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spare tire

  1. Spivas

    Will my M3LR Modern Spare work on new MYP?

    So I just ordered a 2024 MYP and want to know based on Modern Spare's stats below, if my current M3LR spare will work. Everything seems the same beside a slightly lower tire width and height. As long as I'm not dragging the ground on the way to get it the flat repaired, I'm assuming I don't need...
  2. S

    Expired MODERN SPARE - Tesla Model Y spare tire kit [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing MODERN SPARE - Tesla Model Y spare tire kit. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. A

    20" Cyberstream Wheel Spare Fitment Question

    I'm looking to purchase a spare wheel/tire to have on hand in case of long drives in remote areas for my '23 MX. In my search of online local classifieds, I came across a REAR wheel/tire from a 2022 MX. My question is, will the rear config (offset difference and tire size) work for the...
  4. rdrice1960

    Modern Spare Tire Kit for Model 3

    SAVE $$$ -- ONLY $400.00 (Amazon Price $469.95 + shipping $48.00 + tax) ***BRAND NEW*** Still in the original box (Iowa Quad Cities pick up only) For All 2017-2023 Tesla Model 3 Trim Levels - Spare Tire And Complete Accessory Kit Options - Complete Kit With Carrying Case.
  5. M

    Spare Tire

    Has anyone tried the Spare Tire from Value Spare? This is the most affordable I have seen so far and wanted to check if someone has already tried.
  6. G

    Directional Tire Spare Rotation & Purchase Query

    Hello all, I have a Model 3 RWD. I have a spare tire question. I need a full-size spare for times when I take road trips to remote areas with no cell phone coverage and having to avoid interruption due to tire availability. Spare: I have a new OEM 18 inch wheel and a universal TPMS sensor as...
  7. Z

    Model Y Modern Spare Complete Kit for sale $400 - Seattle

    I bought this spare in April this year. I had placed an order for a Model Y in March, needing it for a road trip in June. When Tesla moved my delivery date from May 31 to "September," I cancelled the order and bought a Subaru! So I don't need the spare. I am hoping to sell it to someone for...
  8. Freewheeler

    5x120 Space Saver Spare Wheel/Tire for MS / MX

    Not sure what the market is for this but I have an unused spare donut from my late BMW X5 which to the best of my knowledge is compatible with Model S and Model X. Shows as new other than a superficial scuff on the inside sidewall from time on a concrete floor. I notice some people like to have...
  9. Jimt29

    Necessary Accessory?

    This is the first car I have bought that doesn’t have a spare tire. Tire air pressure is also an important part of the range equation. So I bought a battery operated portable air compressor. Using an older air compressor that worked by attaching a cigarette adapter for power I had to add some...
  10. J

    Tires for sale San Diego

    Apologize if this is the wrong location but I did not see a better place. Is anybody interested in buying a second set of the OEM tires for the 19 inch Y? Stock Tires: 19 inch rims: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I am interesting in selling mine, they currently have ~600 miles on...
  11. R

    Modern Spare for Model Y

    Has anyone purchased a Modern Spare kit for the Model Y? I am wondering how well it fits in the frunk or if it might potentially fit under the trunk since that space is larger than the Model 3 trunk space. I noticed that they changed the tires to Maxxis as well, any input on these tires? The...
  12. MikeInNTx

    Modern Spare

    I wanted to pass along that I’m pleased with the Modern Spare tire kit I got from the company. I just recently had a flat on my Model 3 and the kit made it easy to change. The jack worked well and has its own rubber pad (doesn’t need puck) and the handles for both lug wrench and jack were good...
  13. Watts_Up

    Model Y has no Spare Tire

    How and where to carry a spare tire for the Model Y? - Is the frunk larger enough (for a deflated tire)? - Is the second rear sub-trunk is large enough (like with the Model X on this picture? - is the rear sub-trunk deep enough? - When removing the carpet, could the rear area large...
  14. Bridor

    20" Model X Rear Spare Tire

    I have an extra spare tire that I had on hand in case I needed one for my 2016 Model X. I have since returned the vehicle and no longer need this spare tire. It has never been used. I am leaving 12-08-2019 on a road trip through California and up to Oregon and can drop it off along the way...
  15. R

    How Do you Power Roadside Tools?

    I'm looking to get one of these jack kits for the car. Hydraulic Jack Scissor Jack There are a few reviews about blown fuses.with blown fuses when using the 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. They recommend using the battery clamps. I see that there is a positive lead to the battery above...
  16. M

    Tesla Model S 21" Silver Turbine Wheel

    Selling this spare OEM wheel for Tesla Model S in silver. Comes with TPMS Generation 1 and Continental ExtremeContact DW on a 21 x 8.5 inch rim. Profile depths: Middle: 7/32" Outside: 7.5/32" Inside: 6.5/32" No rash at all. Gives you peace of mind if you have it in your garage.