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software limited

  1. DNSJames

    Tesla and their “Airplane View”…… what gives?

    Why does my beautiful gigantic navigational map have me flying at 12,000ft while driving? I see this tiny speck… and then realize it’s actually a massive shopping mall. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to zoom the map in where it’s actually useful… and have it track me at the same...
  2. apples

    All Performance Model 3 Currently Being Held on 2020.8.3?

    Has anyone with a Performance Model 3 received an update beyond 2020.8.3 since Wednesday April 29th? I was previously on 2020.12.5 but had my computer replaced April 29th due to an LTE issue. Immediately was upgraded to 8.3 but it currently says software is up to date and have received no...
  3. Tesl@ Bargain

    Appeal to Tesla to unlock all those software-limited High Amperage Chargers

    The 3-phase High Amperage Charger in all facelift Model S and all Model X ordered before July 1, 2017, was software limited to 11 kW although the hardware is capable of doing 16.5 kW, unless one chose the option to pay a fierce premium for those 5.5 kW more in AC charging rate, which is still...
  4. T

    Transfer call to phone

    I run into the problem that someone is talking on the phone as their phone is connected to the Tesla. Is there any way to transfer the call back to the phone. Thanks!
  5. M

    Swap Navigation on the HUD from left to right side

    Is is possible to swap the navigation on the driver HUD from the left side to the right side? (Model S 2013) I drive with my left hand on the top of wheel and it blocks the street level view of the navigation, so I have to change how I drive to see where Im going or I have to look over at the...
  6. GeekLad

    Florida Sales Tax on Post-delivery Software Upgrades (battery capacity unlock, AP, FSD, etc.)

    Does anyone know if sales tax is applied to software upgrades purchased after taking delivery? If sales tax isn't applied, that helps to absorb a bit of the post-delivery upcharge on software upgrades.
  7. Matias

    Speculation; a new 85 coming soon

    New 75s seem to be software limited 85s. Source: FB group "Tesla owners worldwide". To my understanding that means that Tesla will soon start selling 85s again.
  8. grayguy

    Tesla source for software limited S60 daily charging to 100%

    I've seen several people here in the forums mention that a software limited 60kwh model S with a 75kwh battery can safely set the daily charge limit to 100%, with the logic being that at 100% charge, it is only using 80% of the battery. Does anyone have an official source on this, or is it...
  9. Tesl@ Bargain

    Regenerative Braking with 100% Charged Software-Limited 60 kWh Battery

    In this video I am demonstrating regenerative braking with a 100% charged battery in our new Tesla Model S 60 (applies to a Tesla Model X 60D as well), which is one of the advantages of having a 75 kWh battery software-limited to 60 kWh. This clearly confirms that regular charging and...
  10. fasteddie7

    Charging the 60d to 100%?

    Hi all! I saw a very small number of threads on this without a definitive answer. Seems to be reminiscent of the old 60kwh pack being software limited to 40kwh, but there wasn't a definite answer then also. Since it seems to be difficult to determine a definite yes or no, is charging the 60 to...