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  1. A

    Rumor has it.....

    Model 3 will get heat pump - we've heard there was a pilot trial of putting heat pumps in the model 3 - nothing in production as of recent pic from another member on TMC. I also heard a rumor ?heated steering wheel? New scroll wheels will be metal(not rubber like our current) Rear taillights...
  2. ModelNforNerd

    Supercharger - Farmville, VA

    Backstory: My in-laws live in Pamplin, along 460, and I've been advocating for a Supercharger in Farmville for years, both selfishly, and for east-west travel on 460, and north-south along 15. Last week, out of nowhere, my wife told me her father had texted her that he had heard something about...
  3. ModelNforNerd

    Speculation discussion: What Model 3 news will we get at the quarterly results call May 2nd?

    With tomorrow after market close being the Q1 results call, we're due for our quarterly Model 3 news dump. Most publicly traded companies play things close to the vest in the week preceding their earnings calls, and hold announcements for the call. Tesla is no exception. With that being...
  4. Matias

    Speculation; a new 85 coming soon

    New 75s seem to be software limited 85s. Source: FB group "Tesla owners worldwide". To my understanding that means that Tesla will soon start selling 85s again.
  5. BobbyKings

    Model Y draad(je)

    Omdat hij / zij echt komt :) Elon Musk to reportedly share more info about the Tesla Model Y ‘next week’
  6. Haxster

    Could these be the 100D Specs?

    The chart below and attached is based on current Wikipedia info. The yellow column is an educated guess based primarily on current AWD Model S versions. Assumptions about the 100D: 1. It will use the same battery pack as the P100D 2. It will use the same motors and controllers as the 90D...
  7. ggr

    Lottery ticket options

    This thread is for people to discuss their "lottery ticket" option trades. I don 't believe in gambling, and haven't bought a real lottery ticket in the last 40 years. So what I mean by this is dropping a relatively little bit of money to buy/sell options knowing that you might lose everything...