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  1. T

    Bluetooth Audio - No Sound Bug

    Tesla Model S owner user since 2019, never had any Bluetooth issues. Before and after the recent software update, I started experiencing an issue where my Bluetooth was connected to my phone but audio is not playing. OTHER audio from car works, but not Bluetooth. I tried all the usual steps...
  2. Y

    Rattling sound when accelerating

    Ever since Discount Tire replaced my tires in last October, my Tesla model X is having rattling at the front sounds when accelerating. This is more obvious when driving up the slope. I asked Discount Tire, they said it's not their problem. The sound comes from mechanical/suspension. But the...
  3. D

    Model X rear speakers not always working

    Hi I just received my Tesla Model X a few weeks ago. Everything is working okay but I did notice something weird with the way the speakers of car work. At the beginning, when I play music using the dashboard media device, the audio was playing through all speakers. My wife the other day...
  4. MN Native

    Solid EQ Settings

    Hey everyone, So I'll start by admitting that I am not an audio engineer or "expert" per se. With that said, I do have quite a few years in the pro A/V space and feel my ears are pretty good. After the recent fixes to the audio glitching issue I spent some time the other night dialing in my EQ...
  5. C

    Model Y RWD Audio System in the UK.

    Good afternoon! Apologies if this subject has been posted already... I am expecting my new Model Y next month, and a number of websites have stated that the UK version of the RWD has the premium audio system, as it comes as standard across the whole Model Y range in the UK. The Tesla...
  6. A

    Tesla 3 strange repeating sound

    Hi guys, We’ve got our Tesla 3 on 31 December 2022, in fact it’s completely new. I hear really strange sound which I can’t even describe (like repeating clicking or chirring?) First time it happened after second charging on Tesla supercharger. We didn’t paid an attention, as we thought it’s a...
  7. M

    Loud popping sound thru speakers when S wakes up after MCU2 upgrade

    Took my 2013 85D S in for the MCU2 upgrade last week. Had some problems- some that seem common- First theater mode was empty and voice command function had "Connection error". Tried soft/mid resets, the change language fix people have posted here, but it was finally a factory reset that fixed...
  8. B

    Clunking / Knocking sound from front passenger area - bonus: brown mystery fluid under the same area.

    Greetings helpful internet folks, I've been googling my ass off about my new-to-me 2018 M3 LR RWD at 85k, and am admittedly stumped. There is a strange clunking or knocking sound emitted from the front passenger area that increases with more acceleration, i.e. undetected under calm/casual...
  9. S

    Sound ramps up when closing YouTube, Netflix or Disney

    Whenever I quit out of any video channels on my Tesla M3 to radio, the sound ramps up sharply for a split second before coming back down to normal level again. It’s very annoying and surely is a software bug. Has anyway experienced this and how to fix it? Surely Tesla can do a quick audio...
  10. G


    Taken off my 2015 P90DL and sitting at the authorized installer shop (Supreme Performance / Tesla Studio) in Richmond, BC. Works perfectly, just wasn’t for me. Original owner loved it but I’m the strong silent type. Can ship anywhere in US or Canada. First to $2K takes it...
  11. L

    Model S 2014 speaker upgrade

    Hello. I was interested in if it is possible to just swap out the OEM speakers in the front doors of a tesla model s 2014 with base audio system. I know that it has to be 2ohms and 2 ways. So that just basically means in my opinion it is as easy as removing the oem speakers, soldering the wires...
  12. G

    Model 3 Motor whine / whirr / sound

    So I picked up my model 3 a few days ago and am loving it so far. But I took it out today and noticed that I was getting seemingly quite a bit more motor whine than usual. I've uploaded two videos here: https://streamable.com/opbhsv https://streamable.com/9a9571 The 'spaceship' high pitch...
  13. A

    Phone on Bluetooth and navigation muffled

    I just picked up my new 2021 S yesterday. On the way home, I noticed the phone through Bluetooth was very muffled. Sounded like it was coming from a small speaker to the left of the driver in the dash. Also I cannot understand the navigation at all. Sounds like Charlie browns teacher. Otherwise...
  14. S

    Audio quality after updating worse in Bluetooth

    The sound quality got drastically worse after updating yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice everything streamed via Bluetooth from my iPhone sounded muffled. Also playing music on 40-50% volume before the update was loud and now I need to set the volume to 80% to achieve the same result. I...
  15. D

    Weak Windshield Fluid & Clunking Sound

    I just got the 21 LR back in July and since day 1 or 2, the windshield wiper fluid barely came out. I pretty much topped it off and tried again with no change whatsoever. Is it normal for the fluid to not shoot out like it does in virtually every single car out there? It looks like a little...
  16. D

    Lose all sound from back speakers, bass from all speakers after sleep on brand-new Model 3

    Hi all, we got our new Model 3 last month and we love it! However, while everything sounded great on day 1, we noticed that on day 2 the back speakers had stopped working and that none of the car speakers had bass. After much experimenting, we learned that this can be fixed with a soft reboot...
  17. ilovecoffee

    3D Printed Rigid Hatch Stops (to reduce uneven road noise)

