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solar power

  1. E

    Overflowing waste bins

    Source (Toronto is really frustrated with overflowing garbage bins) Look familiar? Overflowing garbage cans are inconvenient for citizens to use and look at, an annoyance for city workers, and increase the amount of litter we experience. Im working on a project to solve this issue, and would...
  2. Raindog1

    Get Elon to discuss Climate Change with Donald Trump! Petition

    Donald Trump claims that he will surround himself with the best people.... if that is true then he needs to meet with Elon Musk to discuss Climate Change. If you haven't already you can check out the petition at change.org; Donald Trump: Get Elon Musk to meet with Donald Trump and discuss...
  3. W

    By 2030, 100% of cars will be electric & 100% of power will be from solar. True or false?

    Greetings, I am a documentary filmmaker based in Portland, Maine. I do not currently own a Tesla, but am planning to buy a used Model 3 after they become available in a couple of years. For my first post on this forum, I would like to share this 2-mintue video that I produced about the future...
  4. igotzzoom

    'Burbs better than City for Solar?

    I found this article on the Scientific American website. It's about two years old, but I think it brought up an interesting point. Conventional wisdom is that densely-populated urban areas were better for the environment, but this article says suburbs could become the next bonanza for solar...
  5. Electric700

    Startup Develops Highly Competitive Solar Power Technology, Needs Investors

    Semprius has developed extremely efficient solar cells that are less expensive in overall costs to deploy than those of a natural gas plant, but they need investors to help fund the scale-up of their operations. It would be interesting to see if SolarCity partners with them. More here: Startup...
  6. hughconn

    Solar charged, portable, battery-powered charger

    I built something that I hoped would be able to charge my Tesla while parked at work. I have a solar panel attached to a 12 volt battery attached to a 2000 watt inverter. The result is I produce 120 volts 12 amp juice. I thought that this would be sufficient to recharge the Tesla as if it was...