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  1. M

    Speakers SR+ ; Additional subwoofer

    Hi, I just bought a secondhand Tesla Model 3 SR+ Build past 03/2020(so I have rear speakers). But 6 speakers aren’t active unfortunately.. Just like the footwell lights. I’ve seen some videos of people installing a new wiring set with & without the back speakers or subwoofer. My question...
  2. siriuszero

    Sold FS: Light Harmonic Speakers (x4) Gen2 for Model S

    These were used in my 2016.5 Model S for about a year. I removed them before I sold the car and don't need them anymore. Still in great condition and make a great upgrade to the stock MS door speakers! New set run about $1100 - asking $650+shipping for the set and willing to ship within the US.
  3. E

    Light harmonic Gen-1 6 speaker set for model 3 - $425

    Selling a 6 speaker set. Trying to upgrade to some Alpines. I believe I paid $700+ for this last year. Included are 3 mid range speakers for the dash, a subwoofer speaker, and 2 door woofer speakers. I loved the system itself and have no complaints but I’ve heard good things about alpine and got...
  4. VagabondBuilds

    Model Y Speaker upgrade in a 2022 car. Mid range, Doors and Subwoofer.

    We did an installation tutorial for the GENERATION 2 speakers from Light Harmonic. They say it's designed to work with OEM amp better than any other speakers on the market. Obviously, there is no way we can test that, but one thing I can say: definitely an upgrade over the OEM speakers. If you...
  5. L

    2023 Model 3 RWD on phone via bluetooth speaker distortion/crackling

    I just picked up a 2023 RWD 3 and when I use my iPhone in the car over bluetooth to make phone calls, the person sounds like they are talking through a partially blown speaker. The person I am speaking to says I sound clear to them but they don’t sound that way to me. Playing music sounds fine...
  6. VagabondBuilds

    No Tweeter for Model 3 on the dashboard?

    I did an installation video today and it seems like the newer Model 3 Teslas will not have the dashboard Tweeters anymore. There is a slot available and if you have the harness you can buy aftermarket and activate it. You can check my video on our Youtube channel(Vagabond Builds) if interested...
  7. VagabondBuilds

    I did a Tweeter upgrade from Light Harmonic for Tesla Model Y 2022

    Hansshow Builds coming soon too.... The Tesla I used is a June 2022 Performance Model but the same process goes for Model Y cars and also Model 3 cars. Check out my Youtube Channel - Vagabond Builds for easy step by step installations.
  8. R

    can't re-connect emergency speaker after filter change

    I just did the first A/C filter replacement on my June 2020 Model Y. I can't reconnect the emergency speaker. The connector doesn't fit. Doesn't even look the same. Picture on the top right is the speaker (seems to have blade connections), picture on bottom right is what I *THINK* is the...
  9. teaston

    Model Y Subwoofer Bass Mod

    One issue I‘ve had with my Model Y compared to my old Model 3 is that there’s hardly any bass at all from the audio system, it wasn’t amazing in the M3, but it was noticeably better than the MY. If I turn the bass and sub sliders all the way up then there is some bass, but it’s very muddy...
  10. D

    Speaker on A pillar either extremely quiet or not working

    I have had my Tesla Model 3 AWD (with premium interior) for a week and I'm a little concerned about the speakers on the A pillars. If I use the radio on there's no sound at all that comes from them (even with my ear jammed up against it) however if I use Spotify (either streaming via the car...
  11. D

    Brackets to install Aftermarket Speakers in Model 3

    Hey all! I've been plotting upgrading my speakers since I got my car in December. Upgrading the 4" speakers might not require brackets to use 2 of the 3 holes, but I also want to do the woofers up front as well (probably with the 8" Focals), and mount all the speakers as well as possible, so...
  12. V

    SR+ Front window corner speakers no audio?

    Took delivery of my SR+ last week. Car is great, except I've been disappointed with the audio. I learned a few days ago that the speakers at the top of hte A pillar only work with 'immersive sound', which is currently not an option in SR+ (I'm assuming in a future software release) However...
  13. shauna

    Speaker input not working

    I can hear people when I make a phone call but they can't hear me. Also, the microphone to play a song, navigate etc does not pick up on anything I say.
  14. S

    Mysterious static/hissing noise

    Looking for help troubleshooting: Recently picked up my new Tesla M3 and after a day of driving noticed this sound coming from underneath/behind the glove box. (Link to the sound - ). I notice that it comes on after driving the car for a short amount of time and stays on even if the car is off...
  15. P

    New Ownership Impressions and Advice

    I love the car, it's faster than expected. Solidly built. Intuitive, if you play with the menu screen while it's parked first. Definitely needs a home charging station installed (at least a 240V plug). Here's a detailed review after picking up the 2018 Model 3, and the first 300 miles driven...
  16. X

    Crackling noises (front speaker?) even when music/radio off

    I can hear crakling noises in the central front speaker even when radio is off while driving. No problem when the car is stopped. Model S 100 D
  17. Demetraki

    Stopping the door grill rattles

    Has anyone been able to stop the annoying rattles coming from the door speaker grills? I used a frequency generator set to 80Hz and they come alive. Pulling the grills out immediately stops the rattling. Such a crappy design.
  18. Dan60D

    Another option for aftermarket sound upgrade for Tesla.

    I have a MS with standard audio system and I was looking for another option for sound upgrade beside of Reus, NVX, Light Harmonic. I found this Dutch company that offers the various sound upgrade for Tesla Model S. Does anyone have this system? Tesla Model S audio upgrade - meer dan alleen een...
  19. Mknac

    New Model S to make noise so pedestrians hear the car similar to a ICE car?

    I read some time ago that silent running EVs were being blamed for accidents because people didn't hear them. I heard that the new updated front end has a outward facing speaker so people can hear the car coming. Can anybody confirm this? If so will it increase cabin noise?
  20. kazaam

    Install speakers to trunk liftgate on standard system?

    Have anyone done it? I heard there could be wire already?
  21. D

    Speaker Rattle Fix...or great improvement with Dynamat

    Here ya go. Seemed to help a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxGCC8CUpf4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waVW09szVKw
  22. MarkS22

    P85D Strange Clicking Front Left Speaker (with link to video)

    Hey, I was driving today listening to Slacker when a loud repeating "click" sound started from the front left of the car. It seemed like a speaker or sound system glitch because the other systems (like hvac, air suspension, etc) had no effect. Interestingly it only came from one of the front...