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speed limit mode

  1. RustedNut

    Stuck in Chill mode!

    Recently I began seeing a notification telling me that I was limited to 85 mph. Thinking that may be coupled to the fact that I was in Chill Mode I tried to change that. I was disappointed to find that I no longer had the opportunity to change modes, they simply were no longer highlighted...
  2. M

    Speed limit offsets

    The ability to set an Autopilot offset speed limit in percentages rather than absolute is a great feature. However, the speed warning system is still not allowing percentages. What is appropriate at 20 or 30 mph is not very helpful at motorway speeds. Does anyone know if this feature has been...
  3. MichaelP90DL

    So I went drag racing with White Fang. I need help with a setting.

    The problem with a really smart car is it can sabotage you. OK here's what happened at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA, last night: Race 1: Against a Model 3 Performance. I had him off the line and was pulling away. Suddenly the car slowed. It caught me by surprise. I...
  4. NoirMS

    Caught Speeding...

    Since these things are so damn fun to drive and cut through the air...I was wondering who out there finds themselves over the limit more often than not when driving their Tesla? Got popped 6 months in for me... 68 in a 45...
  5. aikisteve

    What exactly does "speed limit mode" do?

    As of firmware update 2018.24.1 (and mobile app version 3.4.1) we now have a "speed limit mode" as a safety feature. So I made a short video about how it works and what exactly it does?