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  1. T

    2022 Model S Plaid Sound System Upgrade?

    Hello, I just picked up a 2022 Model S Plaid, and I'm wondering if anyone has any information about the sound system in this vehicle, and specifically if there are any (very) good retrofit upgrades. From what I read this has a 22-speaker 960 Watt system in it with ANR (That doesn't seem to...
  2. E

    Sub, rear speakers not working. 2021 M3P

    I’ve had this 2021 M3P for two weeks. Still under full warranty but the sub and rear speakers aren’t connecting. As far as I remember (could be wrong) this happened right after I took it threw the first car wash (in car wash mode) and the seal let water in through the drivers side door...
  3. J

    Adding a subwoofer to factory amp.

    I have a Kicker down firing subwoofer enclosure that I would like to connect to my 2023 Model Y. I want to keep the factory amp and current subwoofer. Is there a splitter or adapter that I can buy to do this? Will this even work and would it be worth it? I don’t have much interest in spending a...
  4. D

    M3 Sub and door speakers cutting in and out

    I just bought a used Model 3 2018. Just recently all my speakers besides the dash speakers would cut out intermittently. It is more common on high Sub/Bass setting and at higher volume. But if i left all volume setting at 0 and played at a medium or low volume they would work fine. Seems as...
  5. Z

    Theater Center unsyncing and speaker popping

    Hey everyone, I'm having some issues that have been on going. 2021 MYLR. Bought new. Without fail, when I am watching Hulu or Netflix I will hear a pop or crackle from the speakers, the sound will go out completely and come back over a period of seconds, or the volume will lower with more...
  6. M

    Refresh Speaker Rattle - Audio Shop Los Angeles

    Hey all, I'm dealing with annoying speaker rattle in my 22 Model S Refresh that happens at sound frequency 72hz at moderate to loud volumes. I've brought it in to service several times, but they either don't fix it or claim it's "working as intended." I'm just an entitled jerk with the...
  7. N

    Model Y P High End Audio Options

    Thanks in advance. I love my MYP but to be quite honest the sound system is slightly lacking. I’m used to subwoofers under my butt in my M5, and I am really big on just wow audio systems. Has anyone here updated all of the speakers or put in a new subwoofer? Anyone install sound proofing in...
  8. B

    Caller can hear an echo plus every bump my car makes on car bluetooth

    I just received my Model 3 and had it serviced because of the echo that could be heard by the caller on the other side. In addition, every bump I make on the road they can hear. The service center says that it is common and there’s nothing they can do except have me turn down the volume. I...
  9. L

    Model S 2014 speaker upgrade

    Hello. I was interested in if it is possible to just swap out the OEM speakers in the front doors of a tesla model s 2014 with base audio system. I know that it has to be 2ohms and 2 ways. So that just basically means in my opinion it is as easy as removing the oem speakers, soldering the wires...
  10. T

    DIY Harness vs aftermarket front dash speakers

    Relatively new here but have been spending countless hours reading the threads on audio upgrades for the SR+. I'm wondering if anyone can compare speaker activation through one of the harnesses compared to upgrading the front dash speakers to the Infinity Reference mids. I already have an...
  11. Sanderpman12

    Premium Audio

    For anyone who is thinking of getting a Tesla or even upgrading to premium audio. Do it! Literally is one of the best add ons to the car. The sound difference is night and day. I love to listen to music on my long rides and the premium Audio is a must!. Also it will help you quite down the wind...
  12. yourhero

    No audio from rear speakers

    2021 MYLR. Not sure exactly when this started, but today I noticed that I have no sound at all coming from my rear speakers. If I fade the balance all the way back there is only silence. The issue occurs with both Bluetooth and streaming, regardless of the immersive sound setting...
  13. HowardTDuck

    Passenger A pillar speaker distorted

    I have had my LR 2021 for about a month now. Just started noticing a distortion in the A pillar speaker on the passenger side. Only happens on certain songs (guessing the tone/frequency) and also noticed it on some podcasts. Messing with the speaker volume doesn't improve it. Reminds me of my...
  14. Red Rocket IV

    Model 3 Light Harmonic speakers

    Model 3 Light Harmonic speaker set New in box Never used. Complete set - $500 plus shipping
  15. Light Harmonic

    Vendor Light Harmonic Tesla Model 3 (T4D) Audio System GIVEAWAY

    This GIVEAWAY draw has ended today, March 1st, 2021. Winners in the post below. Hi everyone, Introducing our first GIVEAWAY for Tesla Model 3 Audio System (T4D). Please send a request to enter the draw to [email protected] for a chance to win one of the three(3) FREE systems offered by...
  16. K

    Subwoofer Options for Model S (standard Audio)

    What are all of the common options for a relatively cheap and relatively simple (at least once an amp/crossover is installed) for adding a Subwoofer to a pre-2016 non-Premium audio system? I like how the audio sounds just would like more oomph while avoiding a huge cost. I've been Googling and...
  17. I

    Is it possible to increase the volume of the OEM subwoofer?