    Hey guys, I made a thing. After reading some posts on the Ear Pain/Pressure Thread and the conclusion by some (including @MY-Y) that if the hatch stops are rigid, it reduces flex of the hatch, it also reduces low frequency boominess/buffeting, I tried to come up with a simple design that can...
  18. P

    Sound while accelerating

    I have been driving the Model 3 for about 1.5 yrs. I have recently experienced a humming sound while accelerating the car that is akin to the engines revving up before airplanes start the takeoff on a runway; the sound is way lower but is irritating. At higher speeds, I don't hear it but that...
  19. T

    Recent Update Sound Issues

    Does anyone else have issues wiht the new update? Havent had much of an issues since until now. Sound quality is bad, if not, doesnt play at all. Turning signals do not work (doesnt make the clicking noise). Navigation does not work. When it does, the map doesnt adjust to current location...
  20. BruceInFlorida

    Squeaky Scratchy Sound When Turning Steering Wheel

    Two days ago I noticed a squeaky scratchy (for lack of better terminology) noise which appears to come from the steering column of my 2018 mid-range Model 3 with 32,000 miles on it. This happens every time I turn I turn the steering wheel right or left, even a small amount. This happens whether...
  21. AdamMacDon

    Model 3 SR+ Premium Sound System Upgrade Video

    Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I completed the premium sound system upgrade for my Model 3. I recorded a video detailing the steps, but unfortunately I couldn't record while I was doing the work since it was dark and I needed both hands most of the time. However, I go step by step and try to...
  22. S

    Strange 580hz tone full acceleration with a Tesla Model 3 P3D

    This sound started occurring on full throttle after the last 2019 Model 3 power increases. It stops after a few launches. Any clue what it is? Should I get a front motor replacement?
  23. zambono

    paper crumbling sound from behind dash...

    2k miles after 50k warranty is over I am getting a sound from behind the dash trim, to the right of the screen and middle vent. It happens on medium sized and larger road imperfections and sounds like paper crumbling, or like a candy wrapper crumbling. Very annoying and surprisingly loud. By...
  24. D

    Model 3 mystery clicking sound at higher speeds?

    Hey guys, My P3D has developed a strangle clicking sound. It seems to happen a lot more frequently at high speeds (90mph+). It used to be less frequent but that has increased. It’ll happen at low speeds too after it’s been happening for a while at higher speeds. It sounds a lot like a mouse...
  25. djroberts

    V10 Surround sound?

    Curious of anyone else has confirmed surround sound per Elon's tweet that it would be included. I tested DD5.1 and PCM5.1 using YOUTube and it was 2-channel.
  26. B

    Immersive sound disappeared

    Hi all, I wanted to pick your brain on something. I ordered an M3 SR (not the SR+) - when I pick it up. I had the "immersive" button on my dashboard option (under setting), a week after, I did the update suggested and the button disappeared. I think that option is not part of my package...
  27. S

    Sirius XM Disconnect Issues

    Anybody else have issues with SiriusXM cutting out and not coming back, even with no obstructions? It sometimes take 24 hours to get the signal back. I went to service center and they said it’s because of my ceramic tint on the back window because the antenna is there. But that didn’t sit right...
  28. A

    Peeved that Tesla Vancouver SC might charge me to fix horrible creaking noises

    I have a horrible creaking noise coming from somewhere in the front of my Tesla Model 3P Dual Motor AWD car. The car is 10 months old now... and the creaking noise makes it sound like a 15 year old car. I scheduled a service and got this message: “In regards to your upcoming service request...
  29. A

    Annoyed that Vancouver Tesla SC wants to charge to fix Model 3 creaking issue

    I have a horrible creaking noise coming from somewhere in the front of my Tesla Model 3P Dual Motor AWD car. The car is 10 months old now... and the creaking noise makes it sound like a 15 year old car. I scheduled a service and got this message: “In regards to your upcoming service request...
  30. R

    No Nav Sound When I Set Up Any Destination First Thing In The Morning

    It is so weird that I lost NAV sound when I set up the destination first thing in the morning yesterday. Spoke to service tech at Owing Mills, MD after a hold of half an hour, we tried to reboot couple of times but all in vain. No solution.Did the power off and then foot brake boot/open door...
  31. N

    Will The 2020 Roadster Have Some Form Of Sound?

    I saw a video on the roadster thread here (forgot who posted sorry) and it was moving slowly (the red one) and it appears it was making a sound. Like a “swishing” sound. It could’ve been a semi or something off camera creating the sound but idk. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, feel...
  32. M

    New sound....

