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speaker wire harness

  1. M

    Speakers SR+ ; Additional subwoofer

    Hi, I just bought a secondhand Tesla Model 3 SR+ Build past 03/2020(so I have rear speakers). But 6 speakers aren’t active unfortunately.. Just like the footwell lights. I’ve seen some videos of people installing a new wiring set with & without the back speakers or subwoofer. My question...
  2. R

    can't re-connect emergency speaker after filter change

    I just did the first A/C filter replacement on my June 2020 Model Y. I can't reconnect the emergency speaker. The connector doesn't fit. Doesn't even look the same. Picture on the top right is the speaker (seems to have blade connections), picture on bottom right is what I *THINK* is the...
  3. A

    Model 3 Wiring Connectors

    Does anyone have the list of connectors used in the model 3 wiring harnesses with the names/part numbers? I have the Tesla codes for the connectors that I need from the wiring diagrams but don't know what the standard names/numbers for these are to be able to order online. Thanks
  4. renshcp

    What is this wire in rear door speaker?

    So I was cleaning puke out of the rear door speaker grill - so I though it better just to pop the grill off. I was surprised to find the end of a wiring harness protruding between the speaker and grill. Anybody know what this is for? Sound does come out of the speaker.