    Hi all, I just got my 2021 Model 3 AWD LR not long ago and it's an awesome car. My only complaint right now is that the lower frequencies of the songs I listen to aren't very loud/audible, even after boosting the lows in the EQs. I don't feel like I'm getting an accurate playback of any song...
  18. gallde

    Speakers on front pillars

    Anyone know what the small speaker grilles on the front pillars of my Y are for? I don't hear the music streams, the hands-free phone, or the navigation directions coming through them.
  19. blecchus_rex

    incremental premium audio upgrades?

    I've premium audio in my Model 3 but would like to conduct incremental upgrades to the audio system w/o too much complexity, dissassembly or cost involved (e.g ideally wouldn't require addition of amps, crossovers, et cetera). Has anyone simply replaced the factory speakers (or a subset of...
  20. J

    No More Puny Sound!

    Finally updated the basic factory stereo in my 2015 Model S! John, at Calibred Customs, suggested 4 Focal 165 AC speakers—w/ front speakers including new tweeters. Because they were 4 ohm speakers replacing 2 ohm speakers—he suggested a JX400/4D four channel amplifier to give them decent...
  21. D

    Is there a an easy, quality solution for a quick swap of the speakers?

    I'd like to upgrade my speakers in the premium system but am wondering if a simple enough set of speakers exists today. I'm only semi familiar with this and know that the speaker's size and impedance must match. So yeah, are these speaker's parameters common enough to find quality replacements...
  22. NickDeRoo

    SR+ Bluetooth audio is terrible with windows open

    Alright everyone, there are ton's of threads on people complaining about audio in the SR+, but here's another. I'm completely shocked that in a nearly 50 thousand dollar car I can not listen to music with the windows open. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the sound quality any better...
  23. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: NVX Audio B.O.O.S.T Series Powered Bass Kit for Tesla Model S *NEW*

    B.O.O.S.T. Series Powered Bass Package At NVX, we feel that an amazing car deserves an equally thrilling sound system. The Tesla Model S is certainly no exception to our line of thinking, and that is why we are thrilled to introduce the PBK-TSLAS-VCW104 BOOST Series powered bass enclosure...
  24. ebfio

    2nd and 3rd row speakers dead after 3 weeks :(

    hi all, I took delivery of my Model X 3 weeks ago. I’ve been loving the car and so far, no issues (phew!). Paint looks great, no problems with doors or shudder... for now. The only issue was solved by the SC in 40 minutes: some exposed wiring along the glass roof of the left FWD. Life is good...
  25. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: NVX Audio B.O.O.S.T Series Powered Bass Kit for Tesla Model S *NEW*

    B.O.O.S.T. Series Powered Bass Package At NVX, we feel that an amazing car deserves an equally thrilling sound system. The Tesla Model S is certainly no exception to our line of thinking, and that is why we are thrilled to introduce the PBK-TSLAS-VCW104 BOOST Series powered bass enclosure...
  26. Sean Mitchell

    Upgrading stock speakers

    I've been considering swapping out the stock speakers for Tesla's premium version. Has anyone done this manually? I'm thinking about doing it myself. Are there any issues?
  27. jskenney

    Std Audio Speaker Upgrades - Recommendations?

    I upgraded to a 90D without the premium sound this summer and I am looking for recommendations on speakers as the sound is just not the same. I was hoping to shop for an upgrade that was ~2k installed. Is Light Harmonic still around? There website/blog don't appear to have been updated for...
  28. Dan60D

    Another option for aftermarket sound upgrade for Tesla.

    I have a MS with standard audio system and I was looking for another option for sound upgrade beside of Reus, NVX, Light Harmonic. I found this Dutch company that offers the various sound upgrade for Tesla Model S. Does anyone have this system? Tesla Model S audio upgrade - meer dan alleen een...
  29. M

    Model S Ultra High Fidelity Sound System for Sale

    Hi I upgraded my stereo system from the Ultra High Fidelity Sound System and selling the components. Parts came are from my Signature P85 system. Ping me if your are interested! Parts include - Tesla Premium Amp 2 front and 2 rear speakers 8 inch Sub, (sub only, no box)