    While supercharging, there was a gurgling sound on the driver side dash area while the air was on. When I turned the air off the sound stopped and there was also a whole lot of leaking. I know leaking is inevitable for an AC, but there was a lot. As far as the sound goes, the car was on for just...
  33. M

    High pitched buzz from front of car and strange battery behavior

    I've had my MS for over three years now, so I'm used to quirky little things that come and go. Today's events caught my attention though. I charged last night at home. When I went to unplug this AM and go to work, there was a high-pitched whining sound from the very front of the car. Sounded...
  34. D

    Brackets to install Aftermarket Speakers in Model 3

    Hey all! I've been plotting upgrading my speakers since I got my car in December. Upgrading the 4" speakers might not require brackets to use 2 of the 3 holes, but I also want to do the woofers up front as well (probably with the 8" Focals), and mount all the speakers as well as possible, so...
  35. B

    Dolby Surround to Immersive Sound

    I'm in a 13 MS and don't have MCU2 but I guess the latest update had just changed my Dolby Surround enhancement to Immersive Sound. Not complaining but will this really change anything? I'm not sure if I can tell the difference between the two .
  36. tizio

    Dolby Surround Sound keeps turning Dolby Surround Sound

    The Dolby Sound option of my 2017 X keeps turning off each time my car powers off. The feature works fine while turned on. It's strange that a feature that I spent a chunk of change to upgrade keeps getting disabled. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a sign of some problem?
  37. PaulV

    "Klapperend" geluid bij optrekken MS - heeft iedereen dit?

    Goedemiddag allen, Inmiddels bijna een jaar lang trotse bezitter van een MS die tot op heden weinig te klagen heeft gehad. Nu is er toch een kleine irritatie die mij eigenlijk al enkele maanden aan het storen is, maar ik tot op heden in mijn hoofd heb goedgepraat; namelijk een klapperend...
  38. M

    Constant creaking/croaking sound when brakes are applied. Audio included.

    Help identifying constant creaking croaking sound when brakes are applied. Audio included It's been 30 days since we took delivery of the 75 model. Everything else is great, but within 3 weeks I started hearing a rubbery creaking/croaking sound every time I... 1) Turn the wheel depressing the...
  39. Axael

    Advice on ICU / MCU issues (S90D 2017)

    Hey all, I own a S90D from early 2017. I began having issues a few months ago when the sides of my MCU screen started to show a yellow shadow (apparently, a common problem on cars produced in this timeframe). A few weeks ago, I began driving and saw that my airbag light on the ICU was lit...
  40. Destiny1701

    EQ settings now top out at 8?? Where my 12?

    Anyone else notice the latest update seems to have altered the eq settings for sound? I used to have 12 as a max setting and now 8 seems to be it. I’m a bit of an audiophile and I can already hear less bass response as well as high end treble. What the?! They better not have messed up my sound...
  41. fasteddie7

    Ok, so what is this sound now?

    About 12 degrees out, just came back from work (41 miles) plugged in at 36% to hpwc at 48A and I hear this: https://photos.app.goo.gl/a20WH94Egyh8LoME2 Something just frozen? Or 96 Mile drive to the service center tomorrow?
  42. T

    2018 is approaching - what regulation changes take effect?

    Somewhere I've read that starting in 2018 (or the 2018 model year) EVs and hybrids will need some kind of "noise accentuation" (ie. something to make noise) while driving slowly. Is this confirmed or still just an idea that hasn't been passed legislatively? Any idea of what the noise factor is...
  43. Peteybabes

    Model X Sound System Messed Up!?

    Hello, this morning I had a really weird experience with my car this morning which I've posted in this video below. has anybody else had this happen to them? it started when it switched songs, but the music kept playing until I pressed pause... perhaps the navigation and music caused this...
  44. A

    Upgrading standard sound on Model S and using Chromecast

    I took delivery of my Model S 70 last September and got it with the standard sound system with the idea of upgrading it later. This is going to be long post (and my first post too). My hope is someone trying to do something similar may benefit from my post. I have a signal processing background...
  45. thenaimis

    Music Player is Pretty Terrible

    Part 1, wherein I marvel at the 8.0 firmware's "shuffle" feature as it turns ~7000! to ~4. (There will be a part two, I just need to make time to sit in the car and rant into a camcorder for a while)
  46. M

    What is this sound!?

    What is this sound!? It's driving me nuts. The noise starts a couple seconds in and is very high pitched. What do you think? Please ignore the video as I was just trying to capture this sound. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  47. G

    How to know if Ultra High Fidelity Sound is fully installed in Model X

    I got my X a few days ago and I just enjoy it. I have the Ultra High Fidelity Sound but I'm so far not specifically impressed by the sound quality. It seems very low in the back and unbalanced, even with fader adjustment. Do you know ho to determine if UHFS is fully installed? I've tried to...
  48. GasKilla

    You can adjust the EQ while on a phone call

    I just disdiscovered that you can adjust the EQ while talking on the phone. There was a weird kind of rattling noise while talking on the phone so I thought I'd check to see if I could EQ you out that sound, I presses the EQ button and you can adjust the EQ and turn on or off Dolby surround. I...
  49. Haxster

    Another Audio System Review

    One of the few benefits of crossing the half century mark on your biodometer is that you can save money on high-end sound systems. Elderly ears just can't get those high frequencies anymore, and your bio-signal processing just doesn't seem to work as well as when you were in your 20s. (For...
  50. m0rph

    Motor/Gearbox bearing - what about that hum?

    So, I'm developing a new problem since a few weeks.. Between 120 kmh and 130kmh (75-85 mph), I have a hum that is quite apparent. It disappears as soon as I accelerate hard, but is there all the time when cruising at highway speed. Now I've read on the German TFF forum that I'm not the first to...