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solar array

  1. N

    how do i calculate max PV amps for my panel and meter

    how do i calculate how many amps my PV can generate? my panel is wep4212 with 2 meters. max branch rating 225, max bus rating 400. each meter has 200amp breaker for current coming from the utility. I want to install 2 pv systems one per meter i am confused how the 120% rule is applied. is my...
  2. A

    Is 7.6 kW Tesla enough for 10.4kw pv array solar panel system?

    Is 7.6 kW Tesla enough for 10.4kw pv array solar panel system? I have 26 panels which equals to 10.4 kw system. Is one tesla 7.6 kw enough? Shouldn't they be installing two inverters?
  3. D

    iOS or WatchOS App for Tesla Solar

    I know there are great car apps like TezLab for Tesla cars like my Model Y, but is anyone using an app for iOS or (even better) apple watch to monitor Solar?
  4. H

    Tax credits could be extended as part of COVID-19 relief bill

    According to several news outlets.... The aid bill, which may be voted on Monday, includes $900 billion in help for those struggling from the financial fallout of the pandemic. It also includes a two-year extension for the Solar Investment Tax Credit, which was supposed to phase out for...
  5. Zeronet

    Model 3 2019 reviews

    Tesla Model 3 – 2 years experience I purchased a 2019 Tesla Model 3 with All Wheel Drive, Long Range Battery, and the Enhanced Autopilot in August of 2019. I sometimes read of Tesla problems, fixes, complaints, geeky tech stuff, and TSLA stock on the Tesla Motor Club weekly posts. I thought...
  6. blecchus_rex

    Inverter replacement availability?

    My home's solar installation was completed in January... alas it has never functioned correctly (or more accurately... at all). After a number of rounds of having folks out to troubleshoot and swap service parts it was determined that the SolarEdge inverter was defective and needed to be...
  7. Gwgan

    Maine RECs, new RFP

    Maine has increased the timetable of required renewable resources and now has a new RFP which even mentions storage: MPUC: 2020 Request for Proposals for the Sale of Energy or Renewable Energy Credits from Qualifying Renewable Resources Still no solar carve-out so it is a limited market. There...
  8. W

    Powerwall 2 - How large of the PV system do I need to charge it? Are they in stock now?

    Hi All Looking to install a PW2 with a new PV system. Are current usage is only about 12 - 18kWh a day but it will double when we get an EV. Most of our usage is at night. I am wondering what size PV system do I need to charge 1 PW2 during the day so that I can use that power at night to...
  9. AnOutsider

    Does it make sense for me to go solar?

    Hi guys, long time no post. We have a newer(~5 years), energy efficient (solar/electric hybrid hot water heater, high R values, electric heat etc) home, that I initially wanted to get a propane backup generator on and passed due to noise and maintenance (plus was examining solar). We've had...
  10. S

    AMA Tesla Advisor about Solar and Storage

    I work for Tesla as an Energy Advisor, and have been with the company since SolarCity for the last two years. I found this forum and seemed like there is some good information here, but also some questions about some things. I am pretty well informed about how things work and would be happy to...
  11. jbumps

    Net Metering - Billing Oddity - Looking For Advice

    All, Our recent electric bill outlined the following: Jun 22 KWH Reading (Actual) 41,797 May 20 KWH Reading (Actual) 40,346 Kilowatt Hours Metered 1,451 Jun 22 KWH Out (Actual) 20,007 May 20 KWH Out (Actual) 19,149 Kilowatt Hours Out 858 We were billed for 593KWH as the above data would...