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solar charger

  1. I

    Alternative to drive on sunshine ( excess solar charging with evcc.io )

    Drive on Sunshine is great for those with powerwalls. For those that didn't have powerwalls chargeHQ was a good alternative but now you have to pay $7 a month to utilize the solar charging feature. There are a few scripts out there on GitHub that allow this but I was hoping for something a...
  2. S

    Charging from solar

    I live in Switzerland, with 10KW of solar panels and I'd like to use the surplus electricity (about 30KWh/day) to charge a Tesla Y. None of the suggested questions seem to address this specific situation. At a minimum, I'd like to be able to say something like: You can charge at a rate of X...
  3. crazyrudy

    DC Solar trailer used for charging my M3

    I recently bought at auction the DC Solar trailer. All in it was just over $5k (bid was $4400). I limit my home charging to 20A no matter the source. I installed a NEMA1450 receptacle, and boom. I achieved the magic four words..."it charges my Tesla".
  4. D

    Emergency charging

    I have seen many discussions about using portable solar panels to charge an EV while camping or on a road trip. As has been often pointed out, trying to charge the car's batteries a significant amount just isn't practical. However, suppose you simply need to charge your EV just enough to drive...
  5. Mjezzi

    Solar panels charging 3 while camping?

    So I know there's already been a lot of discussion on solar panels not making much sense to charge a model 3 for driving, but that's not what this post is about. It's about creating enough power to negate sentry mode power consumption and also run a fridge/freezer. If there's an extra percent a...
  6. Y

    Solar EV charger in camping area.

    Right now the charging station net is far away from established, maybe travel from city to city would be nice and easy, but for family trips, adventures to the rural area, all EVs are not in consideration. Especially when camping, which lots of people love to do, needs to carry gears, maybe even...
  7. B

    Simplified solar charging for Model 3

    I am planning on keeping my Model 3 at a second home where I only drive it on alternating weekends. The home is a condo with a long (200 feet+) run from my meter to my carport. Including permits, I estimate that the cost of running power conduit and placing a 120V outlet at my carport would be...
  8. S

    Salvage Title Tesla

    Hello Im new to the forum. Although I currently don't own my own Tesla till probably this coming winter I would like to try finding a salvage Tesla, (any model or year) not to rebuild but to utilize the battery for a solar project. I currently have 10kw of solar grid tied and would love to cut...
  9. Togg

    Configure Tesla charger to automatically adjust to available solar power?

    Ok, we're on our 2nd electric car, and I want to do it a bit smarter this time. How might one configure a Tesla charger to automatically adjust it's amperage output to match our available solar power output at any given moment in time? For example, when the sun is bright I want full charging...
  10. Lolly

    Driving on sunshine

    Can you drive around the M25 (on autopilot) using only energy from the sun? Yes you can! Total energy used 38.2 kWh, total energy supplied to car last week from sun 49.1 kWh. video coming soon.
  11. D

    Countering vampire drain with 12v solar pannel

    Has anyone used solar panel to keep the 12v topped via the OBD, link posted below also dose the model 3 have a OBD connection AA Essentials 12V Solar-Powered Car Battery Charger Solar Panel OBD Version | eBay
  12. hughconn

    Solar charged, portable, battery-powered charger

    I built something that I hoped would be able to charge my Tesla while parked at work. I have a solar panel attached to a 12 volt battery attached to a 2000 watt inverter. The result is I produce 120 volts 12 amp juice. I thought that this would be sufficient to recharge the Tesla as if it was...