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sound system

  1. L

    Model S 2014 speaker upgrade

    Hello. I was interested in if it is possible to just swap out the OEM speakers in the front doors of a tesla model s 2014 with base audio system. I know that it has to be 2ohms and 2 ways. So that just basically means in my opinion it is as easy as removing the oem speakers, soldering the wires...
  2. J

    Missing independent subwoofer control

    I just noticed today that my m3 no longer has the independent subwoofer control. It’s back to the way it originally was. I didn’t see anything in any software update. Anyone else notice this?
  3. R

    Is my sound system working correctly?

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me as I've trawled through the threads and can't quite find an answer to my query. I recently purchased a Tesla Model 3 long range from Birmingham NEC in March of this year. On the very first day I had speaker issues on the way home, where the rear...
  4. Y

    2021 Model S LR 1-month Observations and Issues

    I've been living with my 2021 S LR for about a month now. I absolutely love this car, and wanted to start writing about my experiences good and bad, including several issues I've observed for which there may hopefully be a resolution, as well as adding another data point to many of the ongoing...
  5. 907XCP

    Sounds Quality compared to Model 3

    Hello All, We sold our Model 3 and currently waiting for our Y to be shipped to Alaska. I am curious for any of you who have had the Model 3 and currently have the Y, how does the sound quality compare to the 3? Do we know how many speakers/sub-woofers/tweeters the Y has compared to 3? We...
  6. B

    Need for companion mode?

    Is there an option to keep the music and climate control, etc. going when I exit the car? Occasionally, my wife will stay in the car when I go into a business to grab something, and as soon as I exit and close the door, the sound system cuts out, the AC cuts off, and the doors lock a few...
  7. timmy818

    Model 3 SR+ With Premium Interior?

    Is this possible by going to the dealership and ordering it in person? If not what are some other options to upgrade the audio system if I get an SR+?
  8. Seth2020

    How to use my M3 as a stereo sound system?

    I was working in my garage today. So I figured I would play some podcasts from my iPhone on my M3 while I worked. I set it up, got it playing, turned up the volume, opened the windows ..... all good so far ... and then exited the car - the player stopped I had to leave the drive door open...
  9. T

    Only get sound system sound for a brief second when mic button pushed

    Long time Reader of this forum but first post. I have a 2015 model s. no sound from sound system but you get a 1 second bit of what is playing if I push the mic button. Mic still works and music goes silent and allows me to give commands (nav or music etc) but no sound after. Have done...
  10. A

    Sound System Upgrade

    Hi Model S Community! I recently purchased a used 2016 85D Model S directly from Tesla and the first thing I noticed was the poor audio quality (bass especially) in comparison to my 2009 BMW 650i. I was wondering if anyone has ever upgraded the sound system directly through Tesla or if they...
  11. M

    SR+ Audio System

    Took delivery of my SR+ on 3/14 and it's pretty great so far. One thing I noticed is that the sound system is a little bit shallow, especially while driving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjmHzkvjuvg This guy did a comparison and found that the two A pillar speakers (tweeter and mid) and...
  12. S

    Mysterious static/hissing noise

    Looking for help troubleshooting: Recently picked up my new Tesla M3 and after a day of driving noticed this sound coming from underneath/behind the glove box. (Link to the sound - ). I notice that it comes on after driving the car for a short amount of time and stays on even if the car is off...
  13. R

    Static Sound over Streaming

    I am occasionally hearing a static crackling sound when playing streaming music. I heard the sound when I first picked up my model 3. Myself and the delivery specialist tried to duplicate the sound but couldn't. I thought it might be the immersive sound option so I turned that sound off. I have...
  14. Destiny1701

    EQ settings now top out at 8?? Where my 12?

    Anyone else notice the latest update seems to have altered the eq settings for sound? I used to have 12 as a max setting and now 8 seems to be it. I’m a bit of an audiophile and I can already hear less bass response as well as high end treble. What the?! They better not have messed up my sound...
  15. rfmurphy81

    How can I make my Model S audio system sound like the Model 3?

    I have a February 2016 Model S without the premium upgrades so everything is standard at that time. My partner got the Model 3 which has obviously has the premium upgrades (since there was no option without). The sound system in the Model 3 sounds much better than my Model S, but I'm no...
  16. Faiz71

    New kid in town.....

    Hoi, Even kort voorstellen. Faiz, getrouwd, midden van het land, freelancer, auto liefhebber (momenteel een Mini Cooper uit 1999 in de restauratie), dieselt 30000km/jaar, koffie zwart etc. Welnu. na wat jaren en redelijk wat kilometers in een sjoemeldiesel te rijden knaagt mijn geweten. Tesla...
  17. Peteybabes

    Model X Sound System Messed Up!?

    Hello, this morning I had a really weird experience with my car this morning which I've posted in this video below. has anybody else had this happen to them? it started when it switched songs, but the music kept playing until I pressed pause... perhaps the navigation and music caused this...

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