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  1. Transformer

    Explain all the Ui chimes/tones/sound effects

    Display a message with each UI chime/tone to explain what it means. Make a log of recent tones reviewable later. Add the UI chimes/tones to the Owner's Manual. Road trip partners and car renters won't suss them out. UI tones include: fasten seat belt, door/trunk open, P/R/N/F gear shift...
  2. A

    Most will hate this question...[is there a way to play exhaust sounds when I accelerate?]

    All my life I've owned muscle cars, and made the switch to my M3 AWD a few months ago. Everything is perfect, however I'm missing the exhaust sounds of my old cars. Is there an app/program I can open that will play exhaust sounds as I accelerate?? There are some on the App Store but they are...
  3. K

    RattleGate - How high does the Conspiracy go?

    I have uncovered a conspiracy that I believe goes all the way to the top! After struggling with dementia since getting my new-to-me-2014, I have found the culprit and attached irrefutable proof. Yes, look at it. A device so simple, yet so evil that it required me to delve into the car itself...
  4. N

    MY Long Range "Boominess" sound, same with Performance version??

    I recently tested a November build MY Long Range and was surprised by the "Boominess", low bass, almost sub-woofer deep resonance sounds. I had driven a MY Performance version in September and really don't recall that sound at all. Has anyone heard this on the new Performance builds? I have a Y...
  5. G

    Strange low frequency rumbling sounds.

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forums as I just received my 2021 Model 3 SR+ last week. So far I absolutely love it, but have noticed a strange intermittent low frequency rumbling coming from the car while in park, and while driving. The best way to describe the sound is a 2 second...
  6. Dave Mac

    Bluetooth audio/phone notifications

    I had this idea and tweeted it to Elon, but it didn’t get any traction. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Dave Mac on Twitter Text: When phone is connected to Tesla's Bluetooth and “Phone” is not the selected audio source you cannot hear anything, including alerts and tones that may play...
  7. HankLloydRight

    Announcing 'EV Alert System' available for all Teslas

    Many of you may be familiar with my EV-HORN project that gave people the ability to trigger via a remote control any of 8 different sounds, loud enough to be a Pedestrian Warning Sound, but triggered manually. It was a fun device, but not really useful as an automatic PWS device. That all...
  8. mrfra62

    Geluid auto pilot

    Als je de auto pilot aanzet dan geeft deze (ter bevestiging) een geluid (twee gongs van laag naar hoog). Zet je de AP uit dan is er weer een geluid (omgekeerd van hoog naar laag). Nu heb ik tijdelijk een leen Tesla omdat mijn X bij het service center staat en ik merk dat het geluid van de AP...
  9. Dan60D

    Another option for aftermarket sound upgrade for Tesla.

    I have a MS with standard audio system and I was looking for another option for sound upgrade beside of Reus, NVX, Light Harmonic. I found this Dutch company that offers the various sound upgrade for Tesla Model S. Does anyone have this system? Tesla Model S audio upgrade - meer dan alleen een...
  10. L

    a new "whine" sound that wasn't there before... help?

    So recently my S85 (~25k miles) started whining at me... this is NOT the balloon squeal sound you get when you punch it, that one I'm familiar with. This one is a much quieter whine that fits the following description: * absolutely tied to the drive train, the car is silent at the same speeds...