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song on demand

  1. R

    Play an Entire Album Option

    When I pull up an entire album to play it seems like it would be handy to have option to play the entire album rather than having to select each track after previous track plays. As it is now I have to wait for each track to complete and then select another track from the album on screen. Anyone...
  2. J

    a simple fan of a brilliant company

    I made these two songs with videos as tributes to Tesla because I want to show my appreciation for the hard work they have put into making a difference in a market that for many years has been closed off to innovation and technology advancements. Each day when I read the stock blogs, I'm...
  3. lolachampcar

    Slacker Any Song only worked in the beginning [Confirmed - pending resolution]

    My DS suggested I do a screen reboot to get favorites to show. When I did, I lost my Slacker ID and Password. I was already hooked so I just bought a subscription knowing I was going to do it anyway when the trial ran out. What I have noticed is that Slacker would play any song I mentioned...