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  1. A

    NASA Mars Helicopter - charges batteries: optimal 35%

    From the Space.com article On Aug. 7, the helicopter's six lithium-ion batteries were powered up and charged for the first time in space. Charging the batteries took eight hours, during which NASA tested and analyzed their performance. The batteries were charged only to 35% of their maximum...
  2. Lasairfion

    Virgin unveils its Space Mission Control

    "We're inviting guests to step into the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport tomorrow for the first look at our interior." Virgin Galactic on Twitter ------------ EXTRACT: UPHAM, N.M. — Spaceport America is no longer just a shiny shell of hope that space tourism would one day...
  3. I

    Greyhound in the Model S boot

    Hi there, newbie here looking to buy a Model S soon. The only thing causing me concern is that I have a greyhound- and they're obviously quite tall. So first question- any pictures with your greyhounds or equivalent height dogs in the boot? Size isn't the concern- the boot is broad and deep...
  4. Chrisizzle

    Referrals: Photos to Space

    Hello, Has anyone gotten information on how we submit our pictures that will be sent to space? Back in February 2019, my Tesla app 'loot box" said the photos needed to be uploaded by Feb 28. It did not provide any other information. I emailed Tesla directly and got (what I assume is) a form...
  5. DrTaras

    Supercharger Handicap Space

    This is in Westlake Village, California. Can I park here?
  6. Brando

    Comets and the Heliosphere: You have no idea the size of our Solar System

    @winfield100 I know you saw the Moon landing - so you'll enjoy this one. Who knew? not me. @Grendal - sure you will also enjoy
  7. fasteddie7

    Calling any Pittsburgh model 3 owners

    We are current model s owners and my wife's lease on her Jeep Grand Cherokee is up in 90 days. She isn't sure what to go to, and I so happen to have a model 3 reservation. She isn't like me and will purchase a vehicle sight unseen and she worries about the cargo capacity. Wondering if I could...