S Description The WeatherTech FloorLiner...

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